Enter Curry Heaven |  Amazing Indian Cooking, Indian Food in Penang, Malaysia

Enter Curry Heaven | Amazing Indian Cooking, Indian Food in Penang, Malaysia

100 thoughts on “Enter Curry Heaven | Amazing Indian Cooking, Indian Food in Penang, Malaysia”

  1. Chinese cultured people, luv them.
    the idealogy which she said about close By leaves. even most of the south Indian people don't no.

    luv from India.😘😘😘😍

  2. Trever just a little advice when eating curry with a noon you dip the noon into the curry just a little bit not too much then it'll be overwhelming.

  3. malaysian are very self-abused of their food. they think malaysia is the only heaven of food in asia. 😂

  4. If you fold the leaf towards you, it means I still want to continue the relation with the person who is before you and if you fold the leaf towards the person who is before you, it means I don't want any relation with you anymore. This is wat my elders taught me when I was young.

  5. whn i clicked on this subconsciously i had sm violent thoughts….half a min into this…i am happy for no reason..this guys energy is contagious…wht a sorted soul…a simple joyful life is life well lived..rest all is just mess that doesnt end…

  6. Every time the waiter brings food to the table he just yells out the food in English with an Indian accent.

  7. With all those curries and sauces, I would have used a spoon rather than using my hands alone! Is it frowned upon to use utensils in that culture? Or just that restaurant?

  8. Exotic food here in Hong Kong are expensive not for the common people unless for the little special occasion. I'm so jealous they can eat all the curries around all the Indian population.

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  10. Had to cover my eyes with my hand at one point, it was just too much. Drooling like a fool out here cz i know that food is AMAZING. Reminds me of Banana Leaf in Singapore, which i thought it was from the thumbnail. When they keep coming over with the top ups i say YES COME THROUGH!!! Thanks for the experience, Great video!

  11. Trevor your videos are awesome. You crack me up trying to use a native accent when you say the name of some of the dishes. It’s cool to try to say them in Canadian.

  12. Hey trevor..i'm from Mumbai – India and the dish that you like the most is actually Rogan Gosh..Ghosh or Gosh whichever way you spell it..means meat in Urdu or Hindi. We all understand it either way here. Love ya Videos brother!!!!

  13. If you had taken Bustopher Jones with you, he would have been purring like a motorboat. That fat old cat LOVES eating curry.

  14. Bro, seen a lotta your videos and kinda found something was missing. Just yk like a pinch of salt. Then you said in the typo in this video "at this point I am overwhelmed with happiness", I am clicking that subscribe button. Bias as I may be, (coz I'm from Kolkata, India) I'm a loyal follower now. You enjoy your journeys!!! The most hilarious part is that you aint even in India!!!

  15. @The Food Ranger, did you wash your hands before eating the food?, if not then should have used spoons.

  16. see even those indians are very very nice….warm with smile…but he still likes comments belittling india….he doesn't deserve all this affection

  17. in japan his priciest sushi was made by the chef with bare hands….why don't you talk there about hygiene…do you mean fair people have no germs on their hands but only dark people do….good for you racists who only talk about hygiene when it comes to india….keep believing what ever the media shows….that people got hepatitis from bad meat in india….wtf believe all these fake stories and keep commenting badly about india….no one cares….the food is still rich,spicy and divine despite your hate…btw this place,those vessels and plates look fairly hygienic to a non racist's eye

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  20. Folding banana leave also has other meaning. If u r attending functions like marriage, engagement . U ve to fold towards u. But if u r attending events like deaths ( – ve events) u ve to fold opposite of that.

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