100 thoughts on “Family Style Cooking with Chef Matty Matheson”

  1. Everyone who never seen him before probably doesn’t realize he always talks like this and this loud lol

  2. I think he's back on drugs again… Haha jks I love his energy. Dying cuz I realised I missed his australian tour :/

  3. Matty is so fricken cool. I love his Louisiana video ! and his butter chicken! and fish tacos! Just all of them! I own his cookbook

  4. The real problem with this audience is that they haven’t cut the cable cord or thrashed the satellite dish, when YouTube is your tv these OLD SCHOOL late night shows wouldn’t even be watched

  5. When I saw the tiny thumbnail on my phone I thought it was Guy Fieri having a midlife crisis. This guy is awesome though. Love that laugh.

  6. Matty Mathieson is my favourite Rockstar Chef at the minute. I love your 'keep it Canada' catchphrase, & your food & enthusiasm just bring a smile to my dial, whenever I watch one of your foodie videos😀.

  7. Giving M.M. a crowd to work in front of is like dangling a steak in front of a Lion. Or better yet a needle filled with dope in front of a addict. Their going to go to town on that sheet, either way their both going to OD.

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