Eight Steps to Perfect Ramen by Chef Ivan Orkin

Eight Steps to Perfect Ramen by Chef Ivan Orkin

The dog ate the fucking sausage
that we left on the counter and so now we don’t have any sausage
for her spaghetti pasta Every ingredient contributes to the perfect bowl My own philosophy of cooking is layering flavour so as you’re tasting it, it sort of attacks
your palate from all different places and you really get a real flavor experience Pull out, get the fuck out of the
goddamn fucking place! Goddamn it The whole goal really was to take
my intense passion for Japan and Japanese and take my intense passion for cooking and figure out how to blend them My fantasy was to assimilate into Tokyo When people say: “Why would you ever think you could succeed in a ramen shop in Tokyo?” It’s because I’m a confident chef
and I think I make good food This ended up giving me all the things
I dreamed of and more I got to live in Japan, when I walked down the street I was a respected member of the business community The hook was that I’m a white guy making ramen and I knew that people were going to come and check me out I also knew if I didn’t nail it the first time people would’ve walked out and never ever come back Now that I’m in New York I feel no differently We’ve been working really
hard to sell the ramen gospel because slurping noodles is fun You can break my shio ramen
into eight basic components The soup and the noodles would be the star everything else would be supporting characters With my noodles I’ve put a lot of thought into the amount of gluten in the flour the amount of protein, which flours I use I wanted them to have a textural experience and to have a certain amount of aromatic quality I just think that noodles need to make an impression My soup is super clear-tasting chicken and fish I make a really simple chicken soup: it’s whole chickens and water, that’s it Dashi is really what all Japanese cuisine is built upon that smokiness from the fish you can really get this real sense of the depth of flavor There’s a tremendous amount of umami in it You add a piece of fatty, warm chasu and that bleeds into the soup and as you’re working through your bowl, it’s a special treat and I don’t flavor it very much Even though it’s just that one piece, when you eat it it should make a big impact and you say ‘wow!’ So shio ramen means salt ramen The tare really is the main flavor bomb so I use salt from several different regions of Japan and I blend them together, so you
get this very complex saltiness that blends with the rest of the ingredients The tare which is really a sofrito and so we can move on from there to the egg I spent as much time getting my egg right as I did getting my noodles right The yolk is as liquid as we can
get it without the egg falling apart Ramen without fat is not ramen You need the fat to help the soup stick to the noodles— I use a very small amount Whenever you talk to the ramen geeks they always talk about punch: it’s gotta have punch The fish powder gives it that next sort of kick of flavor The scallion, the onion flavor,
enhances the whole soup but it really does double purpose It gives that ramen bowl a little step up to make it a little bit more sophisticated One of the great things about ramen
is that it’s the maverick cuisine You can make noise while you
eat it and you can get messy but it’s all in front of you in that bowl and when the bowl is empty, you’re done You’re driving too fast motherfucker

99 thoughts on “Eight Steps to Perfect Ramen by Chef Ivan Orkin”

  1. I was interested in the video until the guy just started bursting out cursing while driving .. That's like the most annoying type of person.

  2. hi halo can i ask your ingredient very clear explanation looks yummy your ramen,,, hope can hear you soon,, thankx and have a good day

  3. So I guess they start the video with this guy speaking Japanese so we can know that a white guy might know something about ramen…. 

  4. He is a LEGEND. A Jewish kid from Long Island who made it big in Japan ramen arena. Here is the lesson for you all: If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

  5. His analysis of being an interesting concept in Japan, but needing to have a really good product, is dead on in my opinion and he has earned my admiration and respect.

  6. I was laughing within the minute. He returned from Japan somewhat recently, so I thought he'd be more patient and not so reactive with the traffic. Nice segment. 

  7. This guy is pretty badass. Idk why ppl are giving him shit. Ppl are missing the point of the video. It's how he makes ramen.

  8. Man this guy has such a tremendous life story. If you're interested, he is on "The Moment" podcast via Grantland. Really enlightening hour of understanding this guy's lifestory.

  9. Bunch of cry babies in the comment section. If you think his mouth is bad you haven't worked in many kitchens.

  10. Why salt from different regions of Japan? What sort of impurities do the salt have that make them taste any different from any other salt?

  11. Lots of unnecessary swearing in the first few minutes of the movie.
    Not very professional, I'll check somewhere else.

  12. the road rage had me hooked. wish it transferred into the rest like with Gorden Ramsy.

    How do u make ur eggs soo perfect?! omgoodness.

    my noodles always turn out like a mess of glue. lol

    Is the trick about deshelling hard boiled eggs with backing soda true? cant get that to work.

  13. Uhm, this is high end – but I don't truly appreciate the ramen unless I'm a little afraid as I enter the noodle shop.

  14. too bad his eggs are shit. if he played attention to flavour he would at least source his eggs from healthy chickens that produce richer yolks

  15. so I got a question, where can one get that fat from? I've never seen it before in a grocery store and I'm not a big fan of buying food from the internet. A butcher maybe?

  16. ramen is supposed to be eaten right away, they say in japan there isn't take out ramen because real vendors will take it so seriously that the noodles are ruined after 5 minutes.

  17. Respect the outcome, but the processes to meet the end!? Is it worth it if we compare it to normal hardworking to the original stage?! Too much expenses I guess…

  18. Typical New York anger – who cares if his ramen is amazing? If you are all about success and getting somewhere fast then that gets transferred to the food – he didnt learn the basics of cooking which is love. 👎🏽

  19. I love the attention to detail and minimalistic approach. On a side note, Ivan must taste Shio Ramen all day, so that blood pressure is taking a beating. Hence the road raging. Too Funny 🙂

  20. Minute 1:06….

    This guy is the best, def. Watching his video! Congrats, and greetings from Colombia!

    loved the video!

  21. I've seen a number of vids with Ivan, but this is the only one where I feel a bond cuz of the footage of him behind the wheel…get the f*ck out of the way

  22. would it make sense nowaday to open a own ramen restaurant? I mean this guy has already done everything a guy in the west could do with ramen isnt it? But otherhands there is no food item anymore you can improve. What would you say?

  23. Am I the only one bothered by the simplicity of the ramen? Last time I had ramen in a restaurant, I was sad that it had just 3 types of vegetables and two pieces of meat, I wanted more.

  24. This would have been way better without frequently swearing. Just because you can doesnt mean you should.

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