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hey homebakers it’s Jack here at Bake with bringing you your weekly bread making tip every
single Thursday and this week fan or no fan? convection or conventional? the
answer is probably not as simple as you think let’s go… hey you guys and welcome
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week’s pretty heavy start to finish sourdough video this week is more of a
quicker one, a discussion point if you will, it’s a question I get asked a lot
and it is, is it best to bake my bread with or without the fan? Some people got ovens where you can turn the fan off. I don’t. I just have a fan
and that’s the way it goes but the answer to the question it’s not a
straightforward one. It’s not one or the other it really depends on your oven. I’ve been hosting bread making courses in other people’s houses since 2013 and
baking bread in restaurants and hotels all over the place in all different
environments for a further six years before that. There’s a few things I
discovered along the way. If you google the answer to this question you’ll
likely come across something along the lines of “bread and cakes require moisture
in order to bake properly and nicely and therefore you should bake in an oven
without a fan because the fan will dry things out.” This is not always the case. All the breads I bake like the sourdough last week and everything that you see on
my Instagram feed is baked in my fan electric oven. It’s an electric oven with
a fan, it’s a convection oven, those two things
are the same. Convection is a word for a fan oven.The fan in your oven is there
for a couple of reasons one it blows the heat around the oven the whole time they
can hear much more even heat than a conventional oven, and secondly it helps
the food inside to cook quicker. It’s about heat penetration, the time it takes of
the heat to get the middle of whatever it is you’re making. A conventional oven
doesn’t have that fan and so inside it tends to be hotter on
the top and colder on the bottom. I remember my old gas oven I used to have
and it was so hot on the top and so much cooler on the bottom at
turn a jacket potato upside down halfway through the cooking process to make sure
it cooks evenly not to mention the fact that had to bake it for twice as long to
make sure that can happen. This is an extreme circumstance but even still a
conventional oven does have I’m more uneven heat throughout the oven. Sometimes they heat from underneath sometimes they heat from the top
sometimes they heat from both but there’s no airflow going on in there. There’s a more important issue at play here, and you saw it last last week in my
sourdough video, is that the seal on the door of your oven if that seal
was complete but that’s great the idea is your bread you want to keep steam
inside the oven for as long as possible to bake it in a humid environment you
need that steam because your bet bread goes in there goes puffs and then the
outside sets if you got that steam in there can go further and further and
further busting open on the top like a nice beautiful sourdough loaf right but
the seal on the door has to be complete for that spear to happen you want to
keep that moisture inside some ovens eject steam out somewhere out of the
back of it or out of the front there’s a vent or somewhere to eject the steam out
of it so that when you open the door it doesn’t puff you in the face with loads
of stink if your oven does pluck you in the face
with loads of thing when you open the door that means it’s a good oven for
making a bread inside regardless of the fact they span or it’s not fan
everybody’s oven is different I know this I’ve learned it because I walk into
a scenario where there’s an oven and we figure it out along the way to get the
best results out of it by the time I leave the house we’ve nailed it and most
of time we nail it straight away but sometimes it takes a couple of things in
the beginning in order to get it right I’d do a couple of tests when I arrive
at somebody’s house I bake biscuits I bake vegetables for our salads so I
know what we’re dealing with I know how steamy is I know where the hot spots are
I know exactly what we’re dealing with one time the bread goes in so listen
everything I bike in my oven is a fan oven I don’t have the option of turning
off and if I did I probably wouldn’t anyway because everything comes out just
nice but the seal is complete there’s nowhere for this thing to escape I would
love to give you a straight-up answer on this I would love it if there’s a one
size fits all but there is like a lot of things there really isn’t a one size
fits all it’s about your oven at home and that’s why it’s worth talking about
it your oven is unique get to know your oven spend some time with it take you
out for dinner try out some new things together the
best oven to bake bread in is the one that you’ve already got and if you’re
fortunate to be able to upgrade your oven I’d pick a fan any day of the week
and convection oven with a complete seal any day of the week so there’s two
pieces of advice that I’d like to give to you if you’ve got the option of a fan
and turning the fan off try them both try the same thing one after the other
and see what comes out best and if you do have a conventional oven that heats
more on the top then underneath you might have to flip your life upside down
for a little bit and that’s okay you can do that there you have it you guys
another very complicated answer tour seems like a very straightforward
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