FALL VLOG – Try On, Cook With me: Banana Bread & Pumpkin Spice!

FALL VLOG – Try On, Cook With me: Banana Bread & Pumpkin Spice!

hello babes my microwave is telling me
to get my suit because I’m warming up my butternut squash soup so if you guys
have not watched my most recent what I eat in a day make sure you guys do it
has the butternut squash recipe in there still a little bit frozen in the middle
and if you guys want this recipe it isn’t that wedding today so make sure
you guys check it out jess is coming over because we’re gonna
be doing some plant shopping today it just opened up a package from Amazon I’m
actually filming a Amazon haul so it’s probably already gonna be up but I got
this really pale pink hoodie that is so super cute and then I got this little
plant or plant stand which is so adorable comes in black or white so if
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that I did was my first Amazon haul as I repotted this baby look how cute she
looks I planted her in this larger like taller black pot that I had and I came
home and I was like no I have a different plan for it so it kind of just
sat inside my closet that my favorite texting me where’s my phone though my
bag can be like a maze she said she’s 10 minutes away and I
haven’t even eaten oh my god and let me show you guys this I put it inside of a
bag because I want to take it with me this was the DIY phase that I did so it
was really dark chocolate I can put it before for you guys over here and I
turned her into this beautiful clay stone looking pie I found this pot at
home cents for $19.99 pause like this or like 70 60 $80 because I have this pot
now guys I’m plant crazy and now I’m getting Jessica into them now I want
this one that one I’m like oh that’s how it starts if you guys are not plant
crazy and you’ve just or haven’t been plant crazy in the past and you are now
and I’m to blame let me know down below I take full responsibility not sorry for
it like that’s I’m definitely not sorry I’m cleaning up your air so there’s this
new plant that I saw at the nursery when I went with just and I’ve never seen
this plan my entire life guys there’s like barely any photos off this plant so
that’s how rare it is so it makes me want to even more yeah I don’t think I’m
gonna get to eat them and I’m also gonna show you guys some fall pieces that I
got some new fall stuff it’s time for like the fall hauls just to
I got four already no five that’s what I do to people oh I
can’t believe they have like a mini bird of paradise as the Chinese evergreen
look at this one Tasos its pop ups a part of me likes this but the other part
of music it’s not my style that’s the one that I have the marble Queen yeah I
want the Chinese evergreen though I think I’ll have that right I know names
oh my god I know like you’re kind of impressing me like I can write this
one’s beautiful it’s just not quite my style but I just cannot with the I don’t
know I can’t get over crispy crispy how thin is guys just wants to get the
aluminum plant I think it’s like look it looks like metal
I’m sorry I’m a role-playing lover but like I don’t think everyone is alright
accents the silver so cute that’s natural welcome me to take you guys let
me show you the one that I want okay there’s only two left now this one look
at her leaves and look how rare this is it’s so good I took out my pot literally
in this fog I believe put your plans for free so bring your puffs if you want to
your plant nursery and they’ll fetch it for you guys
look at that Jeff Scott well typically three that’s two and one one in there
and she bought that from the previous four this is what happens when you hang
out with me do not hang out with me look how cute she looks by this wall she just
added this really beautiful fresh oh my god I am O to die she just looks so
beautiful here I love you so much I’m about to show you guys all of these
pieces and I’m also going to go through a couple of looks that you guys can kind
of style using all of these I am so in love with everything that I received
from JustFab thank you to just 5 for sponsoring this video like isn’t this
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crossbody strap I just have it on the inside so when I put on these boots I’m
like why does it feel like it doesn’t even have a heel guys these are so
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this is something that everybody must have funny enough I’m saying that but
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thank God for JustFab for sending me this you know what she says just like
watch yourself a little bit more edgy these boots though you’re so comfortable
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make sure you guys check out JustFab speaking of fall tomorrow guys we’re
gonna be doing my banana bread recipe plus my pumpkin spice latte recipe which
I have the rest in front of me right now so I’ll see you guys then this has been
a recipe that you guys have been asking me for for awhile and I just have not
had I should have like pulled out my camera last time but I totally forgot
and I would like in my Baker’s own did you enjoy banana bread and I also
get a lot of people saying give us some dessert ideas something sweet that you
will eat number one I’m not really as sweet to it number two not really a
dessert person but of course oh honey I’m still human I still crave like sweet
things from time to time especially really close to my cycle so a banana
bread is something that I enjoy so this recipe actually came from my mom I asked
her for her banana bread recipe because I love the way she makes her so certain
things that she would put in it or the amount that you would put I would kind
of I’d be like you know what let me just
put less of that or let me take that out and put this instead to make it kind of
fit my sort of diet and my lifestyle I’m how I like to eat yeah I kind of just
made it my own but thank you to mama for her recipe I am going to be doing like a
low kind of style I’ve also done the cupcake sort of style you guys can do
that if you want to just kind of grab one quickly before you go to work and
you can just eat it like a muffin sort of style but I’m making the loaf and
then I slice it up into slices I have pre by the way it rubbed it with a
little bit of my olive oil spray and then I just spread it around who is
calling me I’ve been getting these like random numbers like stop calling me this
is making a spatula I’m not really sure what this is called and then I have this
masher that I love to use and one big bowl to mix everything up I’m using some
pecans so you guys can use any type of nut that’s your favorite it just like to
use pecans that’s kind of my favorite the first time I made it I used almonds
so let’s get started I think I’ll also have time to do my
pumpkin spice latte with you guys you’re also gonna be needing your little cup
set your measuring cup set and also your measuring spoons add our baking powder
so this is the one that I use over here four teaspoons of that I like to put
everything aside once I’m done with it so that it just makes the cleanup a lot
easier so two teaspoons of baking soda the first one we used was baking powder
so one teaspoon of salt Bettany personname I just kind of do it by eye
next thing you’re gonna do is one cup of a sugar so the sugar I kind of always
adjust it so sugar bloats me a lot and this is not exactly one cup but I’m
going to use kind of a little bit less than where I have right now you guys can
do a cup of sugar or less let’s just say this is about three I’d say almost 3/4
of a cup it does take one cup of sugar but what I like to do is I like to put a
little bit of my sugar-free vanilla syrup this allows it to be zero calories
and you guys can only use this like I was actually debating just using this
and stead of putting the sugar but I do want to show you guys this is what it
normally takes we’re going to grab two medium banana so I actually just use
this one this more it’s kind of just a half so I’m going to
put that guy in there and you can also just kind of break it up so that it
helps you a little bit so that’s one and a half okay that’s that we are going to
add our milk and then we’re gonna mash up our bananas already just so that it’s
easier when the flour goes in because that is the most driest component 2 cups
of almond milk and then what I like to do is I like to pour one cup at a time
so this is our 1 cup measuring cup the reason why I like to pour one at a time
is so that you see the consistency of your bread just in case your measuring
is off or anything it’s just kind of like a duper question I killed myself as
soon as you do it like I just I’m just constantly like all about safety so just
use your masher and we just want to get these guys all mashed up first I’m gonna
add in one egg it takes more than one egg but I don’t want to put it so the
other thing is asking for is vanilla extract but what I use for my vanilla
extract is my vanilla syrup I kind of replace that with that liquid I also
want to show you what flour i buy just in case you guys are curious so I buy
this one by Miller Miller spray that’s what it’s called in this green bag and
this one is bleach free no preservatives non-gmo and it’s vitamin enriched and
it’s just a white all-purpose flour I don’t like I’m phony flour you taste
it and I just I’m not a fan we’re gonna be using two cups of flour but you don’t
want to put all two cups at the same time just because you want it to be a
little bit easy on you when you are mixing up your mixture so I’m gonna put
in on my first cup and kind of here continue to do like a mashing motion and
you’re gonna see obviously it’s starting to get a little bit thick you guys
excited for this recipe I really think about you’re going to love it I’m just
gonna slowly add and at this point we’re also going to add olive oil olive oil is
gonna add some moisture into your bread I like to put a third of a cup of olive
oil I’m gonna add the rest of my a pot this is the rest of the home and milk
just letting you guys know is the more thick the consistency is you guys are
gonna get a more dense bread if that’s the way you like your
then that’s the tip that I have you can probably make your mixture a little more
thick Jessica actually spreads Nutella on this and she says it tastes so good
that’s too chocolatey for me but that’s a tip if you guys want to try that out
this is literally what it takes the last thing you want to do is put in your
pecans I like to go by eye and see how much nuts I like to put inside of here
it also depends how nutty you like your bread to be you guys can also put some
only at the top of the loaf if you want to this is kind of the consistency I
like from my bread a little taste mmm okay that is absolutely perfect my oven
has been preheating to 350 you guys can also raise it up to like 375 or 400
depending on how fast you wanted to get done a 400 is probably the max I don’t
like to go 450 so the interior is so mushy but then the top is getting so
burnt and golden guys I’m gonna be through now aren’t you gonna sprout of
me kind of sprinkle what my mom does is she used to sprinkle some of this over
top maybe this time I’ll do it for you guys I don’t like to put too much
because that’s a really high in calorie and because I’m even those two I know
we’re ready to put this guy in the oven and kind of keep an eye out on it guys
open up your light do not open the door open the light if you guys have one in
your oven and just check up on it the real way to check once it’s done is grab
a knife put this through if you still see that in here it still has dough
that’s raw on the inside it is not ready let it be there if it looks a tad bit
like moist just just a little tiny bit turn off your oven let it sit there for
a little bit check up on it again after five minutes if you put your knife
through and it comes out super clean remove the bread and let it cool off on
the top so we will be right back let’s get started with our pumpkin spice latte
I know everyone’s excited for this too so I have here instant espresso if you
guys have an espresso machine just make yourself an espresso this is actually
Nescafe bold espresso I’m actually gonna be sweetening this just with my vanilla
zero calorie sugar-free syrup so I’m just gonna be putting one to kind of and
a half not really three because this thing is super sweet you guys can do
stevia or whatever you know only do but I feel like the vanilla
really helps to warm up the whole latte with the pumpkin a little tiny bit of
cardamom I really love the flavor then it kind of adds to it and it’s not it’s
not like super super strong course cinnamon I like to put a little bit not
too much nutmeg I’m also gonna put inside of it and barely use guys am i
cooking but I do use it in this latte of course most importantly I bought this
because I saw that a lot of recipes called for it
pumpkin pie spice it is by Clubhouse so this are going to be needing the most of
most highest ingredients inside here so I do like to put a good dash of that
because that’s what’s gonna give us that flavor quickly mix that all up we’re not
gonna fill this guy to the top because we’re still gonna fraught there milk
frother I love using this guy by Sakura and I’m going to use almond milk you got
to use whatever milk that you want but I like using all the milk number one
because it’s the lowest calorie and that’s how i order my drink what
Starbucks but I would say about this much around the whole entire thing like
to grab a little bit of this mixture we’re going to put 1/2 and about three
then we’re gonna put a little bit more pumpkin spice to flavor I kind of like
to stop it almost towards the end look how gorgeous she is you guys and it
is so so so goodness Lee I think you’re gonna love this if you already are a
pumpkin spice latte fan let’s take our gorgeous loaf out of here gorgeous you
see what it does when you put the pecans over top we’re gonna let this Chi cool
down because it’s super hot right now if you have a nonstick pan it should jump
so you see how this is literally coming out like it’s nothing and I just have my
little glass container over here and I like to use a really nice sharp knife so
that you get a really clean cut let’s see what this guy looks like on the
inside so I can show you look at it it looks so good I love that it’s really
nice and super moist inside so I’m gonna go ahead and cut up the rest of our
banana bread just tasted it oh my god it tastes so good
I actually am going to list everything down below in the description box so as
we would like it in writing I will leave it for you guys down below I’m gonna go
eat this up right now and it’s super nice and warm
all right babes I hope you guys enjoyed the recipes this fall kind of vibe
that’s going on right now my channel I’m kind of loving it I’m into pumpkin spice
now I am baking like I just I don’t get it guys i’m i’m making squash soup like
it’s changing me all there’s gonna be more coming your way I have some fall
hauls that I’m gonna be doing clothing hauls
so that is definitely coming up in the channel and don’t forget guys to check
out my latest what I eat a day if you guys want some more fall recipes with
the butternut squash soup if you guys are not following me on IG make sure you
guys do it is hot stuff Jean Macedo make sure you guys subscribe
to my channel give this video a big thumbs up and also click that little
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brainy videos thank you guys so much for watching and I will see all of my
beautiful babes in my next video

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