Edward Norton on a Fateful Letter from Bruce – Roast of Bruce Willis – Uncensored

Edward Norton on a Fateful Letter from Bruce – Roast of Bruce Willis – Uncensored

Joking aside, I was doing a play
many years ago in New York, and, um, I came home
one night after the show. And there was a letter
in my apartment building from the Four Seasons Hotel. And I read it, and it was
one of the most thoughtful, articulate letters
I got about this whole play. And it was signed
“Bruce Willis.” And I immediately called
my friend Stewart and said, “Fuck you.
It’s a wind-up.” And, uh, he said, “I don’t know
what you’re talking about. So, I called Bruce. I said, “Did you really
write me this letter?” He said, “Yeah.” So we had a beer, and, um,
he says, essentially, “You’re doing the kind of work
I want to be a part of, and whatever you’re doing,
if you can put me in the mix, I’m in, sight unseen.” And, um, I didn’t think
that would really stick. And many years later, when I wanted to make my own
film, real passion project — it’s hard to get
those things done — he was the first person
I called. And he said, “I told ya,
if you ever need me, I’m in.” And, uh, we just made
this movie together and had a beautiful time. And I wouldn’t have gotten it
made with you. Uh, and I’m really
deeply grateful for that. Um, I love you. Or maybe I’m very a good actor and I’m just acting
when I say that. You would… [ Laughter,
cheers and applause ] Yeah! Um… You wouldn’t know
the difference, and that’s the reason
I love you. [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, buddy. -Thank you.
-Thank you. Thank you. Fantastic.

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  1. Anyone else notice how Nikki looked at Norton in the end? Like he was damn piece of beef on a skewer at a Brazilian steakhouse lol

  2. I actually thought this was the best segment of the night. It’s quite genius. If you’re a fan of Edward Norton you know he’s an amazing actor. With that being said, I believed EVERY WORD and felt something when he spoke highly of Bruce until he said you couldn’t tell if he was acting or not because I sure couldn’t tell…that was the joke, and he did it beautifully…all subtlety. I was laughing so hard cause he had me fooled for sure!! LOVED IT!!

  3. I love Edward Norton and I could give a hoot if he is difficult to work with.  I love when he is a movie!

  4. Edward Norton was great in keeping the faith. As was Ben Stiller. I wish he was at the roast!


  5. Edward Norton's roast was rather weak. There were parts where I thought "man, where is this going? Don't become 'the situation' and bomb".

  6. What's wrong with me? I've been watching this from the beginning, and I haven't laughed at any single one of the jokes.

  7. What's the project he's talking about? Only thing I can find they were both involved in was Moonrise Kingdom.

  8. —-MORE Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!! (MORE) Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!(MORE) Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!Roast !!!

  9. For people complaining, I just want to bring up that Bruce Willis isn't as easy or obvious to make fun of as other past roasts like Flava or Trump since he's actually done tons of good work.

  10. The roast was so bad Joker wouldn't laugh at it. Bruce is unbreakable but not laughable to be on Comedy Central. there has to be a rule must be funny to attend a roast.

  11. Awww love you Edward Norton. I loved you in American History X. You're a great actor. Please please come back. Xxx

  12. I think Edward Norton should join the DCEU. Being that they are on a role with good movies that have great storytelling. And Edward Norton is a great storyteller.

  13. After hearing this makes me appreciate Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom more!
    They're both in it, and they're great 🙂

  14. Edward Norton obviously doesn't know what a roast is, this shit looks like a speech at the wedding or funeral, fuck Edward Norton, he killed the whole vibe.

  15. Finally someone saying th truth..how shit marvel type of movies. N they wil go on feeding part 51. Wt hpnd t music is hpning t movies.

  16. i have a question for you do u know how old u r ? how the fuck i supposed to know that !!! ..
    (tired of this fucking ads )

  17. I've always mistaken Edward Norton and John Cusack, now I finally get the hang of it. John is the Nazi and Edward is the guy in room 1407

  18. Ed Norton is my idol. If I were to make a movie, I’d give him the position of anything he wants since he basically edited, wrote, directed, and produced American History X and that movie was amazing.

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