Episode 16 – Grandpa Style & Bowl Brewing

One of the most common reasons I hear
from people and why they don’t want to get into tea is that they feel it’s too
much of a commitment with all the tools and accouterments that you need but the truth is that you really don’t need anything to enjoy tea besides what you already have in your
house. So today I want to show you guys how to brew “grandpa style” using regular
glass and bowl brewing which you would use just a regular bowl. So “grandpa style” basically referrs to brewing your tea in a glass without the use of a strainer. And
so generally this is a style that I find works really well for green and white
teas. There are some other teas that work well for too. It really just depends on
your personal preference but it’s something that’s fun to play around with
the kind of see if some of your favorite teas work well for this too. Generally you’re going to use cooler water. I definitely suggest trying to use glass that is heat tempered if you can so that you have much less risk of breaking. Generally you’re going to use water
that’s about a hundred and seventy five degrees or cooler. The tea that I’m using is a
Bil Luo Chun white tea from Yunnan Sourcing. The cool thing about Bi Luo Chun is that the leaves are curly and so that when you bring the middle class like
this though actually sink to the bottom all on their own. So since this is a Bi Luo Chun I’m going to add the water first. And basically you just add your leaves on the top. You can see how those all sunk really quickly. The amount of leaves that you use is really not important. It’s a matter of personal preference. I tend to use a lot of leaves personally because I like a stronger taste but you don’t really have to do that. Some people just use a little pinch. So to drink your “granda style” tea basically all you’re going to do is drink like that and use your teeth as a strainer. It can take a little bit of
practice at first you’ll probably eat a few leaves but that’s not gonna hurt you at all so don’t worry about it. As you drink your tea is going to become more
concentrated as the amount of water is reduced so in order to keep it from getting better basically all you’re going to do is just continue to add water as you drink. And you can basically keep going like this until the leaves loose their flavor. So it’s a really great way to extend the life of your tea. I tend to drink that way if I outdoors or if
I’m not home because you get a lot more mileage out of one single batch of leaves. I know there’s a reflection from the computer screen where I’m filming but I think you guys can kind of see what “grandpa” brewing is all about. This works really well for teas like Dragonwell
or Bi Luo Chun like this. I find Japanese green teas tend not to do as well this way but some people do drink them that way so it’s really just matter what
you like do. And so for both brewing all you need is a small bowl. I like to use rice bowls for this. I find that they work really well and they’re not too large. I
found this one is Chinatown for just a few dollars. I like it because it
has a rice pattern. You can see since I’m shining the light that light will actually shine through your tea leaves. This is a rice pattern bowl so you can see from my flashlight here that there’s actually a little bit of the bowl where a clear glaze is added very clearly that way light can shine through your tea. So the tea that I’m using for this is Mountain Wind which was sent to me through my Global Tea Hut subscription and if you haven’t checked them out yet
I definitely highly recommended it. So the directions for bowl brewing are basically
the same as “grandpa style”. All you’re going to do is pour water over your leaves. I find tea that is long and twisty tends to work much better for bowl brewing than other types. So this is a sheng puerh tea but I find that any long twisty tea, especially I found that Dian Hongs work really well for this. Basically you just carefully sip from your bowl using your teeth as a strainer. I really like brewing this way partly because it’s
so simple. You really can’t get much easier than that but also because it really gets you up close and personal with the
leaves. I don’t know if you guys can see this clearly or not but that’s basically
what your leaves will look like. You really don’t need a lot, just a little
pinch because they’ll definitely open up as you drink. Basically just like “grandpa style”, as your water goes down just keep adding and that way will keep it from getting bitter on you. And there you have it, two really easy ways to brew tea at home. It’s been a little while since my last video but I’m hoping to get some more out soon. I always love getting
feedback from you guys so feel free to let me know what you think in the
comments. If you’re already drinking tea “grandpa style” or by bowl brewing I’d love
to know what kind of tea you like to drink that way. My next quarterly journal
goes out in October so be sure to sign up for my email newsletter to make sure
that you don’t miss the next issue. And I’ll see you guys soon.

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