[ENG SUB]한 마리로 두 가지 요리를 한다고?!?! 11월 제철 등푸른 생선 ‘고등어요리’!!! / Braised Mackerel ‘INS ASMR’

Hello, everyone. I’m MC Seo Geum Hee of M.M. We are going to make warm food in the cold fall today. You can see the mackerel! The mackerel reminds me of the song. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 I’ll make two dishes with mackerel. Braised Mackerel & Mackerel steamed dish It’s not fun if you just start. I will write a poem with mackerel, which is my personal skill. Let’s try Jun Ji-hyun’s version of the movie “My Sassy Girl.” I edited it because it was not fun. garlic, cheongyang pepper, radish, scallion, ginger, mackerel I bought a fresh mackerel. She gave it to me in a neat cut. I’m gonna use one for the Braised Mackerel. The other one’s for the mackerel steamed dish. I’ll cut the mackerel off before I wash it. If you want to steam mackerel, you have to spread it. So I’m going to cut half. It’s a success. Isn’t it salted fish if you bake it? Than I thought so easy! I’ll wash now. Is that right?! That’s easy! I put mackerel in water with vinegar. The mackerel is fresh, so I can’t smell the fish well. But once more a way to get rid of the smell. Make rice and get rid of the leftover water or soybean paste. I’m going to take a bath in the rice float today to catch the smell. Honey, get ready. (She’s a solo) I bought all the ingredients at the market. I bought a radish and a scallion! And I bought ginger for the first time. There are people that come to mind when I buy ginger. My mom, grandmother, who likes ginger. I remember my grandmother. I miss her! Do you like it, sir? you don’t have much hair. I’ll give you free Essence. I’ll give you a scalp massage. Now you’ll have a few more strands of hair. Now Im really good at trimming scallion! Once upon a time, Han Seok-bong turned off the fire and cut the rice cake. I’ll close my eyes. I’ll close my eyes and try this. What’s the result? The director couldn’t film it. What? Do you really want to scold me?! It looks like your hand hahahahahahahaha There are a lot of people who make fun of it whenever they cook. It looks like a baby’s hand. Aren’t you cooking with radishes on the bottom? yes! why? Isn’t it too thick? The radish tastes like chewing. You should eat both ripe and unripe. Raw radish is delicious, too. It’s delicious!! It’s not hard at all. There’s a lot of water in the radish. What does it have to do with thickness and eating? Let’s start cooking now. Can you see the mackerel in the steamed dish? First, we removed the smell with vinegar. I need to apply sesame oil here. To remove another odor and make a savory taste. I applied sesame oil evenly. I’ll have them ripen for 10 to 15 minutes. I’ll cook another mackerel while it ripens. I put radishes, water, and kelp. I’m going to make a broth of mackerel steamed dish. You can tell if the radish is cooked well by taking a chopstick. When the radish is cooked, remove the kelp. Then you can add mackerel and add seasoning sauce. Add green onions and cheongyang peppers. Just put it in and it’s over. I’m going to cook Braised Mackerel while the mackerel steamed dish is being made. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of them when you were a kid in the country. ? red pepper powder, soy sauce, pepper, flavour drink, scallion, garlic, cheongyang red pepper The sauce is simpler, isn’t it? We always make dishes that even beginners can do. And the Mackerel steamed dish is ripening. Put the sauce on the mackerel steamed dish and it’s over. How about a meal today? It’s the best dish I’ve ever cooked! very delicious!!!!

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