Go! – But the connection is again…
– It’s not stable. Done. It’s OK now. – The connection is not stable.
– Everyeon, is it OK to watch? – The connection is…
– The connection is not stable. – Is it OK?
– What if it turns off? – Let’s start first.
– Is it OK now? – Is it OK? – It’s OK?
– Let’s go, let’s go! – It’s good!
– Hurry up. Let me continue now. – OK. So, this…
Chef. – This is spring onions.
– OK. – OK, chef. – This, too.
– Let me wash them. Johnny, this. – This, here.
– OK. – In fact… – Mark.
– Can we do th now? – Yes. – Johnny is a foreign member.
– Do we have to wash peeled onions? – I think it’s OK not to wash them.
– Probably? OK. OK. Mark,
can you turn on this stove? I can’t. The everything is in? There is one. Good job,bro. A bit of soup is left. This? I’m done. Do you know how to turn it on? There’s a gas can in it. – Did you shake it up?
– It says, “Make sure to wash before cooking”. I read it now. Oh, my god. – May I do this for you?
– Don’t worry. – Isn’t it the right way? Press this…
– It smells bad. – Like this.
– OK. Fire. – Did you lower it down?
– Yes, but… Oh, my god. It shows our cooking skills. – Done.
– It’s OK now. OK. – Johnny, this…
– OK. Delicious. – Lucas, may I cut them all?
– Yes. – OK. – Are you crying?
– Tears… – I’m sheding tears.
– I’m done. Lucas, I finished. I just chopped one spring onion. I cut it all. – Just a bit…
– Just a bit? Just a bit? He did it well. – Did I cut this well?
– Chef Lucas! Before we start, for our NCTzens, please introduce what kind of
fusion rice cake soup we’ll make. – This rice cake soup….
– Rice cake soup. – Rice cake soup. – Rice cake soup. – Rice cake soup.
– This is foreign style soup. – OK. – Fusion.
– Lucas gave this idea of rice cake soup. – How does it taste?
– Rice cake soup. – It’s going to be spicy.
– How many? Based on handful. – One.
– One? One? OK. – More? I’m hungry.
– OK. Make it two. Your hand is too big. Eat a lot. – Enjoy this soup.
– Chef. – Why did you buy this? Sausage?
– You can use this. – Cutting the sausage? – Yes.
– Chef, I finished cutting onions. I finished cutting onions. – Later. – The rice cake bag says
we need to wash them. It’s OK. We will eat them anyways. – My hands are clean.
– This… – Johnny washed his hands.
– Yes, I did. OK. – Let’s talk together.
– OK. – When do we put this?
– After it starts boiling. When it starts boiling? Lucas made this witty comment. – What?
– “I have an idea”. “Is it delicious? No”. It;s OK. we have this. Chef, ah. Chef. Is it delicious? – Spicy.
– Sausage. – Hot and spicy chicken…
– Almods. Shall we warm up
this sausage and eat? Two? It’s OK to have some snacks
while cooking. Sausage. We can eat sausages
without cooking. But I like warm sausages. – But…
– Shall we heat it up? – Lucas, do you…
– May I make tapas? like cooking? I like cooking. – Do you cook at the dorm?
– Fried rice. – Fried rice?
– Yes. – Are you good at it? So-so. – Does Kun really cook well?
– He’s amazing. Top class? Kun is like a chef. – Lucas cooks well, too.
– No. It’s too hard to win tonight. – Done?
– What should we do now? – Chef, what should we do now?
– We need to wait. – Let’s wait. We need to play music
while waiting. While we’re waiting… – Shall we drink?
– Let’s have aloe drinks. Cups. Let’s get it. Chef. – Did you put dumplings?
– No, not yet. – Not yet. When will we put this? – We’ll do it separately.
– Oh. – Chef, drink it.
– This, later… – Brother.
– Yes. – Thank you. Happy birthday. Sausage is warmed up.
Let’s eat this together. – Shall we eat now?
– OK. Let’s eat now. – Johnny, aloe drink.
– Thank you. Give me the aloe drink.
Aloha. – Aloe aloha?
– If we use all ingredients here, will the next team cook
without them? I heard so. Let’s use them up. – Here’s your sausage.
– Everyone who is watching us, if you’re hungry, come here.
We’ll make 100 servings. Can you guess where we are? – Can you guess?
– Where are we? Chef, is it OK?
How does it look? Let me show you the soup. It smells so good. Chef, please introduce. – Sorry?
– Introduce. – This.
– OK. Mark, introduce it. – This is first…
– Mark, do you know well? – I’m going to add sausages.
– First… We’re adding sausages. – OK. – OK.
– Mark, did you thought about this? Well, sausages are warmed up
and it’s delicious. Good. I like your comment. – May we add ramen now?
– Yes, now. – Now? Now?
– When do we put onions, chef? – Onions? – There are some here.
– When do we add spring onions? Later? – At the end. – I trust our chef.
– Sorry. I’ll do as per your order. – Let’s trust our chef.
– You need to have a sausage now. Are you sure this is rice cake soup? It feels like Army Stew. It’s different. – Different? – Different?
– It’s different. – Chef, but… Let’s eat the ground meat. Ground meat… – We can use all of them.
– Really? – Didn’t we buy meat?
– We planned. – But we have sausages.
– OK. And brother… No, I mean, Lucas. Do you have dumplings?
Dumplings? – Brother. – I have dumplings.
– It was natural. – Natrual. – May I get out dumplings?
– Yes, some of them. Some viewers may have not
heard of this. Some fans are curiosu of
why NCT DREAM members are not here. Because they went home and spend holidays with
their families. So they couldn’t join. – Noodles…
– Soggy? – If it’s too soggy…
– Sucks? It sucks. I don’t think we can
add dumplings. No room? This… – When do we add this?
– We agreed to trust our chef. – Right, we should. I need to trust! I need! – It’s OK, chef.
– We can do this. – Is it OK?
– Yes, we can. – OK. – I trust him.
– I guess we put rice cake too early. – Is it OK, chef? – Yes, we can do this.
– OK, we can do it. Did we put rice cake too early? May I taste rice cake? Chef, why do you keep eating? You know, there are roles.
Someone cooks with hands. Some cooks watch that
and taste it. OK, OK. Chefs originally… Who do you serve the food first? – Chef?
– When cooking? – Yes. – Who tastes it first?
– The chef himself. – Me. – It’s me.
– Hey, this? Chef finally adds chopped spring onions. – Green.
– I can see some colors. It looks so delicious. What if we add this sauce? – Too salty?
– It’s going to be spicy. Do you like it? No. But Lucas said it would
be spicy rice cake soup. You’re one of the main chefs. I’m the mouth chef.
I’ll cook with my mouth. – A spy is here.
– What’s this smell? You have four chefs on your team. – No.
– One does nothing. – He’s the mouth chef.
– Main chef. – I need to taste. – One does nothing.
– Do you admit? – Awesome. – Are you cooking Army Soup
instead of rice cake soup? – Ramen. – Ramen? But the soup is… This is rice cake ramen. I have a good idea.
Good idea. Please hear me out.
It’s a good idea. – Please say it to the camera.
– This powder. – We’re cooking ramen. – This powder…
– It’s ramen. Rice cake ramen. – Let’s add this powder to dumplings.
– It’s ramen! There are more people now. Salty? May I taste this? – It’s…
– Let’s add beef bone soup. – It’s now…
– How does it taste? – It’s OK. – Delicious.
– I like it. – Hot and spicy? – What’s this?
– It’s delicious. It’s delicious. But it tastes good, huh? This is it… Spicy chicken almonds? – Is it a type of food?
– Yes. Isn’t it famous thing… It’s time to add hot water. – Water…
– Don’t touch it for awhile. It’s a bit distracting, huh? – Water.
– I think we can add some water.
– Just water. – Salty. Too salty.
– May I add oyster sauce? Hold on. Water! Feeling dizzy. OK. Everyone, please wait.
Don’t worry. – It’s delicious.
– Right, act cute to viewers. – Chef, I have a good idea.
– Chef, we’re in trouble. There’s no potable water here. – No water at this restaurant.
– If you boil tap water over 100 degrees… – It makes sense.
– It kills germs so it’s drinkable. But we’re now cooking… – I think we will win based on the look.
– It’s been 15 minutes after we put ramen. – More importantly…
– No. Rice cake has been boiled
for 20 minutes. Water, OK! It looks so delicious. What’s important is… How do we know it’s delicious? – Based on facial expressions.
– If your mouth waters, it’s delicious.
My mouth is watering. Show us. He swallowed. Good. My mouth is watering. How long has it been
since we started? We added rice cake
when we started. Is it OK? It’s OK. – Everyone, we have this.
– Oh. We can boil tap water
and use it for cooking. – But already…
– We added tap water. How does it taste?
What should we do now? Is it done? – Let’s wait.
– OK. – It’s been 10 minutes since
we put ramen. – Good. – It’s OK. How does it taste? Good? – How does it taste?
– Amazing. That’s really… OK. It’s nice. – This is my real reaction.
– OK. This is real! Real! – It was a bit salty.
– This is so nice. Let’s get it! Don’t read others’ faces. – Jaehyun, try this.
– Jaehyun. – OK. Is this OK? OK? Doyoung! Doyoung! Team members need to
be confident about their food. I’ve tasted this before… It’s delicious. OK, OK.
Lucas is doing well. I don’t think we need more water. – Let’s eat this now.
– It’s like a meal. – Let’s eat this now.
– Isn’t it Army Soup? – But there’s a reason.
– Yes. – It feels like a foreign dish.
– OK. – Sure, it does. Fusion.
– To be honest, I’m impressed. – Right. – True.
– Good. – I like it. Mouth shut. – We have eggs.
– Lucas, do we add eggs? – Yes. How many? – One?
– One? – One for four?
– Two? – Two, OK. – Mark said he’d cook eggs.
– Let’s use just one. – Why? – One for you, one for me.
– You can do this with one hand… At one go… – Please show us.
– Let’s do this… I prepared this just in case
you drop things. – Do we cook this without heat?
– Is it off? – To cook eggs.
– Let’s do this together. Show us, Mark. – Are you watching us now?
– Please, together. – Why?
– Go first, please. – Please show an example.
– Haven’t you break an egg? Please show me an example. Study. Study. Let’s get it! – One more?
– Yeah. Let’s get it! Show that, Mark. It’s broken. It’s broken at my hand. You can eat this right now. Let’s eat. I’m so hungry. Do we eat after cooking ourselves?
Right now? Can’t we? – We can eat it now, after cooking.
– OK, let’s get it! – Let’s show it viewers.
– Here. It’s Lucas rice cake soup. – Mar-cas rice cake soup.
– Mar-cas rice cake soup. Mar-cas rice cake soup. Mar-cas rice cake soup.
Mar-cas. – Mar-cas rice cake soup.
– What is he saying? We should’ve bought pork cutlet. – MC of “Show! Music Core”.
– MC. – High school rapper.
– MC. – They visited us. – It’s over.
– We’re here for evaluation. – Did you cook Army Stew?
– I heard you need judges. You will watch us
enjoying this delicious soup. Will guests have first? – Ramen is in the stew.
– There are a lot of rice cake. – Done. – Done?
– OK. – Come on.
– Come on. OK, without personal plates…
Oh, there are some. Where is the camera?
Here? I’m so excited. I think it will taste good. – OK. – But honestly…
– Kimchi. – Where is rice cake soup?
– Here it is. – We cooked a delicious soup. Where is rice cake soup? Steamed dumplings. – OK, come on.
– Come on. Come on, give me some sound. “Give me some sound”. – Oh yeah!
– OK. Sliced sausages are in the soup.
Who will evaluate? – Who will go first?
– Haechan. Haechan. – Haechan.
– Where’s the mouth chef? – Mouth chef.
– Haechan, first. – Rice cake first.
– I think we need to cut. It’s delicious. Lie. Surprised. – Kimchi, suddenly?
– Mark… – I want to have Kimchi. – Really? – Yes.
– Will you hold this place? – Who wants some more?
– Me. Delicious. – Really?
– It’s rice cake ramen. Rice cake sausage ramen. It’s delicious. Really delicious. It doesn’t feel like rice cake soup. – This is a fusion style.
– It’s not rice cake soup. – It’s just ramen.
– Ramen. Let me taste some. – There’s no rice cake in rice cake soup.
– Mar-cas. – I like it. Mar-cas. Good, good. Good. Really. I think one of three teams
would make real rice cake soup. – We will do that.
– Because it’s a holiday. – Our team will do that.
– Is this rice cake soup? Ramen tastes delicious. Hungry. – Hungry. – Delicious.
– They cooked Army Stew. – Dumplings?
– What’s this ramen? – Isn’t it Army Stew?
– Not rice cake soup? – How do you eat this? – Lucas. – Yeah?
– You’re number one. Give me some rice. – Doyoung, the dumplings…
– Done. – Amazing! Success! – Delicious.
– Did Mark cook? – It’s not bad.
– All together. – Not bad.
– Not bad. – It’s delicious.
– Cheese Tteokbokki, too. – Ramen tastes delicious.
– It’s delicious. – This is not rice cake soup.
– Try a dumpling. – Dumplings taste good.
– What’s this? I cooked dumplings. Delicious. – Ramen soup powder?
– It’s ramen. – Ramen soup?
– Isn’t it carbonara sauce? Carbonara and
hot and spicy chicken sauce. – And dumpligns.
– Is this ramen? – Is this ramen soup powder?
– Tantan Noodles soup. – Delicious? Delicious?
– Dumplings are great. If you have some ramen soup powder,
please try this. – We cooked it.
– Spicy. – Won’t you have some?
– I had. – How does it taste?
– Good. – Indeed, ramen ….
– I burnt my tongue and it hurts. – Delicious.
– Delicious, ramen. Ramen tastes so good. – You cooked well.
– Let me taste rice cake soup. Ramen is delicious. Everyone can cook ramen.
It was delicious, though. – Now we need to taste rice cake soup.
– At this timing, shall we read fans’ comments? – Good.
– Right, you didn’t wash rice cake before use? – Sorry?
– Really? Do we have to wash rice cake? – You didn’t?
– Do we have to do that? We didn’t wash rice cake but Johnny washed his hands
who held rice cake. – So it’s the same.
– Johnny washed his hands? – Yes. – Wash in cold water after opening.
– It says so. – “Wash in cold water after opening.
– It says so. “Wash in cold water after opening”. – It’s OK.
– If we eat all together, it’s OK. – Right!
– Aren’t the noodles too soggy? – No.
– Delicious. Chewy. Very chewey, unexpectedly. What’s the brand of noodles?
Did you make them? – The famous thing…
– That ramen? – YEs. “Real rice cake ramen”. – Right, it is so.
– This is rice cake ramen. I think we should have added
this sauce. It would be perfect. Let’s see this rice cake ramen. Ice cake ramen. Let’s sell this together. – This is the fusion style.
– Winwin, won’t you have some? Delicious. I had some. – Enjoy more.
– Why aren’t you two eating? Winwin, come here. Winwin, come here. – Ten, did you have some?
– I did. “Please make rap
using Army Soup”. Army Soup… What’s the brand of this ramen?
It’s so delicious. – There are many.
– Vriousssss kinds. What was the soup powder;s name? – Tantan… – Right. Tantan something.
I should eat it later. – Where is rice cake?
– Can you give us some? Where is rice cake soup? I hope a team would make
real rice cake soup. Yuta, I’m looking forward to yours. – It’s me.
– Our team is the 2nd team. – Yes. Is it over? – Rice cake.
– Here you are. Our team finished cooking. Rice cake, rice cake, rice cake. Put rice cake into your mouth – and enjoy the etaste.
– Rice cake. – Yes, rice cake soup. Cheese Ttokbokki was in the bag! – Shall we let the 2nd team
start cooking? – OK. – Right now?
– After us? The 2nd team will come back
to cook rice cake soup on V LIVE. Kun! Kun! Kun! Kun! Who are on the 2nd team?
Please say look forward to seeing it. – Kun, please. – Way to go!
– Please look forward to it. – Tell us. Tell us.
– What? – Tell us. – Tell us?
– Please. Anyways, we will make delicious
Chinese food. Not just Chinese food but we will make
Korean rice cake soup. We got the recipe
online. – Please look forward to it.
– Please look forward to it. Bye. See you later. – Bye.
– Bye. Bye.


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