Epic Rubik’s Cube Cake that TWISTS | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Epic Rubik’s Cube Cake that TWISTS | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today I’m attempting to recreate the Rubik’s Cube dessert by
Cedric Grolet. I saw this dessert when we were in Paris a few months ago … it has 24
little cubes of dessert and comes in all different colors and flavors. We didn’t
buy this one because you have to order them ahead and they cost a hundred and
seventy Euros or about 270 Australian dollars! So let’s just make one instead.
For the cake layers I’m going to use my own cake recipe and for that you need
almond meal flour baking powder icing sugar eggs margarine or butter. I’m
actually a little short of butter so I’ve added a little bit of oil to make
it up to the right weight … you can do that in cakes but you can’t do it in
everything so don’t try and do that in buttercream or something like that. And
then what you want to do is simply add in the eggs and the almond meal and the
icing sugar and you want to mix that all around until it’s nice and smooth and
fluffy it’s all mixed in and it’s even. Then you can turn the mixer down on low
and add in the flour. If you’re new around here all these recipe quantities
are on my howtocookthat.net website and make sure you subscribe to how to cook
that and turn on the notification bell so you know in there’s new videos 💕 Once
you’ve added the flour and the baking powder you want to mix it until it’s
just combined. Don’t over mix it or it’ll be tough. Tip the mixture into two trays
and spread it out especially into the corners. You want this to be even and
level on top. If you’re a regular and you’re here every week or every second
week now consider supporting the channel on patreon that makes all the difference
as to whether this channel continues into the future 😃 or whether it doesn’t ☹️
thank you for all of those of you who have already done that and are already
supporting I really appreciate it and it is super encouraging to see your level
of support that you’d like the channel to continue. Then you can bake
those in the oven for about 15 minutes. Now I want to make eight different
flavors of cake so we need something in each bowl to add flavor to the cream. For
the citrus flavors we can just grate the rind. I’m going to do that with orange
lime and lemon so that’s three of our flavors. Next I think a pistachio cube
would be nice so I’m just gonna chop up some pistachios … you can make this
Rubik’s Cube dessert all one flavor if you prefer or just have two or three
flavors you don’t have to have eight different ones but I thought if I showed
you how to make eight different ones you could pick and choose the ones that you
like and leave out the ones you don’t. So we’ve got pistachio lemon lime orange
and for this one we’ll add in coconut that’s an easy one and for the next one
let’s finely chop some strawberries and put them in a bowl and then in the next
bowl I want to add a teaspoon of ground coffee and a tablespoon of hot water to
dissolve that. Now for the last bowl I’m gonna leave that plain for now and we’ll
make it chocolate flavored later. To each of these we want to add a quarter of a
cup of hot cream and then leave them for at least 30 minutes so the flavors can
infuse into the cream. While we’re waiting let’s make the flavored syrups
to go on to the cake. For the citrus ones juice the fruit and we basically just
need equal parts of sugar to liquid so if you’ve got half a cup of juice you
want to add half a cup of sugar and then you want to stir that together well and
heat it in the microwave until the sugar is all dissolved and you have a syrup.
For the chocolate one I’m making a milk chocolate ganache and for the coffee one
I’m making a dark chocolate ganache. For the strawberry one I’m using a half a
cup of strawberry jam mixed with a half a cup of water and again just heat that
up and stir it to use it for the strawberry simple syrup and for all the
others I’m going to use a vanilla simple syrup which is just equal parts of sugar
and water and a little bit of vanilla. So you just heat those up and then set
them aside until we need them. next we’re going to need some
sort of container to make these desserts in. I’m using these plastic containers
and lining each one with baking paper. If we had trays that were the perfect size
and perfect height for all our cubes that would make life a lot easier but
I’m trying to use things that you can get hold of at home. Cut each of your
tray cakes into two thin layers and then use a ruler to cut pieces the same size
as your containers. Once you get to the edges of the tray you might need to cut
out two pieces and do like a jigsaw puzzle to fill each one with cake. Add a
little vanilla simple syrup to the chocolate pistachio coconut and coffee
ones and then for the lemon one you want to add lemon simple syrup of course and
I suggest you label all your containers at this stage so you can remember which
one is which because they all look very similar but they’re going to taste quite
different. Do the same with the rest of your flavors adding syrup to each one
with the coffee and the chocolate I’m of course adding the ganache in there on
top of the cake as well just to give that extra richness of flavor. now back to our
cream … push each one into a sieve so that you’re leaving behind the solid chunks
like in this case the coconut but on other ones you’ve got that rind and
stuff you don’t want that in your dessert but you do want to push out the
maximum amount of flavor in that cream out into the bowl on the bottom. then
you’ll need to measure this out and if you’ve got slightly less than a quarter
of a cup just top it up with some more cream. now to make our creams actually
set into a dessert because we don’t just want liquid I’ve got eight bowls with 40
grams of chocolate in each. these are all white chocolate obviously and then I’ve
got a dark one and a milk one. I’ve also got egg yolks milk sugar more cream and
gelatin. Add the cream to the gelatin and mix it around really well and then leave
that to thicken. add the sugar in with the egg yolks and whisk those together.
Then heat up your milk in the microwave and once it’s hot pour
the milk onto the egg yolks while you’re whisking the whole time …once that’s all
poured in add in your gelatin mixture and stir that some more until that is
all melted in and then you want to take that whole bowl and microwave it until
it’s hot too so the egg yolks are cooked. Split this mixture between all the bowls
of chocolate and wait for a couple of minutes for that chocolate to melt and
then stir each of those well until it’s smooth. Now it is really hot today
it’s 42 degrees so my chocolate was quite soft to start with … if it’s cold
where you a you might need to give each bowl just a tiny 10-second in the
microwave just to help that chocolate to melt. Now to the milk chocolate one add
in the bowl of plain cream and stir that together and pour that onto the
chocolate container and then add another piece of cake carefully on top and you
want to push that down to make sure it’s level and flat over the whole thing. Stir
the coffee flavored cream into the dark chocolate one and add that into the
coffee container and of course you then want to add another piece of cake on top
of that and flatten it out. To each of the white chocolate mixtures add one of
the other flavors so this is the pistachio cream that I’m adding here and
mixing in and then you want to pour that into the container, sprinkle it with some
chopped pistachios and then add another piece of cake on top. With the strawberry
one I also sprinkled some fresh strawberries chopped up into that one …
you don’t have to add that in but you can if you like. Once they’re frozen
check the height of each one … we need them all to be exactly the same so that
the cubes are all the same size, so mark the height of the tallest one on each of
the other containers and then we just want to top each one up to the same
height. I’m just going to use a thin layer of white chocolate ganache on top,
pop those into the freezer and now we’ll make our glaze. For that you’ll need
sugar sweetened condensed milk white chocolate gelatin and some water. add
some of the water the gelatin and stir that around and put
the rest of the water in with the sugar and then pour on the sweetened condensed
milk. stir that together and then you want to microwave this until it’s hot
enough for all that sugar to dissolve. It needs to be totally smooth so make sure
it’s not gritty at all if it is just heated a little bit longer because you
need all those sugar crystals to be completely dissolved. Add in the gelatin
and stir that through until it’s melted. And then add in your white chocolate and
leave it for a couple of minutes. When you come back you can just stir well to
combine that melted chocolate in with the liquid. pour some of this glaze into
each bowl and then color each one according to the flavor that the cube is
going to be and you can use chocolate to color it brown rather than using brown
food coloring. Take your frozen dessert and tip it out of the container … you
might need to bang it a few times to get it loose … I know I did and then use a
ruler to measure and cut your dessert. If you’re not sure how big it should be
measure the height of the dessert and that’s how wide each square should be so
that you end up with cubes. Individually glaze each cube making sure that you get
the glaze on all sides and especially on those corners they’re the hardest bit to
get then gently put it onto a lined tray and back into the freezer. Repeat that
with all of your colors and then once they’re frozen you can trim across the
base to get rid of any excess. now you could have put these on a cooling rack
to drain but they’re so small that I found that putting them back in the
freezer like this and cutting off the edge of the glaze gave a really nice
neat edge. now for the stand part … temper and dark chocolate and pour it onto some
foil and just use a spatula to spread it out evenly. roll some acetate into a tube
and tape it into place. stand that upright and fill it with the rest of the
tempered chocolate. once your chocolate is starting to set,
you need to cut the lines along to make three squares. If you were doing this all
the time you could make a mold or buy a mold that would be the perfect shape for
it so that your chocolate is just perfect but we’re only doing it once off
so we’ll do it this way. Unwrap the chocolate cylinder and cut it into two
equal portions just a little bit taller than your cubes. place down your bottom
square of chocolate and add the cubes of dessert around the edge and a cylinder
of chocolate in the center. Place the next layer on top … I decided it would be
easier to put the dessert blocks on around the edge before balancing this on
and then add another chocolate cylinder in the middle. Then add your top layer on
top of that and now you can turn the layers of the dessert like a Rubik’s
Cube. now obviously you can’t turn them up and down you can only turn them
sideways but I still think that’s a pretty impressive idea, I like it I think
it looks pretty cool 😎 Thanks to all my Patreons your support is
invaluable and a special shout-out to cryptozoologic being a diamond level
patreon that is super crazy thank you and if you would like to become a
patreon check out all the rewards at patreon.com/H2CT and support
the channel so it can continue. Subscribe to how to cook that and click here for
more of my videos. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday!

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