Financial Aid Options

Financial Aid Options

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[Audio Starts] Male Speaker: The value of an ICE education
is extraordinary and affordable. Financing your culinary dreams is just a few clicks
away. Our financial aid advisors are available six days a week to help create a plan that
will work for you and your family. A majority of ICE students receive financial assistance.
And ICE offers a menu of financial aid programs to all that qualify. Including federal grants,
state loans and more. Beyond this, take advantage of ICE�s tuition
discounts, which may save you thousands. Our double diploma credit offers a discount to
students and alumni who enroll in two or more ICE programs. ICE is a destination school
in the heart of New York City, America�s culinary capital. Don�t live in the tri-state
area? Come study with us and take advantage of ICE�s out of area tuition discount.
ICE has graduates from 44 countries and 50 states. We even help international students
through the visa process. We also offer a student housing program to help you find affordable,
secure, comfortable and convenient housing from dorms to apartments.
Trade one uniform you love for another. ICE is proud to have students from all branches
of the U.S. military. There are many active duty and veterans� benefits available to
ICE students that qualify. ICE grants and accepts many scholarships,
plus we�ll help connect you with scholarship resources to further help make your dreams
a reality. Students should also check with their tax advisor for additional tax benefits
for education expenses up to $4,000. Bottom line: where there�s a will there�s a way.
And ICE will help you find it. We�re available in person and on the phone
six days a week, with convenient office hours. We�re here to help you find your culinary
voice. Call (888) 397-2433 or visit today.
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  1. At ICE, we’re committed to helping students make their dreams of a culinary career a reality. Our Office of Financial Aid can help students explore such options as grants, scholarships, out-of-state and other tuition discounts, visa application processes, affordable housing options and more. So before you say, “I can’t afford culinary school,” learn about the many resources at your disposal at

    For information on how to fill out your financial aid application, make sure to watch this video:

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