[Eng Sub]清炖狮子头 Braised Meatball【曼食慢语第107集】

[Eng Sub]清炖狮子头 Braised Meatball【曼食慢语第107集】

Hi everyone, welcome to this episode of Amanda Tastes. Today I am going to show you how to make “Lion’s Head”, a braised meatball. You may have seen this dish in Chinese Solitary Gourmet Taiwan edition, episode 9. After watching that show, I think many of you may love meatballs, so I decided to make this tutorial. The main ingredient is pork belly, to accompany that, you will need Chinese napa cabbage, baby bak choi, bamboo shoot, and chicken broth. For condiments, you will need shaoxin wine, white pepper, spring onion, sugar, ginger, egg white, and some salt. First step, we will make our chicken broth. You can buy packaged broth or reduced broth, but do not use pure water. Cut chicken into pieces, give it a blanch and cook in cold water, and then bring it to a boil. Add in two pieces of ginger, braise over low heat for 2 hours, and strain before you use. Next up, sides. Slice bamboo shoot first. And then cut them into thin stripes. And chop into fine pieces. Separate the stem part of napa cabbages from the leaves and cut in the middle. Grate spring onion and ginger in to fine mixture. Or you can just chop them up. Add in about 100ml of water, and set aside. Crack an egg. Separate egg yolk and egg white. Now, cut the meat. Before you cut, freeze the meat in the fridge for 3-4 hours until it sets and becomes a little hard, so that it’s easier to work with a knife. You’d better use a sharp blade here, and cut the meat into very thin slices first. And then, cut into thin stripes. To make a meatball, do not use very lean meat, the proportion of fat and lean part should be 4:6, or better half and half. Lean meat may not be able to give a light and pillowy texture as desired. Finally, dice the meat, and they should be as the same size of fruit seeds. Slicing meat requires patience, and it is also a good way to test the sharpness of your blade. Before you start to slice meat, sharpen your blade first. Make sure you freeze the meat beforehand, because this makes it a lot easier when it comes to slicing meat. Dice the meat, and chop them like this. The meat in a meatball is very different from that as a pork filling, because you actually cut the meat into a meatball, not chop them up. Chopping is only for an extra springiness in the texture here. And cutting and slicing gives the main texture in a meatball. Next, season the meatball. Add in about 1/2 tsp. of salt. And a little sugar to compliment the savory flavor. Add in shaoxing wine. White pepper. Egg white. Potato starch, or corn starch. Toss with your hand to hep the mixture absorb flavor. Add in diced bamboo shoot. You can substitute bamboo shoot with water chestnut. Personally I prefer bamboo shoot. Mix well and you will see the mixture is becoming sticky. Now slowly add in ginger and spring onion water into the mixture. Stir from the same direction every time you add in water. Make sure meat mixture absorb all the water. Adding water gives a tender and soft texture in the meatball. Line the bottom of a stew pot with napa cabbage stems. Get a portion of meat mixture. Toss between your hands like this to knock out air in it, so that you will have a firm texture in the meatball. Follow this process and then shape it into a large meatball, and place it on the napa cabbage stem. Repeat the same process and shape all the meat mixture into lion’s heads meatballs. My recipe can make 5 servings. Arrange meatballs in the pot, and top them with napa cabbage leaves. Be very gentle with your meatballs, and do not break them. Transfer the stew pot on a stove. Bring the chicken broth to a boil first. And then, slowly and gently pour chicken broth into the stew pot. Do not pour it over the meatballs to keep them in shape. Add in two pieces of ginger. Bring it to a boil. When it’s almost there, turn down the heat to low, and braise for 2 hours. Wait patiently, and then, open the lid. Get rid of the foam to keep a clear broth. Season with some salt. Add in baby bak choi. Cook for another minute, and it’s ready to serve. Well, this is my dinner for tonight. A plain braised meatball is a very classic Huaiyang cuisine, and it’s complicated and time consuming. From prep stage to cooking stage, this dish does require a lot of time and technique. But the final dish worth everything. You will have a very different texture than any other meatballs. They are very light and tender. You can easily break it with a spoon. It optimizes the flavor and texture of pork. As for the broth, it’s very clear but full of flavors. I hope you enjoy this episode of Amanda Tastes. If you want to stay tuned, please give me a thumb up and subscribe to my channel. Don’t forget to follow me on Weibo and Wechat. I am still getting used to that. Finally, bon appetite! Thanks for watching, and see you next week.

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  1. 曼~你做的菜都好棒 视频也好棒 跟着你做了几次菜感觉厨艺大增!~ ThX ~ D~~
    你本职也是厨师么? 可不可推荐几本好的书 关于料理 食物的 什么的其实都可以 好喜欢听你的声音~~

  2. 哈哈,曼曼你的做法好细致。吃了那么多年狮子头都没想到是用切碎的肉丁做的。非常喜欢你视频的感觉,慢慢说慢慢做,慢慢地就学会了。给你顶一个!

  3. 猜了半天,原來是獅子頭呀!看起來好香好好吃。真是讚👍。有計劃到台灣旅遊嗎?

  4. 很喜欢你的视频!我刚看完孤独的美食家台湾版的第一集,看到猪油拌饭口水直流,可以请教一下里面的葱香猪油拌饭应该怎么做吗?

  5. 擦葱的时候眼泪流不停呀。。。虽然用的冰箱里剩的猪颈肉,和超市里的笋丝罐头因为买不到冬笋,但还是十分好吃!在国外就喜欢这种简单易得又极富中国味道的菜!

  6. 我终于找到了!背景音乐是台湾版孤独的美食家的片头曲,刘思源的《oh!let it be》真的超好听!一开始还以为是王若琳,把她唱的中文歌都翻遍了也没找到~现在终于知道了!

  7. 加入冬笋和马蹄都是可以的,但是古老的淮扬菜的配方是加入藕丁,加入藕丁后口感和味道会变得很特殊,您可以尝试一下。周恩来在宴请外国友人知道国宴大厨时曾特意指出这一点,为什么,因为他就是淮安人。

  8. 不知道是我用了馬蹄的關係還是葱薑水全放進去了,肉的水分好像太多了,捏不出圓球狀,我做出來的是扁扁的 。。

  9. 想问问你对有机食材的感想。看到你熬鸡汤的鸡块带有很多油脂,你会不会为了食物的味道而忽略营养结构以及身体健康呢。

  10. 作为一个肉食动物,每到一个饭店都会尝尝狮子头。至今吃过最好吃的狮子头是在南通一家小饭店。汤汁鲜美。肥而不腻。入口即化。南京的南京大排档虽然口感好,却是不能多吃。至今还没研究出来究竟他们是怎么做的。自己做的始终差一截。。。看到视频我又饿了╮(╯▽╰)╭

  11. 看来Amanda 不是江南人, 淮阳狮子头的做法太不正宗了, 而且缺少了一些非常重要的步骤。

  12. I made this!!! I use everything you said. I added Chinese dry mushroom, goji, and some green vegi at the end of the cooking. This is the best thing ever! Thank you Amanda!!!

  13. 家常菜这算还凑合啦。不过居然没用马蹄!而且从未听说狮子头是肉丁不是肉末,你这是为了图省事。

  14. Amanda~狮子头是不是需要先过油呢?很喜欢你的节目,虽然最近刚发现,就已经连续看了好几十集了。。。。。

  15. Thanks, I love this dish. I'll try making it today! By the way, nice music. Could you please let me know which song did you have in the background? Thanks!

  16. 做过了,非常好吃。没有冬笋,藕,或者荸荠,用了白萝卜代替,浙江有的农村喜欢用萝卜加肉块来蒸肉圆,就借用一下,口感还是一级棒。不过我用的鸡汤是自己做无水焖鸡时逼出来的鸡汁,又浓又香。我去过扬州当地的饭店吃,觉得还不如自己学曼达做的好吃。嘻嘻。谢谢曼达分享。

  17. Hola !!!te escribo desde ciudad de Panamá 🇵🇦 me encanta todos tus videos tus recetas son deliciosas y fáciles de hacer !!!!! Éxitos 🌟

  18. 狮子头能不能冷冻保存起来,等要吃的时候再拿出来煮,独居中年又没有搭饭的伙伴,又馋,

  19. 曼曼漂亮的厨具好多啊!是不是那种像拍了照穿的衣服不能再穿了那种,厨具也是感觉😭曼曼出自己用过的二手厨具不?

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