Fargo, Locally Brewed: Drekker Brewing Company

Oh that’s a loaded question…. (laughs) We went for that Norse culture,
that Viking mythology side of it In modern old Norse or
Icelandic Drekker as it’s written now Is the slang term to go out and kind
of enjoy a pint with your friends and It’s really more about like that aspect
of community and history It’s really cool to see people embracing local beer and are trying different things seeing what goes into it Seeing the process behind it and
get excited about that The more people we can convert the craft beer drinkers to local craft beer drinkers It’s going to be better for everybody, we want to see
local beer succeed In here on a Saturday afternoon about half the people that come through are from out of town They just came from one of the other local
breweries and they’re stopping here and Then they’re on their way to the next
one, we want to make beers bit that we’re Proud of that that people from people
from Fargo are proud of One of our biggest passions is our Unpillage program
and we’ll go plant trees or clean up a Neighborhood help with community gardens
or do things like that and we’re more Than willing to give back to the
community that really keeps us alive We try to run that balance between being
a production brewery that supplies a Hundred tap accounts and also a cool tap
room that has 14 beers on tap We’re always looking for what something else
we could do with something else we can try What’s going to be a beer we can
make that that people really like that we’ll really like Drekker is not just
about the contents of a pint It’s about what happens when a few of
those plants get raised together The beer is kind of always that the
toast to a great night the sharing of a Great idea and a if we’re going to be
connected to that great moment we want To make sure that we’re making awesome
beer to share with it

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