100 thoughts on “Ep. 46 “What’s The Vocal Fry” – Vocal Fry Trilogy Part 1 – Voice Lessons To The World”

  1. Looked for tutorials for pig squealing and everyone said do a vocal fry, and That's how I ended up here and this helped so much, I now leave this video as a sub, realizing learning to sing can help me greatly

  2. hello i want to ask u something.
    I do this mum mum mum and when i reach C2# – D2 it seems like i cant pass to the lower notes with fry. And i think that i use some like "semi-fry-chest voice" at E2-D2. Any ideas ??

  3. This is a really interesting explanation about the technical side of things when everybody is whaling on it as some kind of horrible thing that girls/young women do.

  4. I just discovered you videos. They're fantastic. Thanks for doing them.

    I've always wondered about Louie Armstrong's voice. That's got to be vocal fry, right? But I've never heard sing any other way.

  5. I reaaaaaaalllllyyyyy appreciate and thank what you do with your videos. Thanks for your encouraging and support!!! 
    Kisses and Hugs from Colombia!!!!

  6. Here's the thing about vocal fry, when your sick or you're voice is overdone, you naturally shift to it when you speak.  This tells me that it's good for your voice since the voice instinctively goes to that register when your voice is damaged or overused.

  7. Okay so I recently discovered legato style singing and I usually sing songs with a de compressed voice. It sounds okay to me but is are there any dangers? I usually sing The garbage pail kid gang bang by Jonny Craig. I would appreciate an answer from anyone.

  8. This was great ! I have been trying to improve as a bass singer,in this video i wasn't able to access my vocal fry as the notes played were not low enough for me to go out of chest voice ,but now I have something to practice!

  9. I allways remember Matthew McConaughey in the movie "Dazed and Confused" when he says :" allright, allright, allright".
    It really helps me to get the fry in higher range.

  10. Am I the only one that literally never sang or even talked with this vocal fry?? I'm even trying now but still can't do it. Any tips???

  11. I seem to be having a sort of gap between my fry register (A0 to C1) and my modal register (C2 to A4) Is there a way to bridge this gap?

  12. best vocal lessons I've found for free on Youtube so far… even so, I think I will settle on this channel. Clear, concise, answering the right questions in the right way, with no shortage of talent and experience to demonstrate everything.

  13. Hey man, there was a part in this video when you said "good job" while running through the "Mum: 5 4 3 2 1" exercise… I wasn't doing it with you, but I thought that was really cool that you did that without hearing us… I feel like one of the biggest parts of learning is being encouraged by the teacher, with a lot of online videos you don't get that, though it was artificial, I'm sure it still hits the brain deeper than face value.

  14. hey guys, is it normal to be able to hit an F#0 while singing in fry? I'm a guy and my lowest chest note is an Eb2. btw, shout out from New Zealand.

  15. Great video! Only thing ..when I was watching this video I actually was feeling kinda strained and I did the fry with you and the strain was immediately gone.. is it supposed to happen

  16. I love you channel I would like be like you can use all type vocal voice because I only use one vocal sound only nose vocal sound and it noise

  17. is it considered vocal fry if your voice sounds like the uhhhhh sound from the Grudge? i mean it happens even when i'm speaking not just singing. and in notes i can easily hit. i have to sing into my throat or push out which is actually a strain for me.

  18. My voice naturally sounds Fry and am too cool for school too buahah! but the thing is when i try to sing i dont feel like it sounds good, but it does sounds fry

  19. does the vocal fry actually have a real pitch or is it more kind of a disharmonic sound like white noise? automatic pitch recognition seems not to work with vocal fry, it jumps between very different notes all the time

  20. Could vocal fry categorized as some technique? I first think that is just lowering larynx as possible as you can, lowering larynx is different from vocal fry? Just curious), well anyway Axl Rose brought me here. He can hit extremely low notes, I heard he can hit F1(to me that F1 sounds great-), I think he can actually support down to B1.

  21. I have just discovered it – trying to learn how to fry scream and couldn't really get my head around it until now. Great teaching, thank you!

  22. You should of kept singing. I was into it. My voice is breathy when talking. I was told to do a vocal fry. You say it's different when singing and talking. Do you know what I should do to help my speaking voice? No one in Florida seems to know.

  23. i cant match my voice with the piano. i can understand the what piano plays but i can not sing it in one take sometimes i can never find. any suggestions

  24. People say that vocal fry can be a shortcut to whistle register i tried that and sometimes i can create squeaks that whistle sounds like but i cant make a single note out of it.

  25. I always speak with vocal fry, it's my natural voice tone – is there a way to unlearn it. I hate it and women hate it too.

  26. Thank you so much @New York Vocal Coaching. I have unlocked Vocal Fry and now I can make loads of music and write and sing them, thank you!

  27. Ok can anyone tell me if I understand it correctly? So, is the vocal fry the 'the grudge' sound? And is that also what metal, rock and other singers use to give their vocals more of a gritty, raspy sound?

  28. Justin people says I sound so bad, like I am not singing with my heart (god know how to put that organ while singing), like they sad you sound dull,low lots of vocal fry, not good tone, please help me justin!

  29. The important thing about you is you that you are passionate about teaching so you could inspire even who does not want to sing , let alone vocal lovers…thanks for the video buddy 🙂

  30. If I'm fortunate enough to ever come to New York, I'm gonna be on a mission to meet you and shake your hand.
    Your enthusiasm and joy resonate so very much with me. This is the best way to teach. And it's the best way to live!
    Cheers, man.

  31. The App is available only on iOS devices 😭😭😭🎵🎼… I would love to have it but no such a device yet 🙄

  32. I used to be able to do this when I was younger. Now I can't for the life of me get my voice to fry. I keep getting lower and lower until I can't get a sound out but it never goes into fry

  33. That " wow" after saying the scientific name of the neck muscle was so funny !! 🤣🤣

    Thank you MASTER Justin again!!

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