Fish Sauce Wings (3-Ingredient Recipe!) | Thai Recipes ปีกไก่ทอดนำ้ปลา

Fish Sauce Wings (3-Ingredient Recipe!) | Thai Recipes ปีกไก่ทอดนำ้ปลา

Sawaddee ka, welcome to hot Thai
kitchen today I will show you how to make fish sauce fried chicken wings but
first here’s the story my brother texted me a while back saying
I got chicken wings what should I make that’s quick and simple and very quickly
I said why don’t you make “peek gai tod nam pla” and then he’s like..oh, and I
thought wait a minute…why don’t I make “peek gai tod nampla” because it’s such a
simple and easy and delicious dish I can’t believe I’ve never shown you until
now so “peek gai” means chicken wings “tod”
means to fry and “nam pla” is fish sauce it’s a really popular dish in Thailand
especially as a drinking food because it’s sort of like Munchie and salty and
goes super well with a cold beer and it’s one of the easiest fried chicken
recipe you’ll ever make let’s get started so I’ve got some wing
flaps here and for this dish we only use the flat not to say that you can’t use
the drums but I think it’s better with the flats as a higher skin to meat ratio
and when we go to fry it it’s actually easier to work with these flats so you
know they’re also the better part of the wing anyway right? Right.
very very simple I’m just going to season this with fish sauce and you
notice I’m using a flat dish for this because if I use like a bowl then all
the fish sauce can end up at the bottom and you’re not gonna get an even
distribution so something like this is good or a ziploc bag is really good too
and I’m just gonna toss them so I’ll let this marinate for about half an hour and
then I’ll come and flip them halfway through to distribute that fish sauce so
it works well if you find a dish that fits them just right so you don’t end up
with like fish sauce all over the place that’s not touching the chicken and
that’s it I told you this was easy so the chicken is done now I’m gonna dry
off the marinade by putting it on this paper towel here and you want to dry
these off because you don’t want the oil going crazy when you fry these just
block the top dry as well all right and now as an option you could pepper these
if you want to it’s just got some ground white pepper here you
just keep it simple and just do fish sauce now I’m gonna dust these with some
rice flour which is gonna help absorb moisture from the skin and create a bit
of a crisp crust and the way I’m gonna do this is I’m gonna take my sieve dust
it like that just so it’s mostly covered I might just discover that this way you
use up less rice flour you could just like add it to a bowl and give it a toss
and then I’m gonna flip them all and dust the other side you can use
cornstarch but I do prefer the texture that rice flour gives so once it’s
mostly covered I’m gonna shake off the excess I’m gonna throw all of these back
into the sieve and then give it a shaky-shaky cuz extra flour will gum up
the oil real fast and if you see any bald spots now the time to take care of
them and then just toss toss toss toss and then all the little extra bits will
fall to the bottom and that’s it let’s go fry these up as you can see I’m
not using very much oil here I just need about a quarter of an inch you could
totally just deep-fry this if you want but I am taking advantage of the fact
that we’re using flats and I can actually shallow fry them because flats
make a nice even contact with the oil so just about a quarter-inch I’m gonna turn
this on wait till it gets hot I’m gonna go in with the pretty side down first it
doesn’t have to be ooh BRR hot this way it gives you enough time to just like go
in with the individual pieces and then the oil will come up about halfway and
it’s perfect you save yourself some oil the wings in North America bleed and
you’ll notice that though as once they start frying they’ll start to bleed and
it bleeds because bones of the chickens are still quite porous so sometimes
there’s blood that comes out like don’t freak out it’s totally normal
we’re gonna cook all the blood off it’s fine it just looks a bit like a murder
scene right now so the first site I find is gonna take
four to five minutes you want to wait until the colors really nice golden
brown deep golden brown not a light golden brown and then the second side
will take less oh yeah look at that and just as a a tip
I’ve turned down the heat while I’m flipping these two so that it’s not as
aggressive check these out it looks so good and
they were so easy now what you’re looking for the skin should be dry like
if I rub the skin like you can kind of hear right like that it’s dry skin we
don’t even tip eclis serve these with any sauce it’s just so good on its own
again it’s like drinking food so this is dry and salty and then you’ve got your
beer so good now I’m gonna go with this Tom one mmm oh the smell of fried
chicken it’s like magic chicken I need a beer
where is my beer ah so good I mean this recipe really goes to show the magical
ingredient that fish sauce is I mean there’s basically one thing and the
flavor that comes out of it it’s just like it’s incredible I really really
want you to try it just so that you know how good fish sauce is and it’s it’s too
juicy and that’s the thing about wings there’s a lot of bones in there and the
bones help to keep the meat moist it’s just so good like Sokka
let me wrap off the show really quickly because I really want to finish my wing
so the recipe as always will be on hot Thai Kitchen come when you make it send
me a photo on Facebook Twitter or Instagram I am also on Pinterest as well
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description below and I’ll see you next time for your next delicious Thai meal one of the easiest fried chicken recipes
you’ll ever meet let’s get started so it’s beautiful

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  2. I've just made some and i didnt have rice flour on hand so i used corn flour instead. it was delicious! the only thing is, make sure the wings are dry before dusting them with the flour. i've dry off the wings as much as i could and i even used a large sieve to cover the pan to reduce the splattering and it still did splatter.

  3. OMG! What a coincidence! I just finished eating the pork belly (moo sam chan tod nam pla) version of this. It’s so mindblowing how tasty it is with just a tiny bit of fish sauce (and white pepper)! I'll make your peek gai version next! lol

  4. We have a similar recipe in Vietnam called "Cánh gà chiên nước mắm" which is Fried Chicken wings with Fish sauce. Slightly different, we mix fish sauce with mince garlic & chillies, lime juice and sugar in a separate bowl. We fry the chicken wings without marinate until the wings turns golden brown (some roll the chicken in corn starch or rice four, but I like to keep it simple, so I fry chicken wings just like that). When the wings turn golden brown, we quickly take them out and dip fully in the fish sauce that we repair earlier. Yummy yummy.

  5. …or… you can marinate them in a plastic bag or ziploc bag and skip the unnecessary step of turning them over….

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