Fish Pie | The Naked Chef | Jamie Oliver

Fish Pie | The Naked Chef | Jamie Oliver

Listen I’m gonna be here the next couple
of months. Chop it up, press down like that. I haven’t got a clue what I’m supposed to be doing.
We need to get our stuff on. That is what I’m talking about.
Twist like that. Give it a ruddy good spanking. Perfect. Just having a moment. As far as comfort food’s concerned, I reckon like fish pie is up there with
the rude boys, you know I mean. I mean it’s just such a beautiful thing. I’ve chopped
up some onion. I’ve got the carrot. I’ve sort of scraped and just finely sliced
really. I need some olive oil. I’m just gonna fry off the onion and carrot. It needs a little bit of salt
and pepper early on, I think, just sort of get the flavours going. Right in here, I’ve
got five large potatoes that I’ve diced up. They take about ten minutes to
cook, I’ve been boiling for two minutes. I’m gonna pop two organic eggs in. That’s a good idea. Yeah, just to save pans really. Where’s that colander? Oh, it’s in the sink.
I’m put my colander above the water of the potatoes and the eggs yeah and I’m
gonna like steam some spinach. You want about three whopping great handfuls and
now take about a minute to steam. What I’m gonna do is make the sauce, yeah. It’s
a cream sauce. I want half pint of cream. I’m gonna
bring it to the boil, yeah, but I want to kind of cheese it up a bit, because I’m a
cheesy geezer, and I’ve got some really nice, sort of em, cheddar cheese and I
just need about two handfuls of cheese, grated. You could use parmesan or something? Yeah, parmesan is great, or any good sort of melting cheese really. Whatever tickles your fancy.
You don’t want anything too strong that kinda you lose the fish. Basically, if you look
at this now, it’s boiling. Turn it off. No more heat, so that sauce is kind of done
it’s cooking time, yeah, and I just chuck all this cheese in. That’ll start to melt and then I want some English mustard which I love. This
is sort of like, suppose it’s a personal thing really. Let’s have two teaspoons. Salt and pepper.
I’m gonna put that to one side, get some parsley. Parsley, cream and fish.
I mean it’s like the best, innit, you know what I mean. Good combo. And then just whop it in there and you can
stir it and that’s basically a sauce done. This old spinach here it’s pretty
much wilted now. Squeeze out the excess water really. So that’s all your
beautiful greens, yeah, so let’s just check the old spuds.
Beautiful. I’m gonna let that drain a bit and steam and I better get my
fish sorted out. I’ve got a pound of cod and what I need to do it just sort of
slice it up, into sort of like, kind of mouth sized pieces. So we have this
haddock, smoked haddock, it’s like smells flipping fantastic. So just a little tail
piece and that will infuse so much flavour into the pie. The lovely thing
about this dish is like, you know, it’s flexible. If your skint and you do your cod and your haddock, but if you want to go well posh and you go like scallops, prawns, king
prawns, kind of langoustine, sort of lobsters, little bit of crab, you know. Put
brown crab meat in that sauce and it’s like sweet as, you know I mean. Chuck my old
fish in, mix up the smoked stuff and the normal stuff.
Mix up the spinach and you want to get that to go sort of in and around it sort
of everywhere really, and then what do I need? I need some eggs. Crack them on here,
take the shell off. Cut them into quarters and then you just kind of want
to put it in and around again. So that’s fine. What I’m going to do now is just put this sauce over, hmm. Tell you what I forgot, lemon, yeah. Fantastic, just do lemon to taste, yeah,
because it just kind of cuts through the cheese. A little taste, perfect, and then
just basically all over here like that. Make sure it’s all over everywhere. Get in there my son.
Beautiful. Put the potatoes back in there and mash it up a bit.
quite light, put a nice bit of olive oil in there. When you put in the oven it’ll
make you go nice and golden and taste better as well. A bit of salt and pepper.
Almost sprinkle it, because I want to keep that lightness yeah and it gives it
more sort of surface area, so there’s more of the potato to get crispy and
then also it leaves little gaps and like the sauce cooks up and boils and all the kind of juice comes up and just makes the potato taste even better. I think almost makes this
like a well classy dinner and then I come along and spoil it by doing some
baked beans and tomato ketchup. Now whack this in the oven for about 25 minutes, about
230 degrees. That’s like well classy.

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  1. 3:16 😂 I don't think Jamie has ever realised how funny he is 😂Also Jamie has done approximately 10 million variations of fish pie on this channel. Legend has it that he loves fish pie

  2. Those were the days! Loved this series. I idolised this guy when I was younger, he seemed to have such a good life!

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  6. that looks amazing! What a fun show, groundbreaking at the time in its style and personality. Still very watchable today.

  7. Why is fish pie not a thing in America!!?? We need to get acquainted with savory pie game… an not just chicken pot pie.

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