Fall on Me (Aaliyah’s Fight for Kids) – Ben Mainka & Jim Kitchen

Fall on Me (Aaliyah’s Fight for Kids) – Ben Mainka & Jim Kitchen

As many of you know we’ve made a few
videos this past year including a couple snow day cancellation videos as well as
a back-to-school parody we’ve done this to promote a sense of pride within our
community as well as to have fun and promote some excitement within the
educational community as a whole in this past month September was pediatric
cancer awareness month. This disease impacts so many children
and families all over the world. Swartz Creek is not immune to that as we have one of our own students Aaliyah Lee, a 16 year-old girl who has been diagnosed with terminal brain, pancreatic, and liver cancer. This video is different and I’m
honored to be part of it with this video we commit to telling a Aaliya’s story, we
commit to honoring her life and we pledge to take a stance against the
devastation of pediatric cancer. we’re excited to be partnering with the
American Cancer Society on this project. The American Cancer Society is the
leading institution in the fight against pediatric cancer around the world. At the
end of this video there will be an opportunity for you to click on a link
and donate directly to the American Cancer Society to help fight against
pediatric cancer all over the world and the millions of families and children that
fight against this each day. We hope that you’ll partner with us and the American
Cancer Society to make the world a better place. I thought sooner or later the lights up
above come down in circles and guide me to love I don’t know it’s right for me I
cannot see straight I’ve been here too long and I don’t want to wait for it fly
like a cannonball straight to my soul tear me to pieces and make me feel whole
I’m willing to fight for it and carry this weight but with every step I keep
questioning what is true Fall on me with open arms Fall on me from where you are Fall on me with all your light With all your light Soon you’ll find what your heart wants
to know, don’t give up hope for I know you are close and all you have ever
dreamed wish you could ever be is waiting to find you wherever you go
believe in yourself every step that you take, know I am smiling with pride
every day. My love will forever be stronger than stone don’t be afraid you
are never alone Fall on me with open arms, fall on me
from where you are. Fall on me with all Fall on me with all your light, with all your light, with all your light With all your light. I close my eyes, and I’m seeing you everywhere I step outside, it’s like I’m breathing you in the air I can feel you are there Fall on me with open arms Fall on me from where you are Fall on me with all your light With all your light
With all your light

16 thoughts on “Fall on Me (Aaliyah’s Fight for Kids) – Ben Mainka & Jim Kitchen”

  1. 😥😥 This is so heart breaking. Me and my freind are raising money for her buy selling slime at football games. This must be so hard for her to deal with, its glad to see this, the video it made me cry.

  2. Oh my gosh you two, simply beautiful & amazing😥♥️🇺🇸🥀..Congratulations Graduate!😁You are Loved!♥️

  3. Impressive voices and what a wonderful cause. Prayers to her family and friends and for no more suffering dear girl. <3

  4. I’ll make sure to donate as much as I can, this video made me cry. I love how y’all make videos like this. This is what makes out school district amazing.

  5. My hometown. These guys should win an award for the best caring staff of the schools in Michigan even the country. To accomplish such amazing things and go so far to show their caring for their students. What beautiful voices and what a perfect example to the children of how to utilize all of your talents and use them to bless your community. Never been more proud to live here. I love seeing people truly champion those that are struggling and help them to accomplish their dreams

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