Fermenting & Roasting | How to Make Everything: Chocolate Bar

Fermenting & Roasting | How to Make Everything: Chocolate Bar

My quest to make my own chocolate bar entirely from scratch. I’ve traveled to the southernmost point of Mexico a region called [silk], [Anouska] Previously I learn the process of caring for and harvesting from Cacao Trees after harvesting I gotta try some of the raw Cacao straight from the tree and discovered that it [had] more of a surprisingly sweet fruity taste and the chocolate Flavor I was expecting ha But a bitter chocolate, but also tastes like a fruit In order to capture that chocolate flavor and continue with the next step of turning these beans into actual chocolate We went to Rubio who showed me the process of fermenting the beans once removed from the Pod the raw beans are placed into a container over [the] next few days [a] combination of microorganisms grow and begin the fermentation process g’s turn the cacao sugars into alcohol and other Bacterias produce lactic acid and acidic acid together these all help reduce a distinct chocolate flavor in the Cacao beans During the process the container can reach temperatures as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit Knowing just how long different meant the beans is a careful science the reveal helped explain to me Para Tener mwen choco latte Tenemos que hacer un Buen Ferment [O] [Yanna] Bueno, Selección De Semillas Si, se, ven Aqui, Mi mano oh allah Samia zest on Posi [cemente] Limpia [Zetas] Aqui Esta Cacao Tiene Dos Diaz de Ferment O Que quiere hear [Cateura] Le Falta [yeah], [lows] a Los tres Diaz tiene que ser de Este color y la A samia [Ya] infla [Dita] quiere decir que tiene un [Buen] ferment [A/c] no Tenemos, El Sakali de que quiere decir que El Proceso Del Ferment o ha sido mas entonces Hacemos Few N. Go on Ferment o La Roma Es importante Que Salga Como El coal que es Al Colson Prima, El Grande Para que Salga La Romana chocolate Ss. L El Proceso primer Proceso Para que Salga [Ya] un Buen Chico Because they go to higher quality gorilla variety of the cow being here the total Fermentation time is actually shorter because of the naturally more mild flavor of the bean versus other varieties such as the forest Era once the fermentation stage is done the proper on the beam will be completely dissolved it is drained off The remaining beans that need to be dried in the sun Despues de Los Cuatro Dia. De fer Mentos Agar ahmo’s lemp resume tell Cacao que está Listo que esta El Estado y Lo [Aven] tamos a La concha Hace Carson yaiba Cuatro, [Da] de Sol, La Si Como Esta Rita Dengue Luminato from Cuatro, Diaz See I knew vez EsTa muy yaku Paco Tiene que Haber cinco oh say ideas por que tiene que estar bien se cal cacao porque SI no say no say chopper ver Para que También y usted de entonces [ah] he’s a un buen chocolate a la Romulo Ganas Lt. R. De a muy importante Sentir La Roma me Estos Momentos son Al Khor quiere ser que todo La yells es Tampa net Rod oohs, Eno, Granito Adentro Por Eso a chocolate pen [farm] a [or] [o] [matic] Rufio had me run the rig back and Forth through the beans turn in the beans So they would dry evenly this needs to be done regularly every hour and a half to two hours Or at least four days pull the sun is up My feet are too big [little] fit between the path Que vamos a la Prueba. De Corte Para, El Presidente [Lam] Endre Como EsTa Este fermented Ito Alga Precisamente Yen Fuhrman Tada [y] [en] ceqa prezi [Cemente] Ya Vista Para empezar Lo Para man doll Oppresses, Annette a Al consumidor There’s still one more step. [we] need to do to capture the Choco Flavor [Roscoe] Rose in the beans helps make the outer shell easier to remove help sterilize the beans and improve their flavor After 30 minutes of roasting the beans are now done you can tell they’re done because the outer shell will fall off and That means it’s good to go We then spent the next 15 minutes peeling the shells from the beans in order to make a few candy bars All right, so now I have some roasted beans [I] will take these back home to make my candy bar But Rubio here is Gonna show me the traditional method. They use for making their candy bar Solenoid Para que tu Lo HSR. Molino Yeley Des Dwelt ax Para que Salga [yin] Cuidado con El Gran okay Tiene que El Compañero y eso [Si] [muy] [De] La Primera Sada yo Leggo viene La Segunda en La Región, Odda Para que Salga Pn. O El chocolatey mixture Contain three ingredients sugar from local Sugar cane cinnamon [pick] near the Cacao Trees and a freshly roasted and peeled the [cup] First using the handle is a bit tricky, so review ahead me do small amounts at a time It was fascinating seeing this dry mixture turn into a dense chocolate paste after three passes we molded it into bars and [they] look damn panicky get in my seat After harvesting fermenting and roasting like a cow I finally had some chocolate at hand Thanks to Rubio juan Juanita, and now a my first look at the process of making chocolate All right, so I’ve made a mexican style candy bar. It’ll dry overnight turn into one of these and Let’s try a little bit of the scraps I Was really good very rich got a bit of [bit] of an extra texture to it? Definitely taste the cinnamon. I like that up to see if a candy bar, I make compares to this Check out the next part of this series where I make the sugar for my chocolate bar straight from the Sugarcane plant

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  1. I absolutely love watching these and wish I had enough spending money to be able to support the work you guys do… also I'm liking these longer videos!! ^_^

  2. The only Mexican chocolate pucks I get are incredibly hard and have to be grated down to a powder which then I add to hot milk for a perfect hot chocolate. Always get a load of sediment at the bottom though.

  3. I remember finding your channel after seeing your sandwich video on Internet Explorer. Im so glad I came to your channel, it is very original and interesting. I hope you get more subscribers you deserver a lot more. You are one of my favorite channels :)Here are some suggestions I have for How to make Everything;How to make: A football (maybe from actual leather)How to make:  PlaydoughHow to make: 3-D glasses (I don't know how that would work but that would be cool)How to make: Ginger Ale How to make: Something related to Summer??? :)Also I love the animations, they help make me picture it better. :)Thanks.

  4. Ok I have read cocoa butter is somewhere in this process would that be the stuff drained off in the fermenting process… In your chart the white liquid?

  5. I love how he has no idea what any of those people are saying, but he is a true champ and is polite as possible.

    I love your show man. Thanks for it.

  6. Totally amazing series you got here, HTME. I stumbled upon your channel (and subscribed) after looking for ways to grow my own Cacao trees since I live in Hawaii and there is a chocolate farm in Waialua, on the North Shore of Oahu. I have a question for you…how did the beans smell when they were roasting? I would love to hear more of your personal experiences, like the smells of the beans, the sounds of the forest, the intense sting or itch of the bug that bit you, the feeling of the squishy gut-like cacao fruits, the high sweltering humidity in the forest that left you drenched with sweat, your sore hands blistered from using the machete, the smelly odor of the fertilizer, etc. It would intrigue me more if I could hear more descriptions and thoughts, as you were thinking them, rather than just a documentary on how things are made. I know it will probably make the videos longer, but I'm all eyes and ears, and it will give me more perspective. By the way, I grow my own vanilla beans in the back yard and cure them on my car dash board.

  7. So cool! It's weird that I'm Hispanic but never tasted Mexican chocolate, but I'd love to one day . Awesome video 🙂

  8. Could you do a video about harvesting and processing cinnamon? I know it comes from dried tree bark, but I don't know much else about it.

    Also, I came here because someone referenced you in a video about the history of iron and steel. I think that collaborating and referencing between shows with similar aims would help boost the visibility of all involved. For instance, your show would pair well with Primitive Technology, Cody's Lab, How It's Made, and several other channels that focus on different aspect/era of DIY topics. I think this appeals to everyone who wants to set up their own workshop to make everything.

  9. why is he wearing the same shoes he came in wearing and then he is stepping on the beans which he will be putting in his mouth that's called foot in your mouth

  10. So the beans are walked on and let on the ground, where there is lot's and lot's of damaging factors like bacteria, and then they become edible chocolate?

  11. Drop one or two of those chocolate tablets into a small pot of simmering milk and dissolve it and you got yourself a traditional mexican hot chocolate, my dude. 👌🏻

  12. glad you could visit us, I live here in Tapachula and I'm also a tour guide. thanks for spreading the word about our great region!

  13. what I like most is that he doesn't just buy the ingredients or go there and get it he learns how to care for it and how much work goes into it. that in itself is awsome!

  14. I don't know if those Mexican chocolate bars are exactly meant to be eaten straight up like that, It probably was still a bit bitter and imagine that they are probably for making hot chocolate since it looks and has the same ingredients as "Abuelita" a Mexican product used for hot chocolate you can find here in the U.S you should try it and see if it tastes the same. I don't know tho I didn't taste it.

  15. Did anybody else notice that the lady is stepping on the beans with her bare feet 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  16. I was watching this with my ferret that loves chocolate and he make me watch all the series

    No I am not crazy with his body lenguaje told me

  17. I'm watching this while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate, and eating chocolate truffles. Just contributing to the cycle.

  18. Everything is fine but your expression on the face is quite bothersome to me lol you are unusually calm all the time man. Get excited sometime and that sure will look good on you 🙂

  19. Let me tell my story..my father in law didn't believe me that the cacao beans need to be fermented to get a good grade A cacao bean..so i did my way that is ferment my cacao beans harvest then sundry it for 6 days and sell it..guest what..my cacao beans is a grade A..my father in law cacao beans is rejected..i do make chocolate from his cacao beans and it taste nothing like chocolate at all..guess that fermenting cacao beans is important for making good flavor of chocolate..

  20. So what’s the point of showing this when you don’t even include the recipe for the actual chocolate…?

  21. I got an information that in factories during or after fermentation when cocoa is heating and melting cockroaches will enter or fall into that cocoa , is it true, pls tell, cause after getting that information I stopped eating chocolates, pls answer me??

  22. Also got an information that FDA has approved that every 10ml of chocolate contain 3-4ml of cockroaches, will cockroaches really get attracted and fall into cocoa,pls tell me, if it is false I will feel happy and start eating chocolates

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