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– Okay, maybe I can make
something out of this. (laughing) Lucho! (bright upbeat music) – Welcome to Ernie Cooks. This is. – The chef? – The chef, Ernie. I am? – The guest! – The guest. Zach. – He is my assistant! – I think he said assistant. – You look for the recipe on like mask – Okay, oh look at that, lumpia. – My grandma growed from the Philippines she loves cooking these. – He is really good at that. (laughing) There’s so many of these to choose from. Which one are we gonna make? – I think I really wanna do this one. – You wanna do that one? Let’s open it up. – Lola’s Lumpia! First, you need the meat. Then eggs, water chestnuts,
and shrimp and some salt. That’s it. – That’s pretty much it. – Aw, I need my gloves for this. (yells) – Careful. – I’ll break my fingers. Do you have gloves
’cause wear some gloves. – I got some gloves but not
as cool as those gloves. – They aren’t? – And look, gloves match your knife. – Mostly ’cause it’s purple. – It’s pink. Alright, let’s get into Ernie. Do you want to start
by slicing these guys? – Yeah. – Cool. – I know how to cut. – You know how to cut? Alright, you wanna (yells) I’m gonna let you do your thing,
I’m gonna stand over here. – I need one at a time, so not too many. (yells) be careful. (yells and laughs) (onion tumbles) (laughs) (yelling) What’s taking so long? – I’m sorry, we just have
lots of things to cut. Here, why don’t you try to make a claw, like an eagle claw, you know that? You use that to hold down the scallions, but curl your fingers. There you go. And then slice, slice just like that. (yells) – ‘Cause he’s a grown up! He already knows how – Well, I’m trying to show ya. Do you remember how to crack an egg? Crack it on the rim. Lightly. There you go. There’s one egg.
(cracks) – Oh (laughs) okay. – There you go. – Soy sauce. – Want to put a little but of soy sauce? I think the recipe calls for a teaspoon. – Oooh, oooh. – Yeah. Alright, what else do you want to add? – More soy – More soy – I wanna until the
whole beef is soy saucy. – Okay, that might be a
little salty in the end. Is that okay? – Yeah, hold on. Don’t need to use this anymore. – Good, great. Moving on. – I wanna do this. – Yeah? All of it. All the garlic powder. (sighs) – Water chestnut. – Water chestnut. – More soy sauce. – I don’t think we need more soy sauce. – Okay, no more soy sauce. – Ernie you wanna mix it up? – Ready! (yells) (laughs) (yelling) – Okay! We have a little work to do. Make him the master chef. (laughter) – Mix it.
– Try it again? Oh, it’s gooey right? Slimy? There you go. Beat it up. Beat it up. (slimy slaps) – Moving onto the next step. What’s on the iPad? This one, yeah this is,
I don’t know how to read. – I know we’re about to wrap these up, but I brought a couple special things that we might be able
to include into that. – I wonder what it’s gonna be. – Close your eyes. We’re throwing a curve ball or three. – [Ernie] Okay fine. – [Zach] Ready? Do you want any of these in there? – Add 10,000 potato chips. – Add 10,000 potato chips, there you go. (laughter) – A couple more. Better. – A little extra crunch and crisp. So we wanna put it in just a line across. We’re gonna tuck these
sides in a little bit. Take a little bit of our egg white, right? And just brush that like that. (yells) Then you wanna roll it up. – [Ernie] Roll. – [Zach] You wanna tuck it back. – [Ernie] Roll. – [Zach] Yep. (yells) – My lumpia looks great! The jumpia. – The jumpia. (laughs) – No. (laughter) – Totally fair. To each their own. – Whoa, that was a close one.
– Careful. Is it time to fry? – Yeah. – Can I get some excitement? Is it time to fry? – It’s time to fry! – Alright, so you remember what this is? – [Ernie] Throw that in! – We’re not gonna throw,
we’re gonna gently place. – Oooh. – You know what happens when you throw it? People get hurt. You wanna try this one? – Okay. We’ll put it in here?
– Really gently? Really gently, yeah yeah yeah. So, very gently, there you go. – Oh, oh no. – It’s alright, we’re good. (laughs) There you go, gentle, gentle. Very good! So good. – Yeah. – Hey! Very good. (screams) – Oh my gosh, Ernie. Look at all these we fried! (blows) – Ready? – Yeah? Two thumbs! (laughter) – Be careful.
(crunch) – Yeah. I’m gonna agree, two thumbs. (applause) – Thumbs better, thumbs.
– Nice job. – Fingers better! – Ernie, so I know that
this is your Lola’s recipe but did you know that she’s
actually here to taste it and make sure that you cooked it right? – I already know she’s here. My Lola’s here! (laughter) – Oh my gosh, she is! – It’s not funny. – Call her in. – Come in Lola!
– Bring it in. – Can you try it? – Oh, it’s good. It’s actually really
good with potato chips. (laughs) – Yeah, I agree.
– That is cool. – No more touching anything which is hot. – No more hot things. – No more hot things.
– Okay people! Thank you for watching Ernie Cooks. – Don’t burn yourself. Be careful. – Yeah, people, only use your spatulas, don’t use your fingers. Thank you for watching! Ernie Cooks. – Bye! (high five)

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