Fire Roasting Green Chiles

Fire Roasting Green Chiles

Hi, it’s Margo with Breaking Urban Ground. Today we’re roasting green chiles for the purpose of making chili rellaños. The skin on outside of green chiles is
really tough and so you blister the chile so that
the skin peels off and then you bake them without a skin.
There’s a lot of ways to roast your green chiles. We do ours over an open flame on our
barbecue. So I preheat the grill and get really, really
hot-about 450 degrees. And then I just toss all the green
chiles on and put the lid down for few minutes. I don’t walk away
but you definitely want to cook for 4 or 5 minutes. Then after they start getting all black, I just keep rotating them from
side to side, with a pair of long tongs. It’s
perfectly OK for that edges to get black.
If you have any bent or rumply chiles like this one where you can’t get
inside one of the crevices we have this tiny little butane torch
that puts out a pencil-like flame and
we’ll use that to get into some in the cracks and crevices and get those parts
to blister. When you’re all done put them in a bag
and let them cool. Putting them in a bag lets them steam
and makes the skins come off easier. We had our chiles in a bag and we let
them cool until you’re able to touch them.
So these are still a little bit warm not a ton. And then my technique is to peel a circle around the top of the
chile like this. So I work all the way round the top and
then once you have that circle sometimes you can get this whole skin to
just come off in one fell swoop. So you kind of start with your fingers and do this kind of emotion and sometimes the
whole skin will come off. This one isn’t going to. But that’s okay.
I can still just peel it off in big strips and then once you get all the skin peeled off we’re putting our over
here to stuff so that we can make chile rellaños From Breaking Urban Ground, this is Margo. I hope you enjoy your roasted chiles.

3 thoughts on “Fire Roasting Green Chiles”

  1. looks yummy…a tip I learned is you use a paper towel to wipe off the skin afterwards. You crumble the paper towel up grab stem and just wipe away… 🙂

  2. That is a great idea. I will certainly try it. We do a similar thing when we pluck ducks and chickens. After the scalding we pluck them wearing neoprene gloves. The friction the neoprene creates literally rubs the feathers off the birds. I will be sure to experiment with a few thoughts your comment gives me. Every second we can save will make a big difference over several wheelbarrows full of peppers.

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