Exclusive Review: Keurig Platinum B78 Single-Cup Brewer (updated from Keurig B70)

Exclusive Review: Keurig Platinum B78 Single-Cup Brewer (updated from Keurig B70)

Hey everyone. I’m Brian,
with Aromacup.com. Thanks, as always, for joining me
here in my virtual coffee shop brought to you by
Aromacup.com In today’s video I’m going to
be giving you an overview of the Keurig Platinum B78
single serve brewer. This is an upgrade of the machine
that we’ve talked about many times in the past,
which was the Keurig B70. Sort of the Cadillac of all of the
Keurig K-Cup single serve brewers, so this is the upgrade of that
machine, some new features. We’re going to talk about
those features and, of course, tell you how you can brew
with this machine, and show you
all the ins and outs. So let’s dive in and talk about the Keurig B78
single serve platinum brewer. Let’s talk about what’s
in the box with the Keurig B78. I’ve got the box
right here, of course. You get the B78 with its
72 ounce removable water tank. A pretty good-sized
water tank on this machine. You also get a starter pack
of 12 K-Cups. It will give you a bit of variety to dive in and start
exploring single serve coffee. And finally you have,
of course, your documentation. It’s just going to give you the
information that you need on your machine to help
you to get to know it. Let’s tell you about the features so that you can get to know this
machine yourself here on our video. Let’s talk about the features on the
Keurig B78 Platinum brewer. We’ll start the bottom,
as we always do. You’ve got a removable tray. This what pretty much every single
Keurig machine has. This is going to let you use larger tumblers for brewing
in larger cups on the machine. Moving up, we have
our brew basket. It’s straightforward.
It’s the same brew basket that we’re used to seeing
in all the Keurig machines. It has the two needles that
puncture your K-Cup and get you ready for brewing. We have the water tank, of course. The water tank is 72 ounces,
as I say, and real easy to fill up because it has this little door
on the front of it, so you don’t even need to remove it,
but you’re going want to remove it if you’re to clean it
or something like. But you can just flip that
door up in order to fill it, And because it’s 72 ounces, you’re not going to have to have
to fill it as often, which is good. As we move up, we’re going
to see all of the buttons that are on the
face of the machine. And we have the brew button,
the menu button and then we have these
two selection buttons on either side of the menu button, that’s going to let us make
selections on the LCD screen. Let’s go ahead and zoom
in a little bit and we’ll show you the screen in-depth. Now the screen on the B78 is
definitely going to give you the most information of any
of the Keurig machines when it comes to
operating the machine. It’s going to give you the
most options as well. It’s going to have a clock,
which is useful, of course for being able to set the
on/off times on the machine. It’s also going to tell you when
the machine is ready to brew or when it’s heating
or needs to be cleaned and various functions such as that. If we press the menu button,
we’re going to enter the edit for this screen right here. This is where we can change the time,
of course, we can set the clock. Now this is also where
we can set the auto off and the on/off time
options for the machine. And then you’re going to see as
you continue to press that button, you’re going to find the brew
temperature setting. And this is easy to change, as are
all the functions on this screen, by simply making use of these
plus and minus keys here. So we can bring our brew
temperature down to 187 degrees. We can go to a maximum
of 192 degrees. And after you’ve made that
setting you can just simply press the menu button again. When we get to the bottom section
here, which is the set brew size, we’re going to see a number of
blinking lights right here for each of the different brew
sizes that we have available to us on the machine. Now the smallest is a 4 ounce, then we have a 6 an 8, a 10
and a 12 ounce cup size. So what this lets us do is
set the default cup size that we want to brew with
on the machine. So if you’re just looking to use
this machine really quickly, you can set the cup size that
you typically like to use by just simply selecting it. And when that cup size that
you want to use is blinking, just press menu again, the
machine is was going to go back into its ready-to-brew mode,
and now you can start brewing using the Keurig B78. Alright, let’s brew some coffee
using the B78. It’s real simple to do. We’re just going to pop open
our brew basket, pop in a K-Cup, close it up, puncture that K-Cup,
add a mug, and now immediately I can start brewing using the
default brew size that I previously chose
to use on the machine. Hit the brew button and it’s
going to go into its brew process. Now let’s also talk about
what’s new on this machine, because obviously as I said,
this is the updated version of the Keurig B70, and you’re
probably saying well this looks about the same Brian,
and it kind of does, but the thing that is different
here, the most notable difference is definitely the water tank, because it’s 72 ounces,
it’s a little bit bigger I noticed that this one actually
sticks out over the edge right here because it’s such a large tank. So this is an improvement
over the B70. There’s also, as Keurig says,
an enhanced brewing technology used in this machine which is
supposed to give you a better brew in your cup. It’s supposed to keep more of
the oxygen out of the brew process, which gives you more flavor
in your coffee. I’ve found that I think that the
flavor is improved a little bit. I would need to compare
side by side multiple times in order to really decide. But Keurig states that there is enhanced brewing technology
in this machine. And one would think that with
an upgrade of the machine, that they would definitely improve
upon some of the pressure system and how the machine
brews a K-Cup. And of course, with the B78,
as with the B70, you can make temperature
settings on the machine. Let’s see what we just got out of
this brew that we just did here. Now we set our brew temperature
at just about 191 degrees is what we were
going for with the machine. And you can see I’m coming up
on about 170 degrees right here. So that’s much lower than
what I set on the machine. And I will say that in my own tests, and we’re going a little bit
above 170, so that’s good. But in my own tests, I haven’t
really seen a 190 degree coffee come out of this machine
or the B70. So that may vary from machine
to machine and depending on how many cups
you are making at home. I mean 170 degrees is still
plenty hot, I’ll tell you that. If you like your coffee superbly
hot, you know, you might be expecting a little too much from time
to time from a single serve machine. But you’re still getting a
good hot brew out of this machine. And you see how quickly it brewed, which is another great thing
about the Keurig machines is how quickly they can
make a cup of coffee. Because you have that water reservoir
and the machine is constantly keeping water hot, it’s really
easy to just brew a cup and then move onto the next,
and move on to the next. So you get that immediacy
with a machine like the B78. And then, of course,
cleanup is super simple. Simply just open up the brew basket,
take out your spent K-Cup, put it to the side
and you’re all done. So that’s how easy it is to brew,
and those are the newer features on the B78, as I say,
not a whole lot of change here but definitely maybe a little bit
with respect to the coffee itself. In fact, let’s taste that, and it is quite hot,
I’ll tell you that. It tastes great. It doesn’t taste like plastic,
which is nice, because I find that sometimes with single serve
machines, and that just puts you off your cup of coffee immediately. So overall, really easy to operate and it has a couple new
features added onto the B78. Pricing on the Keurig B78 is
about $180 suggested retail price. You may find a different price,
and you can get a different price if you are part of the Keurig
Club, their coffee club. You can get a different price
on the machine. So that’s something to keep
in mind if you shop around. And of course, check us out at
Aromacup.com to find some other ways that you can save money on machines
like this and on K-Cups. About $180, pretty good for
being able to get into a machine that really is very full-featured,
and going to offer you a whole lot. Because in addition to being able to
brew coffee, you can also brew hot tea. You can brew iced coffee,
you can brew iced tea. And then you can use the hot water from this machine to make
a cup of noodles, oatmeals, and of course,
just make hot water for maybe other beverages
and various things like that. And because of the immediacy
you get with the machine, it’s going to be
really quick and easy. So for the price, I would say
that this is definitely an affordable machine
and really worth it if you’re going to dive into
the world of single serve brewing. So let’s talk about the bottom
line with this machine. Again, overall it offers a larger
water tank over its predecessor, which is good because you’re not
going to be filling that tank up all the time, especially if
you’re going to be brewing for having friends over, if you
have a large family, things like that. It’s real easy to use. You can brew just about any
tumbler size by taking out that tray. You can brew any K-Cup, and of
course you can brew your own coffee by making the use of a brew-your-own
option such as the Ekobrew or the My K-Cup option
for the machine. The operation is very, very simple,
and because of that LCD screen you’re going to get insight into all
the operations of this machine, including being able to
set your temperature, and your desired default cup size, and all the various functions
of this machine. They’re really not offered on
all the machines that come below it. So the B78, very full-featured,
pretty good entry level price I think, and a great way to dive into the
world of single serve coffee overall. So there you go guys. That’s the Keurig B78 Platinum
single serve brewer from Keurig. An upgrade over
its predecessor, the B70. Make sure and check us out at
Aromacup.com to find more videos about
this machine and many other single
serve coffee machines. And as always guys, thank you
for joining me here in my virtual coffee shop
brought to you by Aromacup.com. As always, enjoy your cup
and I’ll see you next time. Take care.

31 thoughts on “Exclusive Review: Keurig Platinum B78 Single-Cup Brewer (updated from Keurig B70)”

  1. Keurig makes different models for different retailers. Unfortunately we don't have B75 in the studio so I can't tell you if it the same. Sorry. Enjoy your cup, Aromacup.com.

  2. Thank you for making this video. Not only was it informative, but the audio was clear and the camera work was excellent. You have a talent for excellent reviews 🙂

  3. Keurig also changed pump (we believe). B78 brew bolder coffee. Enjoy your cup, Aromacup.com

  4. As far as the temp, is it possible that the 192 degrees was lowered due to the equalization between the coffee temp and the glass that was probably room temp? Thanks for the review. 3 7 11

  5. We actually measured brew time. And it's longer with B78 :). Enjoy your cup, Aromacup.com.

  6. It brew bolder coffee :). So it's up to you since your machine is still working. Enjoy your cup, Aromacup.com.

  7. I have the b70 & its not brewing full cups anymore I was thinking of upgrading the vue but I get a nice discount on Kcups thru my job not those vue cups so this b78 might be a better upgrade for me, also i drink a lot of iced coffee so lowering the temp will be a big help. Thanks for the review ill be looking I to this.

  8. Got mine from Costco for $125.. It came with the machine, 60 k-cups, my k-cup, and a water filter. Good deal if you ask me!

  9. theres also a platinimum plus model I think its the b79 with a hot water button  and a rinse feature this was one of the models they upgraded the tank from 60 all the way to 72 ounces

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