100 thoughts on “Female Sushi Chef Miki Izumisawa is Pushing the Boundaries of Tradition”

  1. I am 100% visiting her restaurant next time! You're amazing! Miki you're my hero! I've worked in male dominated fields, IT and engineering, in Asia for over ten years. There's just one reason why many men ignore and dislike women in these fields. They want all the money to themselves to buy women's affection with. I was sad to hear that her spirit was almost crushed by such people, and thrilled she opened her own restaurant. Women make great master chefs, and superb cooks.

  2. I like the part where she says that they work like a well oiled machine. That every part of it has its place, so that way they can make the best of it.

  3. I frequent 242 Fusion often. The dishes are all unique. Miki and the rest of the her team do really well at presenting a great dish with really good balance of flavor and beauty. Glad to see her recognized here.

  4. Wow – I'm usually a stickler for old tradition but I love the way this woman is pushing forward the sushi game. This is like a French Japanese fusion.

  5. Men are better cooks. I don't care what female activists thinks. All the time when a woman cook its always so dry and plain. Also they won't lift heavy things.

  6. Innovation is one thing but the result is another. Like in 9:00 and 9:14 it doesn't seem appetising at all; 9:02 and 9:08 the thin sauce around the sushi loosens the rice and some rice just fall away from the sushi. This is a sign of failure in any sushi. Yes, fushion sushi can be good and is a healthy phenomenon in parallel with traditional ones. She just has a lot to improve. And she'd rather have a fishmonger to handle the fish? C'mon it's not how it works! Re-think about your food and your attitude on them!

  7. I think the development and the culture of fusion sushi is very interesting, much more interesting than traditional sushi.

  8. Touching story, but her sushi looks absolutely nasty. 8:57 – pictures on the menu and 9:00 says it all – looks like someone vomited on the plate! 10:25 47 sauces?!? I guarantee half of them are rarely used and going rancid (just look at how little is left inside of those bottles). She keeps her "purple sauce" in a broken coffee mug… real professional.

  9. People she is not feminist, feminist are those women who make our life miserable and a 90% of the reason of why our games are censored, it is kind of funny how many of those activist women claim that it is for the children when they dont have one.

  10. this place is sexist. how can she hire only women. this violates the employment discrimination law of US

  11. you bitches bitch about equality then you go and open a sushi restaurant which only employs women. go fuck yourself

  12. To be honest, Looks like a plate of vomit of customers who just had nigiri from a proper sushi restaurant. Here is your $10 vomit of sushi from previous customer AHHAHAHHAHH !!!!

  13. あなたのお寿司を食べてみたいです。

  14. Was with you till that dumb broad said men are weak. No honey you are. That kitchen is all women which leads me to believe it's a bunch of self important strong victims who don't realize the fact that you have your own place and can make a video means you made it. Hope it's good cause it's all you'll have if you continue to think that way

  15. The dishes look dreadful. Why cant she keep the sushi ethics, and keep it simple. The flavors look complex and drenched in sauce… This isnt what sushi is about.

  16. I've never eaten in this restaurant but after watching this video, I could understand why other Japanese chefs weren't happy to work with her. Her sex doesn't matter, she just cannot work as a sushi chef. The place looks like a mess, and a sushi restaurant should be immaculate, as clean as a surgery room. The food doesn't look good at all, and definitely it's not sushi, call it whatever you like but not sushi. She treated that fish vary badly, and she admitted she would prefer to have the job done by the fishmonger: it's a terrible attitude toward the most important skill of a sushi chef. Becoming a sushi chef is a very long and hard journey, sometimes described as an ordeal in the most traditional sushi restaurant in Japan. It's not for everybody, so don't blame the sex.
    I don't want to be the usual hater, Izumisawa san looks undoubtedly very cute, and she must be a nice person. But her place is not a sushi restaurant, it's rather a strange izakaya.

  17. She has a fusion sushi restaurant,people know it's not traditional, if they enjoy her food they will come back, if they didn't then they will go some place else, I commend her for doing what she likes to do. I personally like a traditional sushi restaurant,as the chef there will also give his personal touch to his creations ,there is always room for improvement and a strive for perfection to achieve this in ones lifetime is called "success " and I hope she is successful .⛩

  18. whatsoever the story,as long as its sushi….i will eat them!
    and her destiny tobe in that place,i will come to her soon.n pray on that beach

  19. When a notable male chef tells a woman, "Someday you will work for me," it would always be an Asian that would understand it being a high compliment and return with a, "Thank you, chef!" Generally, any other born or bred American female would take offense. This woman's humility and creativity got her to where she is. Even Morimoto says, "I have only one rule" (regarding sushi) "there are no rules." Some think it's blasphemous but why? All food culture evolves. If it's not good, it falls by the wayside. It doesn't have to be trendy to be good. While I tend to love very traditional sushi myself, it would be an honor to taste this woman's sushi. Not because the woman made the sushi. But because sushi made the woman. Props to her! Love this video!

  20. 2:46 and yet no men is allowed to work there hehe… maybe they can idk just saying out loud a thought

  21. I wonder if Nobu did anything to try to keep her at his restaurant in Las Vegas? Her sushi looks different and awesome.

  22. Who and why bad Rating . ( Onryō / 女龍 )
    Because there are People who have an IQ intelligence Quotient of Horse .
    I'm sorry Horse , you are evolutionarily a wiser, better Character than these stupid Humans

  23. She is a very nice lady and i'm sure alot of ppl love her food. She'd be chase out of Japan if she opens restaurant there. Not because of sexism, but she's doing things that aren't considered "good" ways of sushi.

  24. この人は寿司職人とは言えないな。

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