[Eng Sub]卤肉饭【曼达小馆】Braised Pork Rice

[Eng Sub]卤肉饭【曼达小馆】Braised Pork Rice

Hello everyone, welcome to Amanda Tastes. Today I’m going to make the Braised Pork Rice. I ordered a take-out of braised pork rice the other day. I’m very mad about that dish. Because it is too awful. So I’m going to teach you how to make a delicious braised pork rice. You will need pork belly and shallot. Also some eggs and pakchoi. The seasonings are very simple. We need light soy sauce, sugar, and rice wine. First let’s cut the pork belly. Cut the pork into slices. Each piece contains fat and lean meat. Then marinate the pork. Add a spoonful of light soy sauce and a pinch of sugar. Then add a spoonful of rice wine. Mix it well. It’s better to put the meat in the fridge and marinate overnight. Because the salt in the soy sauce, will make the meat texture more tender. This is an unusual tip but it’s very useful. Highly recommend you guys to try it. Then shred the shallot against the grains. Shallot has purplish red skin and looks like mini onion. But the flavor is different from onions. It has stronger scent. Since we didn’t use too much seasonings to marinate the pork. The shallot plays an important role in this dish. Turn on the heat. Pour a little bit more oil into the pan. Put in the shallot. The shallot should submerge in the oil. Turn to medium-low heat, be patient. When you see the shallot turns golden. It’s done. Pour into a colander, filter the oil. Keep the crispy shallot in the colander. Pour some oil in the pan. Now take out the pickled meat we made yesterday. Just pretend it’s the one we just prepared. Fry the meat. Until it turns yellow and starts exuding oil. When it turns brown. Pour some rice wine. Add soy sauce. Sugar as well. Then the crispy shallot. Let the alcohol evaporates for a while, then pour the water inside. The water should merge the meat. Turn to low heat. And cook for about 1 hour. Now we prepare the side dishes. Boil a pot of water, add some salt and oil. When the water is boiling. Put the pakchoi into it. Cook for about 10-20 seconds. And take it out. Then, let’s make a poached egg.
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Usually we use spiced egg. But I prefer to eat soft-boiled egg. Boil a pot of water. Turn to medium heat. Use a spoon to stir. You’ll see the eddy occurs. Then, pour the egg into it. Gently and slowly. The albumen will wrap the yolk naturally. The cooking time depends on you. Drain off the water, and put the egg aside for later use. Now let’s look at the pork. Turn to high heat. I cooked the pork for about 1.5 hours. The meat is really soft now. Look like this. When the gravy becomes thick. Pour it on the rice. Put the poached egg and some pakchoi. The braised pork rice is done. Now you know how easy it is. But I still had the unpleasant experience. That’s why I’m so angry! OK. That’s all for today. Hope you guys can have delicious braised pork rice or take-out. If you like me or my programs. Remember to Like, Subscribe and Comment on my programs. Scan the QR code and follow my WeChat. You can see all the detailed recipes there. Thanks for watching. See you next time. Bye~

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  1. 在迪拜:前两天 叫了份卤肉饭外卖。结果上门的是粤式烧肉饭。 好好奇 下次叫烧肉饭来的是啥。

  2. 卤肉饭实际很难做,迄今为止,唯一地道的是台湾人在princess centre开的一家很小的一家店,十几年了,味道不变,绝无分店 哈哈哈

  3. 这么多做菜视频还是曼达的看着最舒心,没废话不装格调不卖情怀字字珠玑。点赞。

  4. 真正喜欢下厨的人是不会介意花时间的(除非真的很忙)。。再说,做一次卤肉,吃不完(没沾过口水的)可以冻起来留给以后吃嘛~

  5. 猪肉呈现抖动的状态,哈哈哈,Amanda你太幽默了,每次想严肃的看你的视频都会笑出声。

  6. 不知道為什麼照方法做了 但我的肉沒有很爛耶 小火煮了一個小時 不知道是什麼原因 肉還有一點硬硬焦焦的😓

  7. Hi! What's the difference between shaoxing wine and rice wine? Can we replace the rice wine with shaoxing wine? and is it the same amount? I am half Chinese and my mom and I love your recipes! I only wish you had them all with English subs… 🙂

  8. Protein & refined carb (white rice) combined intake will stimulate insulin spike, any one with blood sugar problem please be careful. In addition authentic Taiwanese version is using tea egg instead of poached or friend egg.

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  12. Thank you for the English subtitles! I really appreciate it, and look forward to learning more from you!

  13. 一边皮笑肉不笑说话, 一边安安静静斯斯文文的磨刀, 这看起来真可怕哈哈哈哈哈哈哈

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