First Time RAMEN Cooking Experience!

First Time RAMEN Cooking Experience!

hey and welcome to this new 2min Japan video today’s video now I love ramen they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes whether it’s miso ramen shio ramen tonkatsu wait that’s not ramen they’re cheap and delicious and today I got to meet Brian from the channel ramen adventures he is the ramen expert in Japan he recently wrote a book about the best ramen places in Tokyo the book the book is awesome it’s it’s fucking great together we went on each Omega Chi to come in place in Shinjuku and we were taught how to cook ramen by the ramen monster himself show no Sun we are ready to make some ramen and I look ridiculous now don’t get me wrong I love cooking just look at the inside of my fridge it’s uh it’s cooking ramen may look simple now just put in the soup cooking noodles or boom boom badoom but holy shit it’s really really hard everything is very very hot and everything you do has to be super precise fuck you and that thing you think you used to shake up the water of the noodles no you call it it’s probably the trickiest part but it’s like I had a lot of practice before so by the time I had to do it for real after making my moment show notes on himself tasted it and gave his review no way so in a few words good effort kid but it sucks so no son is a very strict but very very nice ramen chef so I was still happy his Romans are actually one of the best I had in Tokyo and I really recommend you try it description there and if you love ramen check out friend’s channel blog and book that’s for me I’ll be seeing you very soon for another 2min Japan video you

52 thoughts on “First Time RAMEN Cooking Experience!”

  1. Haha nooon triste destin pour ces nouilles!! Je mange des ramen tellement rarement…genre 2 fois par an! Mais la, j'avoue que ca me donne envie! Laura

  2. Ramen! Of course! well, at least you tried….have you ever seen tampopo? It's a japanese movie about FOOD! (and ramen) It's pretty good.

  3. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan…. now I want to eat ramen TT-TT
    I miss japanese food so much
    ANYAWAY. Love the editing 😀
    The video is short and fun, very good job (^^)d

  4. Haha this was awesome xD; I don't even like ramen but it made me really wanna go get some for some reason >__>;

  5. Gotta respect a chef like Shono-san. He seems like the kind of guy who aims for perfection in every dish he sends out and doesn't let mistakes slide (as every chef should).

    Keep practicing Charly. You'll be a ramen master some day 🙂

  6. Comme tout ce que font les japonais, cela semble si simple, et pourtant il faut des années de pratique pour que cela soit parfait… J'adore les ramen! ^^

  7. When I was in Japan, I went to Ichiran and it was oh my god, soooo good!! In my country (Ecuador) I've would never be able to taste something like it, it seems like hard work tho.
    P.S: I've fallen in love with you, too handsome.

  8. I think I almost cried when you dropped the ramen on the floor LOL But it's okay, I would have made the same mistake(s), and probably worse. LOL. But man, everything looks so good TT_TT

  9. Ahhhhh.. I really need to find myself a good Ramen place in London… Because after watching this, the hunger for ramen is real!haha

  10. Dude you are really developing your style! This video was so slick! 😀 If it makes you feel any better, I would eat anything you cooked lol.

  11. Wow, tu as vraiment rencontré le grand Shono-sama? :O
    Incroyable ! Tes aventures au Japon n'auront donc jamais de fin !
    Merci pour cette excellente vidéo, à bientôt l'ami. 🙂

  12. C'est ultra impressionnant que t'arrives à dire correctement tout ces noms japonais à cette vitesse xD 
    Quoi qu'il en soit maintenant j'ai faim, ultra faim même…

  13. Hehe, this vid is hilarious!=D yay, this is the first vid that I've watched from your channels! I'm so jealous, I've always wanted to own my own restaurant, the kitchen looks like it smells soooo nice!=D

  14. Funny and informative, Charles: well done!  As for dropping those noodles on the floor, don't feel too badly about it; after all, how do you think that McDonald's makes so many flat hamburger patties so quickly?  😀

  15. I recently had "authentic" ramen for the first time. Eager to see how it is in Japan. Really, one day. I'm going!

  16. J'adore tes vidéos ! T'es trop marrant en plus tu parles super bien anglais tu as presque pas d'accent 🙂

  17. Proper comfort food. I'd learned about how complicated the stock was before, but I'd no idea everything else was so precise!

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