[Eng subs] 중독성 강한 매운맛 “매운갈비찜”  Braised Spicy Short Ribs

[Eng subs] 중독성 강한 매운맛 “매운갈비찜” Braised Spicy Short Ribs

Some parts of the chefs’ conversation may contain light mature content for viewers under the legal age. You can skip those parts if wanted. Hello everyone, I am Chef Ho Seob Shin. And I am Chef Jin Ho Lee. It’s been such a long time for me being on this show again. Yes, indeed. It’s been a long time.
A lot of people have been inquiring as to why I don’t show up anymore? Well…recently…you’ve been quite busy. Yes, I’m not intentionally trying to “ditch” Mens’ Jubu Life…haha. I became a very busy man after showing up as a guest chef on Running Man TV. I feel super popular now! Haha (*sarcasm*) We’ll be demonstrating on how to cook HOT Korean-spice braised short ribs.
I’ll be using Grade 1 + Korean beef (Hanwoo) for today. One of our followers specially requested for this recipe. Daegu (a southern province in South Korea) is famously known for their braised spicy short ribs! Without further ado, let’s get started! Today’s recipe: Hot Korean-spice Braised Short Ribs ½ cup of regular Korean hot pepper powder, ½ cup of CheongYang Korean hot pepper powder, ½ of a whole onion, 1 cup of minced garlic, ⅔ cup of sugar, 1kg of Short ribs 1 cup of soy sauce (1:3 to water ratio), 3 Raw Cheong Yang Korean hot pepper (if you dare), 2 potatoes To start off, I will first trim the short ribs to allow easier absorption of the sauce. Then, using a knife, slice the short ribs into smaller pieces. Next, leave small knife cuts on both sides of the ribs. This is a crucial step as we need to take out some meat juice from our short ribs. Meat juice is an essential factor in determining the flavor and scent of the short ribs. Important Tip! Submerge your short ribs in cold water to eliminate meat juice. We don’t have a lot of time for today. So, I’ll be using hot water instead to braise our short ribs to speed up the process. Put the short ribs in hot water and quickly braise until it changes into a light brown color. Make sure you only braise it for a little bit, or else the short ribs will become too dry and won’t taste very good afterwards. Only braise the short ribs until it reaches to a stage like so. Braising in hot water allows us to eliminate oil and remaining impurities. Take the short ribs out once the exterior layer is lightly cooked. Then, we’ll put the short ribs into a deep sauté pan. (Make sure the deep sauté pan is hot) Add a good amount of water to submerge the short ribs. Then, add 1 cup of soy sauce (make sure to adjust depending on the amount of water, in a 1:4 ratio) Next add ⅔ cup of sugar (should be around half amount of soy sauce). Close the lid and let it braise. Let’s use this braising time to create our spicy sauce! There are 2 types of Korean hot pepper powder; Cheong Yang (super spicy), regular Korean hot pepper (normal spicy). We want to make our sauce so spicy that your mouth will feel number afterwards. The key point here is that this is definitely not a “normal” spicy level. Mix the regular hot pepper powder & add a small amount of Cheong Yang hot pepper powder. Ideal portion is ½ cup of regular pepper and ½ cup of Cheong Yang hot pepper powder. (Add a bit more or less depending on your preference) Next, add ½ cup of garlic mix it into the sauce mix. (Mix everything all together) Next, slice your potatoes into small bite-sized pieces and add it into the pan. Don’t forget about the onion! Slice ½ of a whole onion and add it in. Sprinkle some ground black pepper into the pan. You may think there’s too much water in the pan. But don’t be fooled! The potatoes will absorb water as they are being cooked. Put the lid back on and let the ingredients braise for 20 mins. Cut the raw green onion and Cheong Yang hot Korean pepper into tiny pieces. Warning! If you are a guy and trying out this recipe, wash your hands squeaky clean before going to the washroom. (*sarcasm*) Oh! Ahhaha (*Got the inside joke right away*) I have learned my lesson through the hard way. (*Sighs sarcastically*) It was…my first time experiencing that kind of pain before…And I have learned to take precaution and wash my hands before doing anything else. Now, I understand why Koreans say: Smaller the size of the pepper, the spicier it is.
(*This is an old Korean saying meaning big things come in small packages.*) Don’t ever underestimate the power of a spicy hot pepper! (*Both parties laugh because of the joke*) After 20 minutes, remove the lid and add the spice mix into the pan. Keep on stirring until the water evaporate a bit more. (Stir by removing the lid) Keep on stirring! Lastly, add in the remaining amount of minced garlic into the pan. Warning! Make sure you don’t have to be somewhere important because your breath is going to stink like garlic! Make sure you don’t eat this during the first date or even think about kissing!
(*Sarcasm* Garlic breath can be very stinky) Why would you kiss on your first date? Oh, you have never done that before? Haha (*Everything here is said in a sarcastic tone*) Everything seems cooked! As a finishing touch, add raw green onion and Cheong Yang Korean pepper (chopped up from previously) and mix it all together very thoroughly. We have successfully created a Korean approved spicy braised short ribs! Korean-spice Braised Short Ribs is finally done and ready to be served! Yummmmm~ It’s so spicy though! It’s very spicy but has an addicting quality to it. I can’t have enough of it! I want to eat more and more. It’s really spicy but still okay enough for us to eat. I think it’s the perfect combination of the roasty garlic flavor with a kick from the hot Korean pepper. Thanks for watching! We’ll see you guys again with a new recipe. Play stayed tuned and bye bye until next time~

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  1. it looks very delicious,see how the sauce coat the meat, looks so flavorful✌galbi jim 🙆💖 I've never seen this style before.different than usual 👍

  2. 어머니 생신에 매콤한게 드시고 싶다고하셔서 한우갈비로 해드렸습니다. 자신있게 만들 수 있는 시그니쳐 요리가 된 것같아요. 좋은 레시피 감사합니다!!

  3. 이레시피 따라 만들어 봤습니다.
    남편이 너무 맛잇다고 칭찬을 하네요 ㅎ
    제가 먹어도 정말 맛있었어요 ㅎ
    영상 넘 고맙게 잘 봤어용~

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