Eggnog Rice Pudding Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

Eggnog Rice Pudding Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends welcome back to the
kitchen today we’re going to do a little bit of a cheater recipe we’re gonna make
an eggnog rice pudding using left over rice so
I’ve got some some leftover rice here it was either make this pudding or fried
rice and I kind of felt like the pudding today so put the rice into the pot
already cooked doesn’t really matter what kind of rice you’re using now we
need a cup and a half of eggnog that goes into the pot and then we need about
the same again in milk and higher fat milk is better than low-fat milk the
cheat here is that the eggnog already has eggs and cream in it and we’re gonna
play on that egg mixture not only for flavor but those eggs will
help thicken the pudding so just give that a stir now in goes some sugar and
depending on how sweet your eggnog is you can play with the amount of sugar
you may not need as much stir that in now I’ve got this on sort of a
medium-high I want to bring this up to a boil and while the temperature is coming
up I’m going to add just a touch of vanilla extract and grate in some nutmeg
now there’s one last possible ingredient and that is either rum or whiskey
depending on your personal tastes you could use either one I’d like to put
whiskey in this but I know that the eggnog I have already had rum in it so
I’m gonna add just a touch more rum not much just enough to give a little bit
extra flavor now for the people out there who are saying I don’t want to put
rum in it because I can’t give that to my children that’s fine you can leave
the rum out but I’m going to tell you that there was actually more alcohol in
the vanilla extract that I put in here than there was in the rum that I put in
so judge yourself accordingly we’re just going to give this a stir we’re gonna
bring this up to a boil and then we’re gonna turn it down to a simmer and we’re
gonna let this simmer until almost all of the liquid of
operates and it thickens up into a nice fine pudding so now I’m gonna portion it
out and you don’t have to I mean you could put this all in one casserole dish
stick it in the fridge chill it down and serve it by scooping it from the
casserole dish or you could put it in ramekins and you can choose the size of
ramekins that you want so each dinner guest gets their own
so without spilling too much and making too much of a mess let’s see if we can
do this conventional food television wisdom the Gospel according to Martha
tells us that we need to take plastic wrap wrap these individually and press
the plastic wrap right up against the rice pudding so that it doesn’t form a
skin as it cools down in the fridge I’m on team skin I kind of like the skin
that forms at the top of the pudding so I don’t do that but if you want to do
that go right ahead you take the plastic wrap and you push it right up against it
now we stick these in the fridge for an hour or two to chill and firm up before
we serve them hey Jules Hey eggnog rice pudding oh well that makes
sense I left yours on the counter so it’s warm
you look like rice pudding warm I like my rice pudding cold I do I like all my
custards so as much as I said put it in the fridge you could leave it out you
could serve it warm you could put it in the microwave and heat it up that would
be why do ice you could pour a little bit of cream over top of this you could
pour a little bit more eggnog as you serve it mmm and a little bit of the
eggnog and it would sort of amp up that that creaminess to it now I haven’t seen
the recipe is there a rum or sherry already in it there’s a little bit of
rum in it okay I put that on top as well so let’s go to taste first before we add
anything we’re adding things to something we haven’t tasted never a good
plan I like that it’s definitely eggnog forward mm-hmm
the rum flavors there but it’s nice and soft I wanted to maybe put whiskey in
mmm but my preference but the eggnog that we bought has a rum in it already
oh I didn’t want to that conflict so depending on what you buy for eggnog
you didn’t make right from scratch I did not make my pots
we have a link to it below a full recipe list of making eggnog from scratch so
you can check that out and then there’s the conflict of raisins versus non
raisins I’m I’m not on Team raisins my boy team raisins I would put raisins in
it because you know rum and raisin that would work soak em in rum toss them in
if you like raisins in your rice pudding which I do put them in I probably should
have put some in for Julie but I didn’t know usually only make things you like
so there’s bias and so this was this was a cheat using leftover rice of course
you could cook the rice ahead of time and just put it in the fridge so that
you make leftovers there’s so many ways to make yeah
and it’s really creamy even though I didn’t put an egg in because the egg is
already indie okay dog yeah yes so serving suggestions a little bit of
eggnog on top when you go to serve it may be a great of nutmeg when you go to
serve it maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon when you go to serve it and if you don’t
have you don’t have one big pot and you just do one big pot and scoop it up
family-style this is pretty good I like this thanks for stopping by see you
again soon you

72 thoughts on “Eggnog Rice Pudding Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking”

  1. YESSSS! I was waiting for this Glen, thank you so much. Rice Pudding and Eggnog are both fantastic childhood loves – and Rice Pudding is the only time I've cried over food, I had forgotten it was a thing after becoming an adult then stumbled across it at a supermarket. The first mouthful took me back to my innocent youth like nothing else.

    Can't wait to make this 🙂

  2. Just a dash of rum, too much will overpower, same with the whiskey. Sherry is probably too sweet, between the sugar and the store bought nog

  3. Due to the language difference, my own stupidity and the trickery of false cognates, I expected a rice pudding would be something quite different and stranger. In Brazil, that – or something akin to it – is simply called sweet rice, but it's a bit less evolved. And commenting helps with the algorithm, so the rambling never hurts.

  4. Ha! I'm on Team Skin as well but I'd thought I was the only one.

    Harry Ugol (from a usenet post) was correct: "If you ever ask 'am I the only one who has this kink?' the answer is invariably 'no'"

  5. Should probably say that cooked rice is very high risk for food poisoning. If you want to keep rice it should be brought down to room temp or below within about an hour of cooking (the easiest way is to use cold water) then place it in a covered container and put it straight into the fridge immediately. If its not chilled and fridged within an hour THROW IT AWAY. Its really not worth messing around with rice.

  6. It is a brave man who steps into a rice pudding demonstration: devotees are just about rabid in favor of their particular 'best way.' My way is with sugar, full-cream milk and whipping cream (mixed half and half.) Long, slow cooking is the key and the cream and sugar caramelize to a light butterscotch color and flavor.

  7. If you want really creamy and rich rice pudding, use Japanese sticky rice. The extra starch in it makes it super creamy.

  8. Team Skin++

    Martha can go wipe her chicken's asses if she doesn't like dairy skin.

    Team Raisin…sometimes…offer as mix-in….as could candy pecans…chocolate chunks….brown sugar.

  9. What about a dollop of whipped cream, then the topping over it? Just a thought that sounded good to me. It would make for a fancy looking dessert.

  10. A common style of Southern rice pudding is to bake it, and this recipe would work with that method if you were to use a Bain marie at 350 until golden brown and bubbly still delicious hot or cold.

  11. considering it's simmering, I'd say the alcohol content of ANY of the ingredients beforehand is irrelevant. Alcohol evaporates at room temperature, never mind on the hob…

  12. There's alcohol in everything, even fruit juices. I've never had a problem giving dishes cooked with alcohol to my children.

  13. Re: skin. One can also dust the top of the (rice) pudding with some extra vanillated sugar to stop too much of a skin forming. My preferred method, even though I don't mind a skin either.

  14. Thanks for watching everyone! Full recipe in the ^^Description Box^^^ More eggnog recipe links in the description box.

  15. honestly, as long as you are cooking it, giving it to children is fine, and even if you drank it uncooked with rice, you put so little alcohol in, that the affects wouldnt be noticeable, its just enough to unlock other flavours and add some new ones, not enough to make anyone drunk, not even a child with no alcohol tolerance. probably more alcohol in bread, or any yeast product

  16. I'm with her, I love my rice pudding warm. Whenever I make it I eat it right away, or heat it up before eating it. That said, I also typically do it with coconut cream and occasionally some pineapple chunks mixed in.

  17. As a north European from England, as soon as anyone from North America says “egg nog”, all I can imagine is something akin to semi digested custard vomited into a jug of cheap rum.

  18. Yay Eggnog!

    As for team raisins or not, I think I'm with Julie. That or add some dates. Or any dried fruit really. Some banana chips or apple chips would be nice.

  19. “There is more alcohol in the vanilla then in the whiskey”

    Not if you use alcohol free vanilla. Which I have in the cupboard.
    (And yes it has the same “intensity” as normal vanilla)

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