56 thoughts on “Eric Stonestreet Cooks Along Side Gordon Ramsay | Season 1 Ep. 7 | THE F WORD”

  1. Poor Eric mistook the spring onion for shallots, which are round and
    reddish, and then grabs parsley instead of tarragon, which has longer
    and bigger leaves. He handled it like a champ though!

  2. im surprised gordan didnt mention the fact that there was absolutely no shallots in the god dam dish 😂😂😂

  3. Gordon Ramsey… this man is like a hurricane in the kitchen (an organized hurricane) I hope he doesn’t drink coffee or tea because he is so hyperactive that you almost can’t see what he is doing… yet strangely productive while being hyperactive.
    What a man.

  4. I mix up shallots and scallions all the time so it's a common mistake. And I cook a fuckton of french cuisine so.

  5. Is that cam from modern family? I’m terrible with actor names. I guess I could just google it instead of asking you tube viewers lol

  6. This is fun!!! Would love to do side to side challenges…. and see them done ofcourse…. more please?

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