Ep#20 Pig Trotters in Black Vinegar | Cooking Demystified by The Burning Kitchen (Eng Subtitles)

Ep#20 Pig Trotters in Black Vinegar | Cooking Demystified by The Burning Kitchen (Eng Subtitles)

(Intro music playing) Hi, this is Bee Leng from The Burning Kitchen Today, guess what? I’m going to cook something for
those who have just delivered a baby Its called Pig’s Trotter in Black Vinegar A friend of mine has just given birth So I promised to make her this particular dish
for her to ‘ 补身 ’ (to nourish her body) So to make it even more ‘ 补’ (nourishing),
I mixed some hard-boiled eggs to be soaked in the vinegar and this is very ‘ 补 ‘ (nourishing) So just eat one egg a day Your body will recover in no time To cook this pig’s trotter in vinegar, you must buy black sweet rice vinegar Chan Kong Thye ‘ 陈公泰 ’ is the best brand to use There are two types: the one in the pink label
is the double-strength concoction The yellow label version is the single strength
concoction, which is less concentrated. For pig trotters, it is best to use the
front legs rather than the back ones Why? Because the hind legs exercise a lot
and are very tough whereas the front trotters are meatier. Look at this! Don’t throw away the skin, because it will
give you a lot of collagen to (strengthen) all your joints Sometimes after you have given birth, your
joints might have some problems So you must eat a lot of this pig’s skin! Don’t throw away the skin, you can throw
away the fats but not the skin The skin is very yummy! It’s like jelly. (background music playing) I once ordered pig’s trotter at one of the eateries When the pork appeared in front of me I was so scared! The hair was so long! That’s it, I stopped.
I paid for it and I left So what you need to do is to pluck out the hairs,
as though you are plucking your eyebrows You have to do this To make it easier for you to pluck the hairs blanche it in hot water. It makes it easier to pluck out the hairs
and that will save you lots of time See the scum? This is very smelly
and needs to be washed away. There are three different types of ginger in front of me Which do you think is the better one? Friend: The one on your right? This one? Let me smell it. This one beats the other one hollow! This has a pungent ginger smell, very aromatic and nice. This is called Bentong ginger Friend: Is that more expensive? This is double the price of the one from Thailand For normal cooking or for blanching meats,
you can use the cheaper Thai ginger It is best to use Bentong ginger for dishes
where the ginger is meant to be eaten such as for this pig trotter vinegar dish
we are cooking now. Of course, it is very spicy as well. If you can’t take too spicy food, you
can mix these two types of ginger This one is young ginger which is less fibrous, whereas old Bentong ginger is more fibrous.
So it depends on which texture you prefer. When you go to Japanese restaurants, you may
be served pickled pink ginger. It is made from this type of young ginger. Do you know how they make it pink?
The secret lies in the pinkish stem. Simply add some stems when soaking the ginger in
vinegar, the ginger will turn slightly pink. It is best to buy the ginger a week before. Wash and brush it to remove any mud Remove any loose skin from the ginger After washing the ginger, allow it to air dry
under the sun until it is very dry. Why? Because this will allow the ginger to
better absorb the vinegar during cooking. After that, cut the ginger into chunks and lightly smash them with the side of a chopper That’s it. For the young ginger, we do not need
the stems, unless you want to make pickled ginger. So just remove the stems, cut the young ginger
into chunks and smash lightly When frying anything to do with vinegar, please
do not use a cast iron wok. The vinegar is too acidic and will react with the cast
iron, causing it to lose its protective coating and turn rusty It’s best to use enamel, glass or corning ware. You can also use stainless steel or a claypot ( 砂锅) Now we’re ready to start cooking! First, add the sesame oil into the wok Then add in the ginger and fry until
it turns dry and fragrant Next, add in the pork trotters (sizzling sound) Then add the black sweet vinegar If you prefer a thicker gravy, add in one bottle of
water to one bottle of vinegar If you prefer it more diluted, add in 2 bottles of water instead Next, add in the brown sugar and stir until dissolved. I’m going to transfer it to a deeper pot
now as my stainless steel wok is too shallow. Now I’m boiling the pig’s trotter under very high heat. Once it starts to boil, turn the fire to low and
simmer for 1 to 1.5 hours, until the pigs trotters soften. You can add in the hard boiled eggs 15 minutes
before the end of the cooking time. To check if the pork is soft enough, insert a chopstick
right through the thickest part of the meat. If the chopstick slides in easily, the pig trotters
are soft enough. Don’t make it too soft, as the trotters will continue
to soften as they are soaked in the vinegar. You don’t want it to end up too soft. Don’t be greedy and eat it immediately, it won’t be nice. Instead soak the cooked trotters in the vinegar for 3-4
days before eating it, this way it will be very yummy. This dish can actually last for a month
(during the confinement period). If you plan to do that, make sure you store the
trotters and eggs separately from the vinegar. If you don’t separate them, the trotters will continue
to soften to the point of disintegrating. It is also important to separate the egg from the vinegar The longer the egg is soaked in vinegar,
the harder it will become. So if you throw the egg at a mountain, the mountain
will crack but the egg will remain intact If you prefer a harder egg, you can soak it for
longer than the 3-4 days I mentioned. To serve, just dish out a portion of trotters and
egg, pour over some vinegar and warm it up. This is the final product of my 猪脚醋
( Pig’s Trotters in Black Vinegar) Wow, look at this… Just looking at it makes you salivate, right? Even my neighbour could smell the pig’s
trotter vinegar while I was cooking it You can imagine how fragrant and delicious this smells! (pouring sounds) This bowl is for you. If you want it, you have to
come to the East! Wow its already 7.30pm!
I have to deliver this dish to my friend. My friend is waiting for me for dinner.
I’m so sorry I have to rush off now. If you like my video, please give me
many many likes, ok? See you next time!

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