Exposing Dangerous how-to videos 5-Minute Crafts & So Yummy | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Exposing Dangerous how-to videos 5-Minute Crafts & So Yummy | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today due to popular demand we’re going to be debunking a few more
fake baking videos. If you’re new to this series then it is a bit like the fake
news of the baking world … making up recipes that don’t work or can’t work
just to make a viral video 💰 We’re also going to be looking at
something today which is perhaps a lot more important which is what if kids
follow these hacks or baking recipes and something goes wrong and they get hurt,
who’s responsible for that? One of my subscribers sent me a shocking story
about a teenager, she’s 14 years old with her 12 year old friend who were
following a baking hack. They were real fans of Ms Yeah’s Channel, they tried
to replicate one of her videos where she makes popcorn and it all went horribly
wrong. The fourteen-year-old received burns to 96% of her body and died two
weeks later in hospital which is just awful and the 12 year old girl is still
requiring treatment for her burns. Well Ms Yeah responded in a public statement
on her Weibo page saying that these are the darkest days of her life. She has
been publicly labeled a murderer and she has seriously asked herself ‘am I a
murderer did I cause her death’? She goes on to say that if they followed her
video and did it exactly as she did there would have been no danger and she
points out there are lots of other videos online that show a similar method.
So let’s just stop there and look at what actually happened in this situation.
Ms Yeah in her video uses a soda can and a tea stand with an alcohol lamp
underneath it to make popcorn. I’m sure you’ve seen similar videos to this
before. The police photo shows that the girls didn’t use an alcohol lamp they in
fact used two cans and there are hundreds of videos showing how to use
two cans to make popcorn. The main difference is those ones all use a candle
underneath. In this situation the girls decided to use alcohol for the heat
source and you can see in a lot of Ms Yeah’s other videos she uses alcohol
for the heat source as well so they could have got the idea from there or
they could have got the idea from somewhere else there are other videos
showing making your own alcohol burner for popping popcorn or for any other use.
So it’s impossible to say with certainty where these girls got the idea of using
the alcohol burner in the can it could have been from ms yeah’s video it could
have been from one of hundreds of other videos online. The danger came in where
the flame wasn’t big enough so they added more alcohol to the already lit
burner and the alcohol that you’re pouring in the flame can just follow
that back up to the bottle which is what happened and then caused the bottle of
alcohol to explode which then puts flaming alcohol and soaks everything in
sight. Now i remember when i did the bombe alaska video I gave that exact warning …
don’t pour alcohol from the bottle or the flame can follow it up and cause the
bottle to explode. The reason I warned of that is this has happened before … it’s
happened when chefs have poured stuff at the table and then the bottles have
exploded causing burns to all the people at the table. So it is dangerous and just
heed that warning. Ms Yeah went on to say in her statement that her videos are
just meant to be entertainment for adults they are not meant to be
instructional videos for children and although she believes that the accident
was not based on the imitation of her video this tragic accident does make her
deeply reflect on her own goals. She says the Internet is not an adult
internet a large number of children consume it as an important information
source and she says I did not provide a good example I’m sorry I let everyone
down. She plans to add more safety warnings in the future and will pay for
the family’s medical bells as neither of the girls families can afford
those medical bills but obviously that’s not going to bring the
fourteen-year-old child back or repair what’s happened to the twelve-year-old. I
do think that in this particular case that she is being unfairly burdened with
blame and responsibility on this. If the girls did follow exactly what she did in
her video there wouldn’t have been this tragic accident, however I think she’s
made some good points there of kids are watching this content even if it’s been
made for adult entertainment and not with kids in mind, kids are still
watching and they’re absorbing like sponges and taking this into their brain
as this is the way things work and things work this way … I can replicate
that and do that at home. So that brings me to the question: what if they did
it exactly like it’s in the video and got harmed whose responsibility would
that be? So in the example like of the bleached strawberries that we showed in
the previous video is that the responsibility of the content creator
who put that up if a kid eats a blecch strawberry and gets sick or is it the
responsibility of YouTube? I know several of my subscribers have raised this
particular video as an issue and the response every time has been: “It doesn’t
violate any of our policies if you don’t like it don’t watch it” is basically
the response they were given. I also have asked about that particular video with
my contacts at YouTube and got the same response … it doesn’t violate any of our
policies at all it can stay monetized and it can stay on the platform … which I
was quite surprised about because I think that it could cause harm. So is the
platform at fault if someone gets hurt? I’ve got another couple of examples for
you today you guys have been just sending this one video to me again and
again wanting to know 1.) is it possible? and 2.) is it dangerous? That’s the two
questions I keep getting on this one video. So let’s dive in and check
and see how it goes. First is it even possible? So if I put a werther’s caramel
on a fry pan on high heat after about 20 seconds it starts to melt and then it
starts to burn and give off a putrid smoke 🤢That’s gonna take a while to clean
the pan. Attempt number two at medium heat after waiting one minute it looks like
this and at two minutes it’s still not completely melted but again it’s
starting to burn and we’ve got to clean the pan again. Attempt number three I’ve
got this over very low heat and after a long wait ten minutes to be exact to
melt one candy it was looking like it might start to burn so I quickly plunged
the pan into cold water to cool it and once it was cold I couldn’t get it off
the pan. Now to be fair I wasn’t using a nonstick pan and it looks like they were
so that might solve that problem but even so that is not the way to make
candy tuiles, it is a very ineffective time-wasting way and you’re likely to
burn the candy. If you want to make candy tuiles just super quickly put them into a
food processor and blitz them up or if you don’t have a food processor put them
into a bag and bash it with a rolling pin – until you’ve got a powder. Then just put
a small spoonful of that onto some baking paper and bake it in the oven
just keep an eye on it we’re gonna take a couple of minutes for that to melt
because you’ve got quite a fine layer there. Pull it out leave them to cool
completely and then you can just peel them off the non-stick baking paper and
you’ve got these cute little candy tuiles you can make them finer or thicker
depending how much of that powder you put on to your baking paper. Next thing
they do in the video is they pour melted Werther’s over a single beater that is
spinning! The question I keep getting from everyone is is that safe or is that
going to burn you and splatter caramel on you. I think that’s a very good
question yes I think it’s gonna splatter caramel whether it’s gonna burn or not I
actually wasn’t sure because that’s like will the caramel have cooled down enough
by the time it’s been dripped down and flicked out to not burn you or is it
still gonna be hot? So we’re gonna have to do some experiments to figure out
whether this one’s actually dangerous or just messy. To test it out I’ve put my beaters
inside a box and then I’ve cut a hole in the top so that I can put the melted
caramel in the top just like they did and then all along the front here I have
plastic food wrap so that we can see if the caramel burns through it or not.
Plastic food wrap is surprisingly heat resistant … if I take some over a bowl and
pour on boiling water which as you know would burn your skin the plastic food
wrap doesn’t melt, it’s made to be heat-resistant. Good quality plastic wrap
has a melting point of between 120 and 140 C or 250 to 290 F. So well into the
zone where you’re going to burn your skin before you start to melt the
plastic wrap. Now in comparison crack hard candy is 148 C or 300 degrees F so
much hotter than the plastic wrap but as I said my question is is it going to be
cooled down by the time it’s flung through the air so is it really gonna
still be that hot? Obviously it’s that hot in the pan but what about once it’s
flung off the beaches? I’m filming this in slow motion so you can see what’s
happening with the caramel WOW! that’s a big splatter of hot caramel that would
have gone all over you if the plastic wasn’t there. I don’t know if you can see
from this angle but it’s made a hole in the plastic wrap the whole way down and
this caramel fused and melted into that plastic so I guess that answers the
question of yes that caramel is still hot 🔥 Let me film that a second time for
you, again this is in 180 frames a second so it’s much slower
than in real life and that went right through. Imagine that hot caramel stuck
to your skin we’re talking some serious burns here! Anyone who’s been burnt by
hot caramel will know why I say it’s lava hot it’s hotter than hot water
every time we’re using it. So I want to know there’s a poll on this video let me know … I
want to know your thoughts is YouTube the platform or Facebook the platform
responsible for allowing these videos to be on their platform if someone gets
hurt doing this? Or is it the content creators fault or is it purely in the
viewers or the parents if they’re children responsibility to actually do
their own research before they follow these recipes. Most people I know since
I’ve been making these say ‘why would anyone make fake baking videos?’ just this
whole confusion this whole concept that anyone would do that but it’s all about
getting views it’s all about virality it’s all about getting paid it’s all
about money 🤑 and that’s why people are doing it they’re making fake stuff
because that’s more shareable it’s more interesting than real stuff because
we’ve all seen how to make apple pie 100 different ways and there’s not
much more new to do with that so they’ve turned to faking it to get more clicks
and more views. It’s an interesting world that we live in. If you do get burnt by
hot caramel 5-minute crafts comes into play with this video telling us
what to do… apparently you just put some toothpaste
on it and that will soothe the hot burn! Colgate has actually put a whole page on
their website dedicated to why you should not put toothpaste on burns!
They say the ingredients in toothpaste are not soothing, it contains abrasives
and detergents which work well for cleaning your teeth but not for easing
the pain of a burn. The American Academy of Dermatology which is skin doctors
basically also advises not to put toothpaste on burns because it can lead
to infections. In case you don’t actually know what you should do if you have a
burn or a friend has a burn if it’s a minor burn run it under cool running
water it doesn’t need to be ice or see cold water that can do more damage
to the skin just cool water running from the tap just over it and keep it there
for quite a few minutes up to 20 minutes is recommended. Now obviously if you have
a larger area or a deeper burn run the cooler water and then immediately call
an ambulance and follow their instructions they’ll tell you what to do
over the phone. So that’s been quite a serious video, apologies for that today
but it is a serious topic and I think that it would be interesting to know
what you think about responsibility and blame where that should land. I’m
fascinated to wait and see the results of that poll and see what you think. To
watch more of my debunking videos click here. To watch some recipes that actually
work click here. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more cakes chocolates and
desserts, if you want more debunking videos let me know and tweet me the
videos you want me to review. With thanks to my patrons who sponsor me every week
and make video is still possible on this channel 💝. Make it a great week and I’ll
see you on Friday.

100 thoughts on “Exposing Dangerous how-to videos 5-Minute Crafts & So Yummy | How To Cook That Ann Reardon”

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  2. Is this lady thinking that they used an electric mixer for the caramel? :O It is a manual mixer… Boi it seems true that people are globally getting dumber. Who is to blame? Parents. Being a parent or care taker it is your damn job to educate your kids about spirit, oil, alcohol, gas and fire and how they interact. Oh man…

  3. It's the parents' responsibility. Youtube, Ipads, technology– none of them are babysitters! Where were the parents when the girls were making an alcohol heat source?

  4. I think both the platform and the creator themself should be at fault. YouTube allowing these videos to stay up makes them just as at fault as the people who create the original video, if not more so, because anyone can upload a video to the site. Individuals might not be very informed on what is and is not safe- that's why YouTube should be responsible for moderation and ensuring that they aren't promoting harmful videos!

  5. You really think a large corporation is going to shut down individuals for doing some of the same shit large corporations are known to do? "Money is king" is the general standard, not morality.

  6. Your no one to make this video and expose about ms yeah you should definitely check your own channel and see how much it sucks. 'Food scientist' who only knows to make fun of other youtube channels is that one food scientist??!! Dumb / stupid

  7. The nature of a how-to video is to be copied. It's an instruction manual. If you produce a how-to that is deliberately wrong and dangerous, you are at fault. If you produce a how-to that is correct but potentially dangerous it should have appropriate warnings.

  8. In Ph we make our own alcohol burner but that's not how we do it. You do not pour fire all over that is just insane. And you can just use salt and a cup of oil with a wrought cloth to make a diy candle or burner instead of alcohol

  9. the content creator and the platform should be held to account. your videos have really been eye opening to the extent harmful corporations such as youtube and so yummy etc go for money…

  10. I don’t know if you’ve already made this but could you make a jiggly cheesecake? I’d love to try making one but all the videos are either in another language or they don’t explain what they are doing in the video 😫

  11. Interesting point. I have watched other video's of redhaired bignosed woman and now im going to either have naughty fun time or burn a witch.

  12. Yes, chanels like 5-minutes crafts do go against YouTube guidelines.
    Policies infringed:
    – Harmful or dangerous content (Promoting dangerous remedies or cures)
    – Spam, deceptive practices and scams policies (Video spam & Misleading thumbnails)
    – Child safety on YouTube (Age-restricted content – Quote: Harmful or dangerous acts that minors could imitate: Content containing adults participating in dangerous activities that could be easily imitated by minors. Note: We may allow this content without restriction if the content itself warns minors not to perform the dangerous activities and explains the need for professional adult supervision.)
    Youtube content reviewers can't be reliable in judging, what you mentioned and demonstrated as being dangerous and harmful definetly does infringe their policies.

  13. Honestly, there are 3 parties involved in this and all of them are at some fault.
    First: Viewers/Parents, you're on the internet, viewer discretion is MANDATORY
    2nd: Youtube by not filtering properly the contents in such videos and in fact, absurdly favoring them.
    And obviously the "content" creators behind those videos… They're just bad people, just… Stupid and disgusting people, exploiting the system like this is so dirty and low. They abuse people's lack of discretion and overall knowledge and Youtube's faulty, careless system. Dirty.

  14. If The platform has been warned, then they are liable. I feel they need to be warned first, because they can not police every video. But if its been brought to the platforms attention then they need to review it with an expert.

  15. IMO anyone that could possibly have mitigated the errors are a certain percentage responsible. In the case of the popcorn girl, it's the platform for not vetting out the content, the content creator for not having the foresight to see how their content could go wrong if not followed correctly and more critically the last line of defense, the parents who lacked adequate oversight. Unfortunately parents have to be the last line of defense here, the world will never structure itself to be so secure that you can get away with never looking out for your own kids, it's just a fact of life, you are your kids protectors, there's a reason we call them guardians. I wouldn't really fault/ blame them, but if your kids blow themselves up… you messed up a bit somewhere.

    I kinda believe in the idea that if you can do something, you should. Only ones I don't really blame are the kids replicating this stuff, I've been a kid and know a few too, they are really bloody ignorant, they lack experience and they wont stop being ignorant until time allows them to gain that wisdom.

    Youtube should vett out videos better, not sure how considering the tonne of videos churned out a day… but they should be more vigilant or make a system in policy making content creators more liable for any consequences from their content, advise creators to provide warnings. Content creators should also be way more careful with potential perils their content could pose, you don't want to show people how to make super cleaner out of ammonia and bleach, because F-knuckle will try it kid or adult really.

  16. I think everyone should take responsibility to a certain degree, youtube should revise the videos (more humans and no bots would help), the content creators should now not to put dangerous content up without a disclaimer and be held accountable in instances of violation (this must be under contract between YouTube andthe creators), parents should know what their children see and try to imitate also take care of them, and the general viewers should inform themselves about everything they see, objectively.

  17. Inside of soda cans are filled with so many chems why would you cook popcorn in it.Inthe first place? Wheres the disclaimer on that..just saying thoe

  18. Okay, so I think the responsibility falls onto the creator to AT LEAST put adequate saftey warnings in any video that contains anything that could cause serious harm to untrained people, most of whom don't even understand how badly such a project could go wrong without taking proper precautions.

    We cannot place the blame on Youtube/Facebook because they're massive sites spanning hundreds of thousands of posts per second and they cannot watch everything.

    We cannot put the blame on the viewer as they are likely mostly children and teenagers, and a child or teenager usually wouldn't understand the danger they where putting themselves in before it's too late. children would likely be more interested in the end result than how they get there, and as a teenager myself, i know most of us do not understand how easy it is to irreversibly damage ourselves.

    Therefor, it can only fall to the creator to properly warn people of the danger posed by some of these experiments.

    Thank you for reading this rant.

  19. I firmly think it's the viewers fault, because there is some with content that you obviously shouldn't try out. Now sadly with videos from tasty and so yummy, it doesn't honestly look like it's unsafe to try because of the switching around they do to make it look like it's possible. I think it would be a good idea to put a quick "please don't try this at home" at the beginning to cover their asses. Now in terms of the children, the parents should be aware of what their children are watching, and should sit down with them and make sure they know that these usually aren't real, and shouldn't try it.

  20. The platform allows this content thus making the content creators see that it's a good strategy to make money
    If their videos got suspended and demonised like they should be then they'd have less incentives to make them in the first place since it would be demonised and removed immediately

  21. In answer to the question you asked:

    I feel the host should not be held responsible unless they've had reports for the video, reviewed it, and decided it was not unsafe.

    It's impractical for them to be responsible for literally every video here. There's gotta be thousands uploaded every day.

    But if it's brought to their attention, and they decide it's fine? Then that means they've accepted responsibility for that video.

  22. The way I see it, should anyone get hurt or worse from videos like cooking for even first aid by the look of it… blame obviously falls on the creators of those videos as they are prividing false information as fact and in a way that is easy for even a child to understand and copy.
    However is the video is sound but the person copying it messes up then its there own fault, people need to take responsibility for there own fuck up instead of passing the blame.

  23. I feel the pain of the hot caramel I have burned my self with it and it is like hot glue you cant peel it off or wash it off when it is hot at least for my experience you have to let it cool and sit there and burn.

  24. With the hot caramel experiment, isn't it possible the split in the plastic wrap could have occurred due to the force of the caramel acting on a small area of the wrap? Similar to how its very easy to poke a knife through taunt plastic wrap but not necessarily a hand?

  25. I had to use peppermint oil mixed with a crap ton of olive oil to test on my skin. Don't ask. I don't know why I did that.

    The peppermint oil stung. No injuries or anything, but putting toothpaste with peppermint in it on a burn… I don't even want to think about that.

  26. I think videos like the 5 minute hack ones should have to have the content creator make a disclaimer at the beginning of each video to not try it at home and (for some of the…safer hacks) definitely not without an adult supervising

  27. Wow, there are actual people making fake cooking videos because it looks interesting and it gets views. Imo, it should be the creators fault if anyone gets hurt trying to make something the creators know cannot be made, but makes it seem like it can be. People literally look at these recipes so they can make them one day. They should put a disclaimer before the video starts saying that all actually in the video is purely for entertainment purposes and should not be tried.

  28. (They added more to the already lit flame)

    Well that was their mistake. Its common sense not to add more fuel to an already lit flame. Doesn't everyone know that? Even at 14??

  29. HEY!! I love your chocolate videos! I was wondering if you could do a DIY chocolate coffin next, since halloween is coming up. I want to make them for my classmates.

  30. I’d just like to know how 5 minute crafts is faking those videos! Like the caramel + beater trick… what did they do to produce the video?

  31. Finally……someone's addressing the damn "5 mins hacks/craft" rubbish. You should see the hair hacks 😑. Do they even test before releasing? It's the YouTubers who are really at blame! You can't possibly govern everything your child watch, the content that's coming out should be good to start with. How can one be so selfish n stupid to have videos like these…smh 💔

  32. You inspire me so much and you are Australian! I live in Sydney. You are very talented, I haven't seen a lot of professionals here:(

  33. I would say it depends on the situation? But for stuff that can easily go wrong in the house like that caramel experiment id say is mostly on the uploader and the rest on the viewer/parent

  34. Its YouTube’s fault, because, exactly, farm channels just want money. That isn’t their fault they want money; everyone wants money, don’t we? But, isn’t YouTube in charge for not reading whatever reports, or not taking videos down that need to be taken down?

  35. 但是还是要说一句,不管小野她怎么样,都不该辱骂她的父母和孩子,他们是无辜的。。。可以咒骂小野,毕竟她有不可推卸的责任,但切勿切勿切勿上升父母孩子。否则只能说明你没家教,没基本礼仪素质。生活在最底层,嫉妒着别人过的多好,自己当着键盘侠。。。

  36. I think the big difference between Mrs. Yeah's videos and 5 minute crafts is that the latter is actively targeting children with titles like "crafts for kids" while promoting dangerous activities.

  37. These quick cooking videos that do the rounds on Facebook bug me, mostly because they're rarely cooking but more just assembling stuff (usually with lots of cheese), which in reality few people are ever going to make, but they're filmed in such a way that makes them oddly satisfying to watch (if you can get past the irritating music). I appreciate cooking/baking channels like yours and Cupcake Jemma's (among others), who take the time to show the techniques and talk through the process, because that makes me better at cooking. They often explain substitutes you can use, alternative strategies if you don't have fancy equipment and variations on a recipe to make it your own.

  38. talking about beeing gay: naah no monetization for you.
    dangerous 5 minute crafts that litteraly killed people, that show soaking food in bleach: yeah I dont see anything wrong with that.


  39. Wow..apart from whose fault this is I was one of the ppl who looked at these baking "techniques" and was impressed. Thank God I never had the impulse to try one of these. Definitely sharing this to more ppl so that they too can be made aware and avoid any danger.

  40. I would have to say that the responsibility is with those who create the video in the first place. This is especially true if they knowingly create content that they know is spurious or false in the first place simply to attract more viewers.

  41. Considering someone would lie about something as simple as baking, turning into a potentially dangerous activity without a care for the safety of others, for a little bit of money

    Imagine what a politician or scientist or other more important profession might lie about for a lot of money.

  42. I think it's the parents' responsibility to research the supposed 'hack' before allowing their children to go through with it. But, if that's not the case, then yes, the content creator should hold some of the responsibility.

  43. I think that all three parties are at least somewhat responsible, the parents should be watching they're kids and shouldn't leave them alone for long enough to be able to do that sort of thing, the platform is responsible for making sure it doesn't allow dangerous videos on there site and the creator is responsible for making they're videos safe and putting warnings for viewers so they don't get hurt.

  44. “Caramel is hot” yeah I know from experience my brother accidentally poured caramel straight of the stove onto me hand


  46. I think everyone is responsible for their own mistakes and disasters. Even if a YouTuber inspired it, they are not responsible for when or how others do it

  47. if the platform (such as youtube) has rules about promoting potentially dangerous content or encouraging people/children to do potentially dangerous things, I think they have a responsibility to remove such things from the platform. I do believe youtube has similar such rules, tho I don't know exactly. Now one might argue that showing these things isn't the same as encouraging people to do them, but I think any "How To" or "hacks" style video is inherently encouraging people to try the things. In the very first situation you talked about with the two you girls, I don't know, but if the content the creator was making was safe, as it was being made, that is different than some of these other ones that are like "life hack, soak strawberries in bleach, and then eat bleached strawberries"

  48. Making the platform responsible would create a dangerous situation mirroring Orwell's worst fears: the platform would have to become the censor, the authority of ideas, the ministry of truth, the thought police. If someone uses a megaphone to incite violence with a speech, we would not hold responsible the makers of the megaphone. The same should hold true here.

    The platform is a tool for sharing ideas and creations, the toolmakers should not be held responsible for how that tool is used, but should provide a mechanism for the community to use it safely.

  49. I feel awful that this happened to that family, but I also feel bad for the woman because it wasn't her fault either.

  50. You can't say So yummy makes fake videos. My hot carames hacks are all good and they work just fine, you spin it to fast. Also you are arogant to So yummy, but as you say it is for money.

  51. I have and will keep reporting channels like these. I report them as harmful and dangerous. I am truly happy that you are bringing these videos into light.
    I know YouTube is coming down hard on many channels but yet leave these harmful channels alone. I don't understand.

  52. Lmao, my parents still watch these 5-Minute Craft videos no matter how much I tell them how stupid most of their "hacks" are.
    Reason being, "you're young and all your opinions and arguments are blatant since our experiences are greater than you".

  53. I beleve if it's kids, then the most responsible person should be parent, becouse they should watch what their kids doing, I am not saying to spy on them, but if parents let their kids trust them and spend a lot of time doing what their kids like (even if they're not fan of), then kids may told them what they are planing, or if they will see what stupid things that kind of videos those chanels make then they could explain to their kids that's not true or just look it up. There's so many way to protect kids from internet and not lose their kids trust.
    And if this is adult, then i beleve it's their own foult to not make any reasearch, when you're an adult then you should thing what you're doing, of course you will make a lot of mistakes, but at the same time you learn from them and take responsibilities from them.
    But of course youtube and chanels like that are in most foult here, just like any platform with idiotic stuff like this, but sadly we can't stop any of them, the best we can do it to warn people not to listen, report them or if you're lucky you might ask them to stop and maybe help them make actual life hacks and tricks.

    For now the best chanels like that can do it putting warning on the beggining of video (best if beggining on any part when they use for example hot glue), this will at least make them "less guilty".

    For example, youtube chanels where they want to coment or critique someone then they always put warning to not attack any people mention in the video. This kinda prevent some people to attack and some from yelling at creator for "bulling" others.

  54. You shouldn't put the burned area under running water like shown in the video tho. The skin is already damaged, so the pressure of the water is gonna be painful. Make sure the first contact the water makes with the skin is above the burned area and let the water run down over it.

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