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  1. I have struggled for the last 2 1/2 years with my son. He only wanted toddler formula, chicken nuggets, or yogurt. I have done these exact tips. I set out 3 meals a day and 3 snacks a day. I always put 1 thing he likes and 2 healthy things. We use to push and push him to eat. But one day I just started researching and thinking.. and a bunch of what I read said not to push them to eat, always give them 2 or 3 choices, let them know their food is ready, ask if they need anything with it, and leave them be. And the most important factor (for us anyways) is portion control. Do not put a ton of food on their plate. It overwhelmed him. I did these steps for about 3 weeks. And my son has gained a healthy amount of weight, he is open to at least trying new foods, and he is eating much better now.
    My daughter started falling into the same habit of not wanting to eat food. We did the same with her, and it worked amazing.

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