♪ (ragtime music) ♪ ♪ (campy ’80s music) ♪ ♪ It takes a lot to make a stew ♪ ♪ A pinch of salt and laughter too ♪ – ♪ A scoop of kids ♪–
– Oh, is this a sitcom? Uh oh, is this like a Donna Reed show? This is like the perfect family. It looks very ’70s or ’80s.
I guess ’80s. ♪ (soulful harmonizing) ♪ (laughter) That happens to me. ♪ Too many cooks ♪ ♪ A family is like a stew ♪ ♪ Everyone adds an extra scoop ♪ – ♪ Too many cooks ♪
– Is this a real show? What the heck is that? ♪ Too many cooks ♪ Oh, is this a cooking show? ♪ Too many cooks ♪ ♪ Too many cooks ♪ This is creepy now. – ♪ Too many cooks ♪
– (stifled laughter) Oh my goodness. Dear me! – ♪ Fill our hearts with love ♪–
– You know, this is really outdated. You know that. – ♪ Too many cooks ♪
– That’s a lot of cooks. ♪ Too many cooks ♪ My goodness. Are you serious? (singing) Boy, am I bored. Get it on. We’re going through this again? (chuckles) ♪ Too many cooks ♪ This sure is a long introduction. Please tell me this isn’t real. – ♪ It takes a lot to make a stew ♪
– (scoffing) (cracking up) A coat. Is this all one show?
Oh my goodness. – ♪ Some people say it’ll spoil the broth ♪
– What the heck? – ♪ And resist the forces of evil ♪
– What is this? Ooh! Manson got out! ♪ (epic fanfare) ♪ Oh, Dynasty! Oh my god! Whoa. Dallas. Oh no. ♪ It takes a lot to make a stew ♪ – ♪ A pinch of salt and ♪–
– Is this really a show? ♪ Too many cooks ♪ – ♪ Too many cooks ♪
– Too many cooks. Oh my god, I’m getting
a headache from watching this. – ♪ Too many cooks ♪
– Oh! ♪ Too many cooks ♪ – Ew.
– ♪ Too many cooks ♪ ♪ Too many cooks ♪ That’s not nice. (in video: frantic breathing) Oh, that’s cute,
with her name running with her. I like that. Her title’s stuck to her. (chuckles) ♪ Too many cooks ♪ ♪ Too many cooks ♪ ♪ Too many cooks ♪ (in video: panting) ♪ Too many cooks ♪ No! (laughs)
Her sign is still on. Katie, turn off your sign! (laughs) ♪ Too many cooks ♪ (Katie shrieks) Oh. – (screaming)
– Damn. Ewwwww! (nervous chuckling) Oh god. Who’s in the sink? ♪ Too many cooks ♪ ♪ Too many cooks ♪ ♪ Too many cooks ♪ TMI. Ew! [Bleep]!
Um, ooh. Whoa, somebody got him good. (laser blasts) Oh, what’s his name? Smarf? Whoops! – ♪ (intense music) ♪
– Ooh, the Terminator cat. – (eagle screeches)
– ♪ Too many cooks ♪ ♪ Too many cooks ♪ ♪ Too many cooks ♪ – (agonized screaming)
– What?! This is weird.
This is real weird. (creepily) ♪ It takes a lot to make a… ♪ Oh! Oh! Push it, push it.
There you go! Oh, ick. Blech. That was… Oh, but wait, there’s more. – ♪ (music resumes) ♪
– Oh my god! Here come the cooks. The Brady Bunch, Bunch, Bunch, Bunch. Don’t know what to say about this. This is the weirdest thing ever. Is the ax-murderer in there somewhere? Yeah, there he is. (laughs) Is it…? ♪ (music resumes) ♪ Again! Not again! (laughs) Oh my god! Oh, that is way, way too long. Way too long an introduction. ♪ Too many cooks ♪ Jeez, so it wasn’t a real show? What was that? Enlighten me.
What the hell was that? (movie reel clicks) (Finebros) Okay, so right away,
yes or no, did you enjoy this? I don’t think so. No, it was stupid. I did. It was cute. I kind of enjoyed it,
but I like being confused a lot. Not a fan of gore. Parts of it, but most of it was gory. It was fun to watch.
Good production value. Yeah, I thought it was cute, clever, fun. Yes, I did. It was a very good slam
about the ridiculous openings that nobody’s changing up particularly. I did at first, but then it
just kept going on and on. It was like the neverending story of cooks. (Finebros) Can you walk us
through what you thought this was going to be when it started
and then what you felt by the time it ended? Okay, first up I thought it
was a really crappy sitcom. I thought it was a new show coming out and you wanted my opinion
on this new comedy show. Too many cooks– I thought
they were all gonna end up in the kitchen, cooking. Then the blood started coming in,
and then the weird characters, and the monsters
and then the cartoon stuff. It went from A to Z. It just started adding more and more people, and then it got creepy,
and then it got bloody, and then it got weird,
and then… and then it was just boring. (Finebros) When the song stopped
and then the actor started running through the set
with their name still attached to them and everything got really dark,
what were you thinking – in that moment?
– I didn’t know what was happening. It just was weird. That, I thought, was amazing.
I thought that was really clever. I thought that was a clever story twist
to grab with the audience. Do I wax Fellini here or something? It just didn’t really make
that big of an impact except I kept watching, expecting
something to make sense– which it didn’t, which is fine. (Finebros) Why do you think
they made that choice to start making fun of cheesy sitcoms
and then breaking it down so much that now it’s all about murder,
and then it goes back to happiness. I wish I knew. It was like a roller coaster. I don’t think it was
trying to represent anything. I think it just sucked, personally. To throw you off and surprise
the hell out of you, which they did. That’s really probably what people
wanted to see happen – to most of those sitcoms.
– (Finebros chuckles) ‘Cause they were so awful. Maybe they’re trying to portray
that the typical, normal family isn’t always so normal. When I was young, the standards were like
“Father knows best”, where there was
the typical American family who lived in a beautiful house
that the typical American family could never afford. Now this one’s going
to the far extreme, you know, to the modern family where
one of the sons is a murderer. (Finebros) Were there any
specific references that made you – think of old TV shows?
– Oh, The Brady Bunch. Thought I saw Roseanne Barr there. I don’t know if that was
supposed to be a spoof of Alf. Somebody flashed on the screen
that had the Stetson and the whatnot. It looks like a bad episode from Dallas. Most of the family ones,
where they introduce every person in the family. (Finebros) So what we just showed you
isn’t just a video made for the Internet– it actually was made
for, and aired, on television. Really? Really? Oh, you’re kidding me. – (Finebros) Let me explain this to you.
– Oh, please do. Do you know what
the late night programming block – on The Cartoon Network is called?
– No. No. No, I don’t. No. I usually go to bed at 9:00. Adult Swim. I’m a Metalocalypse junkie. (Finebros) Yes!
There we go. I think Nathan’s hot.
There, I’ve said it. – ♪ (metal riff) ♪
– Playaaaa! (Finebros) Well, it’s called Adult Swim
and it has a lot of shows for adults that are alternative comedy. And at 4 AM on some nights,
on the channel guide, Adult Swim says that an infomercial is on, but instead it’s things
like Too Many Cooks. (chuckles) The jokes on you. (laughs) Well, that would’ve been
better than an infocommerical ’cause I hate those infocommercials. I think that’s a great idea. It’s so like Basics–
remember Basics, How To Basics? It’s clever. I think people
who have insomnia and are up at four o’clock in the morning,
it’s a piece of amusement. Usually, at that time at night,
I’ve been drinking. So you know what this means?
That this is gonna be funny. Well, that is not fair. I might wanna order something, you know? And then here this crap comes.
What happened? (Finebros) Well, after it happened,
it exploded the next day on the Internet with everyone saying,
“Did you see what was on TV – at four in the morning?”
– Oh, that is funny. (Finebros) And it became
a trending topic on Twitter for days. Do you know what
a trending topic on Twitter is? No. No. That’s gonna be something that’s hot. Twittered– tweeted about most? It means it probably got a lot of hits,
a lot of viewers, and people who were talking about it. (Finebros) Why do you think this video
became something everybody – was talking about?
– Got me. I don’t think I would’ve talked about it. It’s very diverse, so they’re gonna say,
“Hey, you see the girl in the thing with her boob?” And, “Did you see
the guy with the machete?” And, “Hoo, what about
the head in the sink?” You’d have to watch that three, four times
before you got it all. We all identify with what we’ve seen
for years and years and years on TV and it’s fun to laugh at ourselves. (Finebros) Finally, if Too Many Cooks
was a real television show – would you watch it?
– Yeah, I would. (laughs) They can spin off of anybody here. You know, you don’t know
who’s gonna leave what. I might watch it because you
want to see what happens next. If it maintained the craziness
of the plot or the short film, I would say yes. If it were a real show, would I watch it? No. You know, please. No, I don’t think I would. Probably not because I don’t like
all that beheading stuff. No, because the opening
credits are too long! (laughs) I wanna get into the show. Thanks for watching
this episode of Elders React. We’ll be back real soon,
so make sure you’re subscribed. Bye bye, thanks for watching. (snapping fingers)
♪ Too many cooks, too many cooks ♪ ♪ Oh, too many cooks ♪ ♪ (ragtime music) ♪


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