Farm.One – Urban Chef’s Farms of the Future

Farm.One – Urban Chef’s Farms of the Future

I’m Rob Laing, and I’m the CEO and founder
of Farm.One. Farm.One is a vertical farm in New York. We use advanced hydroponics, the latest LED
light technology, and proprietary software and processes to grow over 500 different rare
herbs, edible flowers and microgreens for the best chefs in the city. Hydroponics means growing plants in a water-based
nutrient solution, without soil. Vertical farming is an exciting, hyper-efficient
technique of stacking multiple growing layers indoors seeing high level of investment interest. But Farm.One is the only vertical farming
company focused on rare, flavorful speciality produce. In April 2016, I started Farm.One with our
prototype farm at a prestigious culinary school in downtown Manhattan. As we started to grow rare herbs and flowers,
we attracted highly-respected chefs as visitors. Hello I’m Alex Atala from Brazil. If you can believe, I’m here in downtown New
York, inside this beautiful urban farm. We quickly acquired Michelin-starred restaurants
as clients, sold out within just a few months, and started looking for space to expand. One of our customers was Atera, a 2-michelin
starred restaurant in Tribeca, an exclusive Manhattan neighborhood. Head Chef Ronny Emborg invited us to complete
a second, much larger farm inside their huge basement. Within a short period of time, we were able
to convert an historic landmark building into a hyper-efficient urban farm.” So when you walk into Farm.One it’s like happiness,
you see all these green colors, yellows, all the flowers, it can just be like happiness” We finished construction on the farm in August
2017, and every week we’re serving more customers out of the space. In just 18 months we’ve built a team with
expertise in Horticulture, Operations, Engineering and Sales. And at our heart we’re a technology company,
turning farming into science. Before joining Farm.One, I had a number of
years experience building and running hydroponic systems. But at Farm.One we’re taking everything
to a whole new level. We use our own data-tracking software to build
knowledge on over 500 varieties of plants, with an emphasis on improving overall quality,
flavor and esthetics The software that we’ve built at Farm.One
is customized to our exact operational requirements. At any given time we can be growing hundreds
of varieties, and thousands of batches planted. We put so much care and effort into each individual
product that we grow, and I think that’s because our customers are chefs, and chefs by nature
are extremely discerning and demanding. And I don’t think we’d have it any other way So we’re really really lucky to work with
some of the best chefs not just in New York city, but also the world. Mission Chinese Food…. Pizza Loves Emily… The pluto basil we put on 4 or 5 of our pizzas
is probably the best basil I’ve ever tried. We get beautiful consistent product, week
in, week out, which is not something you get from a lot of people Daniel, Jungsik, Le Turtle Victor Amarilla, Executive Chef, Le Turtle:
“What you guys are doing is amazing. Year round, having all these beautiful microgreens,
with beautiful texture and beautiful flavors. Never knew that a plant like that could taste
so good and it takes you places Uchu, Double Zero, Butter, Atera… We use a lot of products from Farm.One. Nasturtium, lemon balm, mustard greens, a
special type of mint, bronze fennel, a big piece of lemon verbena, small flowers nepitella
blossom, we can really see when the guests are eating this flower they’re like oh wow,
really amazing flavor! What we love about the Farm.One team is that
they are not trying to be the biggest vertical farm out there, but they’re trying to be the
best. These guys are serving 2 and 3-star Michelin-rated
restaurants, and these chefs have the utmost high standards for food production, and the
guys at Farm.One are delivering. I think Farm.One provides a really interesting
blueprint for where agriculture, and certainly urban agriculture, will be going in the future. To produce on-demand products for chefs that
are rare, unique and consistent year-round really has a very interesting business case
that helps it stand out from the rest of the competition in vertical farming It’s no longer just a concept, but this is
a viable business plan that’s scalable to around the world Clap our hands to urban Farm.One What we’re now able to do is build these highly
efficient urban farms anywhere around the world. Whether it be complex buildings or very tight
spaces, we now have the knowledge and experience to get it done. We’re now ready to expand. We plan to open multiple farms across the
US and the world over the next 3 years. Join us on the journy, and own a piece of

20 thoughts on “Farm.One – Urban Chef’s Farms of the Future”

  1. Please make one video on how you guys have installed the farming technology in the building ,and the cost behind it also …..loved this video …nice job 👍

  2. This truly is a very impressive vertical farm. I hope Rob Laing the best success.

  3. Now this is how you get rich private investors. Not just the idea of vertical farming being efficient, but making otherwise unavailable or crazy expensive delicacies available to them

  4. You have a great product and an awesome concept but please, dont discount the ingenuity and labor of our ancestors. Farming is and always has been a science, and an evolving technology.

  5. Interesting concept for sure, but I'm still a soil man. You just will not get as good of a flavor from hydro.

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