[English Sub] JKT48 School/Cooking Class Part 1 (Episode 4)

[English Sub] JKT48 School/Cooking Class Part 1 (Episode 4)

Hello my students! no one gives me greetings? good morning mr John!!! too late!!! well, why I brought these here today?! these are ingridients for cooking class today! [Memasak=Cooking] by the way, could I be a cooking teacher? what? I can! I can! blah blah blah okay! I will call our cooking teacher for today! please welcome our guest teacher! hi!!! blablabla I was a tomboy person by the way.. huh! What the hell! uhmm.. what’s your name? Marinka are your ready to practice with chef Marinka?? ready!!! what’s for the first one, chef? anyone wants to know how to cook well here? Me!!! before we going to practice how to cook.. we’ll start a “guess the taste” okay! We’ll start now, chef! yes! no need any theory! the first round is.. Diasta and Stella! the rule is.. you have to drink it when I count to three.. and guess! anyone gives the fast and right answer.. she’s the winner.. one two three you can drink it again.. okay Stella what’s your answer? tomato, carrot, spinach and Diasta? tomato, carrot, broccoli a different answer of them.. spinach and broccoli.. we’ll see.. the answer is.. spinach, carrot, orange two points for Stella.. and just one for Diasta.. so, the winner is Stella! Ve and Ayana! okay Ve and Ayana now! I count to three.. and answer the three ingridients.. let’s count together! one, two, three! taste it! again, again, again.. just answer if you already know what it is.. oohh, Ve really loves it! claps your hands please! Ayana, just give the answer or want to drink more? I don’t know what its name! I don’t mind! try again! cmon Ve! I only have two answers.. garlic garlic garlic garlic, garlic, and garlic? that’s all? she makes it different with saying in different intonations.. petai, oranges.. petai, oranges.. garlic, garlic, garlic? carrots.. petai, orange, carrot.. okay! and the answer.. NO NO !! what? melon.. garlic.. that’s all.. okay.. you missed an ingridient.. and the answer is!! papaya, orange, petai! Huh!! I don’t like petai! well, the next round is.. Shania and Jeje! please drink it when I count to three, okay?! one, two, three! Jeje! Cmon! taste like pond water! [pond water] chili, garlic.. celery! celery! I am the first! okay.. what’s the answer! garlic, celery, paprika! Jeje? garlic, chili, water! we knew there’s water!! garlic, chili, spinach! we’ll see the right answer is.. tomato, garlic, celery.. then two points for Shania.. one for Jeje.. next!! come here, Melody and Rena! one, two, three! more, more, more! melon, pear, pare.. spinach.. okay kangkung is big! oooh, it was kingkong.. kangkung, and? okay, once more.. she’s thirsty I think.. spinach? tomato! and? teriyaki? bubble gum? green? pare? pencil! huh!! It’s a vegetable! pare? okay! we’ll see! pare, kencur, sour star fruit! congrats! did you know? Indonesia is the one of good culinary place for tourists.. spices.. special seasoning.. aroma.. and the other specialties.. make our foods have many tastes, like.. spicy.. sweet.. sour.. even bitter.. if you want to be a master chef, you have to know any taste..

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