Fish Fry – By Vahchef @

Fish Fry – By Vahchef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at By looking at my face
I’m sure many of you can tell that I’m cooking something non vegetarian today I’m going to make fish fry a stuffed
kind of variety which you will all love it. To make this fish use small kind of fish this is basically called the murrel which is black soul which is a freshwater fish which is one of the delicious fishes in fact they call this as a snake head and and this fish is alive long after it is pulled out of
the water. First let’s marinate this fish, add chilli powder, salt little bit of ginger garlic paste, oil and lime
juice mix all this good and apply on the fish after marinating the fish keep it aside for at least half an hour, in the meanwhile I’m going to
make some masala preparation for which take oil, add chopped onion make sure
that you chopped this onions very fine, add salt, cook these onions till they nicely golden brown now you can see how this onions are getting nicely browned but not blacken add ginger garlic paste and mix it up; add pinch of turmeric add coconut powder, coriander powder, little bit of cumin powder, chilli powder now switch off the flame and add some chopped coriander and you know you can go and check recipes for gunpowder we also can add little curry leaves to it; you can add any of those kind of powders here I’ve got curry leaf powder, add little bit and then mix all of it just transfer it into a plate let this mixture cool down and we’re going to use this mixture as a stuffing in the fish now here we got the fish that’s
marinated for almost half an hour just take this fried masala and put inside this belly of this fish we’re going to use only
half of this masala rest of the half we’re going to add in the last just take each fish and put half of this masala inside, now all this fish has been stuffed but I kept half of this mixer to use it on the top of the fish but also this gunpowder or curry leaf powder is optional and you can just add chopped curry leaves into that mixture and make this kind of preparation Add some oil into a pan put the flame on medium and then put this fish piece; when ever you cook this fish just leave some gap between these fishes because you want this moisture to evaporate and the fish has to fry now turn this fish on the other side very carefully take the help of a fork you don’t want this masalas to come outside you can see how nicely I cut small gashes on this fish so they are all opening up now at the same time the masala is staying
within this fish now it’s time to turn the fish on the
other side look at this fish how beautiful it is; this is only possible
when you get your act together and stay with the fish and enjoy the process of frying. Fry till this outside is nice crispy now you know put them on one side on the other side turn towards the back like this and cook it on all sides and you’ll have a perfect fish; now you
can sprinkle this left over of this masala into this and what ever the oil is there immediately that will be absorbed by this masala and switch off the flame. Sprinkle
some chopped coriander; good god look at
the fish my god look at it you know these fish look like as if the challenging me if I can eat all of them,
dear friends I hope you enjoyed to learn how to make this fish fry with your VahChef at last time when I ate the fish on the show I literally scared lot of people so I will skip the part of eating the fish
on the show today but remember vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips at so others can benefit from your great
cooking thank you. Lunchtime…. look at the fish.

53 thoughts on “Fish Fry – By Vahchef @”

  1. Chef I didn't get scared by you eating the fish before…hehe…at least this time we can assume you ate 4? 🙂

  2. gun powder really makes the flavors explode.
    sorry, that was probably the stupidest joke i've ever come up with… yeah no clue what it is… probably a spice or something…

  3. Damn, you just got me excited about cooking with your obvious enthusiasm! The only other YT cooking site that inspires me like yours – although a different culture – is BarbecueWeb.
    Now, I'm hoping this recipe doesn't call for disassembling some shotgun shells 🙂

  4. i love fish!!!.more fish recipe pls..thanks chef for your wonderful recipes..i've tried some of your recipes so husband loved it..i've learned a lot from looking forward for more scrumptious indian cuisine..More power!:)

  5. made this for my family and absolutely loved it. had it two days in a row! thanks Mr. Sanjay Thumma, yours is the only recipe channel i get my inspiration from.

  6. why did u have to mention that the fish is alive long after you get it out of water? irrelevant to all those who like to chow it down, poor fish they must struggle for a long time before dying …… I dont think I wana eat fish again

  7. Hey bro u r awesome, will you please tell me how to make Kauwwa biryani.


  8. @shani21shani GUN POWDER is a south indian masala powder. It is very spicy powder made from various pulses hence the name GUN POWDER

  9. @Krassus99 it is the "snake head" fish also called fishzilla it is a very dangerous fish to handle as it has lot of sharp big teeth lining its mouth.

  10. i think he called it mariyal ,you can use some other fish too to make this , just use medium size fish

  11. OK one problem thou and its funny wats one side to other side =
    mins each side of fish ? any glues how many mins on each side of fish????lol look let us know how long you cook the fish for cos you look very nerves

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