[Eng Sub]砂锅红烧肉 Chinese Braised Pork Belly in A Clay Pot

Hi everyone! The dish I made today is the most classic dish Of the Chinese homemade food Braised Pork Belly This is a dish most family would make There are a lot of different ways and methods to make it Today I’m going to demonstrate the way I cook it It has a high success rate Basically you can’t go wrong using my method The main ingredients for this dish are pork belly Soy sauce, huangjiu, crystal sugar Spring onion and ginger And because the pork I get here The smell is stronger than the pork in China So I will be adding a piece of bay leaf If the pork you get doesn’t have the same problem Then basically you won’t be needing any spices First, scrape the ginger skin off and slice into pieces Wash and dry the spring onion, cut them into half Cut the pork belly into 3-4 cm pieces Because the crystal sugar I use come in big pieces So I’m gonna have to break them down into smaller pieces Skip this step if you are using small pieces of sugar Let’s cook the pork belly Place the pork belly in the pot and pour in some water Add two pieces of spring onion and ginger into it Bring it to a boil then take the pork belly out And wash it thoroughly with boiled water Dry it and put it aside And then let’s fry the pork belly Heat a metal pan up Add very little amount of oil in it You can use the paper towel to wipe it Because the pork belly will produce a lot of oil So we just need a little amount to slightly cover the pan Put the pork belly in after the pan is hot Fry them over medium heat Until the surface turns golden brown And start to produce oil It will take about 4-5 minutes Frequently flip the meat to make sure every side is colored Prepare a clay pot after frying the pork belly Preheat the pot over low heat Lay the spring onion and the ginger slices at the bottom Move the fried pork belly into the pot Add the bay leaf And pour the huangju in Heat the clay pot over low heat slowly Back to the metal pan Fried the crystal sugar with the oil that’s left in the pan Pour the shattered crystal sugar in Fried it over medium heat It takes about 4-5 minutes to complete the process The sugar will gradually melt into syrup The color gets darker and would finally turn into this amber-like color When many bubbles appear on the top of the syrup Pour in a huge bowl of boiled water Then the syrup is ready Because I like the color of my pork belly to be darker So I fry the syrup into this darker color of amber If you like a lighter color Simply stop frying when the syrup turns golden Pour this pan of syrup water into the clay pot If it’s not enough, add the proper amount of water in The syrup water should at least cover the pork belly Now I’m going to use a common cooking tip in Japanese cuisine I think it’s perfect for braised pork belly Take a tin/aluminum foil paper Cut it into the same size of the pot And cut out some holes on it And there you have it, a tin lid with some holes on it This is a common tip that is used widely in Japanese cuisine The advantage of using it is that it can increase The convection of the juices beneath the tin lid To make the ingredients beneath it absorb all the tasty goodnees It makes the whole pot cooks evenly Coloring as well So you don’t have to stir it frequently Place the tin lid and cover the pot with its own lid Cook it over lowest heat for at least an hour We look to soften the pork belly first The soy sauce is not added yet An hour later, the pork belly is softened thoroughly You can now add the soy sauce It’s recommanded to get the spring onion and ginger out Cover the tin lid back We won’t be needing the pot lid Only the tin lid is needed throughout the reduction process Turn the stove to medium heat The reduction process will take about 20 minutes There is another advantage of this tin lid Is that some part of the ingredients won’t be cover by The soup during reduction So with the protection of the lid It wouldn’t get dry because of the exposure to the air 20 minutes later, many big bubbles appear on the surface of the soup You can see that its in a roiling boil At this point the processis is almost done You can turn the heat off Sprinkle proper amount of chopped spring onion Before bringing it on the table Because there are lots of caramelized sugar in the soup So at the end of reduction, its gonna appear like syrup boiling Which might give you the deception of there’s a lot of soup in the pot Actually after it cools down You will find the amount of soup is just right So pay more attention at the end of reduction The successful braised pork belly should look like this The skin and the meat are soft The fat is greasy but not oily The meat shouldn’t be tough The skin should have a jelly-like texture These are the best qualities one could find in a perfectly executed braised pork I hope you like this classic dish Among homemade food: “Chinese braised pork belly in a clay pot” Thank you for watching

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