(EXPLICIT) Jeff Ross vs. Rob Schneider 🔥 Let the Roast Begin | Lip Sync Battle Preshow

– I’m nervous! Like my legs hurt
from rehearsal, I’m
not used to dancing, I thought I was gonna
have a heart attack. (upbeat techno music) – Greetings, lovers of Lip
Sync, my name is Elliot Morgan. – And I’m Lee Newton and today
we have a side-splitting show featuring Rob Schneider and
RoastMaster General Jeff Ross. – So to get into the
spirit, I am going to be roasting my good
friend, Lee Newton. – Alright, I can
take it! Hooray! (giggles) Okay. – Alright, here we go. Okay. Lee Newton’s social
security number is 248– – No no no, no,
no, huh-uh. Nope. – Okay, didn’t like that one. Lee Newton’s PIN number is 6927 and her Facebook password
is teganbestie72. – Dude, dude no
that’s not roasting! – And she’s allergic to soy, and she’s also very
bad at swimming. – Okay, you know what, no. None of this is
roasting, alright! – Yeah , it’s true though. – It’s not how that works. You know what, we’re
just gonna cut away to our co-host Niki
DeMartino, okay? – It’s all true. – I know, that’s not roasting. – You should be
ashamed of yourself about the swimming thing. – This personal information
is like identity theft. It’d be like if I said you
pee a little when you sneeze, and your number
one fear is bees. – Can I just say
I’m seriously, like, laughing so hard right
now because I’m obsessed with your roles,
especially in Hot Chick and Grown Ups.
(coughs) – 14 years ago. – Wait, it was
really 14 years ago? – Yeah, seven years ago. – Wait, no! Seven
years ago, Grown Ups? – Yes! – I saw that in the theater
for my first date in 7th grade. (spits) – Good to know, thank you. (laughs) – How are you feeling,
just going into this? – First of all, you’re cutting
into my time to prepare. Right now, I was
rehearsing my grinding. That’s apparently… Now I
don’t have time to do that. The good thing is,
it’s season four. They save the good
people for season four. They save the good songs
that are still relatively inexpensive for season four,
which is what we’re doing. And I’m up against Jeff Ross. Jeff’s one of those
guys, you know, one of the funniest
people in the world, so I’m never cocky around him. He’s just a funny bastard. – Okay, so you’re going against the RoastMaster General himself. Are you at all
intimidated or scared? – I like to refer to him as
the roast pig, but anyway. (chuckles) – Are you scared?
– Roast beast. No! No, but he’s funny as shit. I know he’s gonna slam
me before I go on. I know that for sure. – Do you think you have a big
chance over him, beating him? – Yeah, I think I’m
more likable than him. And I think it’s
going in my favor that if you only get basic cable you have no fucking
idea who Jeff Ross is. So I got that goin’ for me. – Wow, I am so excited. I love grownups. – Oh yeah, that’s
a hilarious movie. – Oh I don’t know
anything about the movie, I just, I love grownups. They’re so frugal. – Uh, okay. – Hey guys, today
we’re backstage with the RoastMaster
General himself, Jeff Ross.
– Hi, Niki. – Hi, I’m low key scared because I’m scared you’re
gonna roast me. – That’s okay. You look
like a biker from Star Trek. – Oh, I take that
weirdly as a compliment. – Yeah, you should. – So how are you feeling? This is, you know,
different territory. – I’m nervous! Like my legs hurt
from rehearsal, I’m
not used to dancing. I thought I was gonna
have a heart attack. – So have you received
any advice at all? – David Spade came by
and gave me zero advice. He said “commit,”
I’m like, no shit. – So you have your
show the Roast Battle. I feel like I could imagine
pressure’s super high. How does that measure
to Lip Sync Battle? – You know, with
Lip Sync Battle, you’re dancing, you’re singing, you’re rehearsing all
the moves and the music. With Roast Battle, I just stand
there and go nice face jerk. (chuckles) And there’s no movement
in all, it’s all up here. – So you don’t rehearse at
all for roasting anybody? – No, I don’t want
anyone to hear the jokes ’til the moment
I walk out there. – So you’re competing
against Rob. Now, he called you
“the roast pig?” – You know what, I
love Rob Schneider. Whatever he does today, it’ll
never be as embarrassing as Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigilo,
so I think we’ll be okay. – So if you won the belt,
what would you do with it? – If I win, I’m
gonna take my belt, I’m gonna pick Rob
up like a baby, and I’m gonna carry him off. – Now do you wanna say anything, like maybe roast him
into this camera? – You know, his daughter’s
a singer, Elle King. Well, she’s very, very talented. So, he’s living proof that
talent skipped a generation. – Oh! – Boom, roasted Rob, roasted.
– Boom! That’s what roasting is. Now I get it. Oh, okay, that makes
so much more sense. Well you guys are gonna
have to tune in later on to see whether or Jeff Ross
brings the roasting sauce or whether or not
Rob Schneider starts making copies of
his victory speech. – Thank you guys for watching and be sure to subscribe
to the YouTube channel and leave us a
comment down below. Say hi, we’ll say hi
back, it’ll be great. – Nice, I’m gonna give
it a go, you ready? Elliot Morgan, Elliot Morgan you look like a human
version of sadness. – That’s not. – Okay, Elliot Morgan
you look like a guy that’s 700,000 dollars in
debt because of college. Good luck with that
theater degree, kid. – It’s a Master’s,
it’s a Master’s. – Elliot Morgan, what a loser! – That one’s just, that
was a little vague. – Sad, sad loser! – You look like a old lamp shade that you find in
like a man cave. – You know what, I’m out. I’m done, this is a done
bit and it’s hurtful.

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