Ernie Cooks Cupcakes | Ernie Cooks | HiHo Kids

Ernie Cooks Cupcakes | Ernie Cooks | HiHo Kids

– Do you have to crack up the eggs? – You do have to crack the eggs. Do you remember how to crack em? – Yeah. – Mmm. – See. – Honestly, that was pretty good. (upbeat music) – Hi everyone, I’m Ernie,
eating a gummy worm. – What are we making today, Ernie? (Ernie mumbles) What? Sorry. – Cupcakes.
– Cupcakes. I am here to help out Ernie make cupcakes. First thing we’re gonna
do is paddle some butter. Ernie, where’s your knife? I need you to do something for me. – So, how come you needed my knife? – Cause I’m gonna have
you cut up this butter, just into small pieces, okay? – Like this? – Mhmm, we also need a couple eggs. – You want me to cut those? – No. – One day I drunk butter. – So whenever it’s all cut up you can just put it into
this bowl right here. – Am I doing it right? – You are, yeah, this is great. Look at all this great stuff. Once it’s all small, just
toss it right in this bowl. – All done. One for the chef. – Mmmm.
– Ew. – Yep, we’re not gonna put
that in the cupcakes though. – Do I have to eat a gummy worm? – You don’t have to.
Here, wipe your hands. – I want to. One for the guest and one for the chef. – Thanks. – What’s next? – So, we’re gonna add one
and a half cups of sugar, alright, carefully, all
in the bowl. Awesome. All of it, all of it, all of it. – Do you have to crack up the eggs? – We do to crack the eggs. Do you remember how to crack ’em? – Yeah. – Mmm. – See. – Honestly, that was pretty good. Wait, wait, okay. Nice crack. We’ll dump one of them in first. – Three, two, one. – Okay, we can do that one, and then we’re gonna let
it mix for a little bit. So we’re gonna pour the
rest of that into here. Yep, all in, all in. Perfect. (Ernie squealing) Do you wanna scrap the bowl? – Sure. – So you’re gonna push down, just kinda stir everything
into the middle. See all the stuff on
the sides, there you go. We’re gonna add some flour,
and then we’re gonna add M&M’s. – I’ll get the M&M’s in a jiffy. – Wanna get the M&M’s in a jiffy? We’re gonna do two and a half cups, so I need you to count
to five for me, okay? – Okay, but it’s kind of hard. – It’s kinda hard, here we go.
– One. – There’s one. – Two. Four. – That’s three. – I said three. – I know. That was three. Wanna take a scoop of
this and put it in there? Also works, it’s about the same. – Ah! Gummy worms. – Alright, so, another
thing that’s gonna make our cupcakes light and
fluffy is baking powder. – One more piece for Ern- guest. – You wanna add some more M&M’s? Perfect. – I can’t wait to try it. – You wanna stir all of this up? – I’m gonna put it in a box, and when I go to someone’s
houses they can try it. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. – Going, I’m working. I’m gonna add a little
bit of milk to this too. – Add milk now. – Well, first we’re gonna add
all of our flour and M&M’s. You ready? Careful, careful, careful. (Ernie gasping and laughing)
Careful. – We’re getting a lot on the table. – That’s okay, that’s the fun part. Real slow. And stop. Very good. See all these little cups, you gotta put them in all the holes so we can fill our cupcakes. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. So we’re gonna fill all these cupcakes. – Do I have to lick it? – Nope, nope, you can’t. That
was no the intention but- here, I got a fresh one
for ya. Look at that. Scoop out the batter, we’re
gonna fill the cupcake molds. – Alright, one thing at a
time, one thing at a time. Here I’m gonna take this away, I’ll give it back as soon as we fill all the cupcake molds, okay. You wanna race to fill the cupcakes? I can beat you. I’m
gonna beat you. Oh, what. (Ernie mumbling) Wait, wait, wait I wanted a go. They all gotta be the same though, otherwise they’re gonna bake all funny. Nope, now okay. Nope, nope, nope. (laughs) Alright Ernie, wanna
make some loud noises? (Ernie screaming) I’m gonna need you to
do this for me, okay? You gotta pick up the pan with both hands, and then just drop it. Do that three more times. Perfect.
– Yes! – What do we say when it’s
time for the oven? We say- – Oven time! – Nice. I think our cupcakes are done. Ernie, can you lay this out on the table for me, nice and flat? Please, thank you. A little bit flatter, there you go. Look at those M&M’s and gummy worms. Alright, look out, here I come. Nice and hot. So I took em out of the pan,
that came out of the oven, and then I put them in the freezer, just so they chill down a little bit so that our frosting doesn’t melt. But, look what we got here, what do you want to put on top? We got chocolate.
– Sprinkles. – Sprinkles. E for Ernie, I think there’s a gummy worm right in there for ya. How’s it? – This is the best cupcake ever. It’s so delicious. – Thanks for making me a cupcake. – You’re welcome. – Can I get a hi-five? – Yeah. (laughs) – And that’s how you make cupcakes. Thank you for everyone for watching. – Bye.
– Bye.

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  1. U should just let Ernie stuff it all up or let him do whatever he wants and then secretly just make a new batch and let him decorate those or even the ones he made himself plus Ernie sooo friken adorable 😂 lol


  3. Start to count:
    – Ernie: 1.. 2..4..
    – Chef: that's 3
    – Ernie: I said 3
    – Chef: I know
    😂😂😂 so cute aww lmao!

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