Flamethrower Cooking!!

Flamethrower Cooking!!

– Hey guys, it’s Justine and today I’m with my friend Faruk. How are you?
– I’m well. How are you? – So we both did unboxing videos of our flamethrowers on our channel. I’ll put links in the
description to both of those. But today we are doing something um, a little different. – It’s a little picnic. – I’ve wanted to go on a picnic so bad. – Yeah. – And now we are. – We’ve been so busy editing
videos, we deserve it. – We do, we definitely do. We decided to go outside
and I’ve got some food here. So what’s gonna happen is we’re going to each choose some items so we’ll each take a turn, pick our favorite item and then we’re going to
cook those said items on our channels. – That’s perfect. – This is gonna be great Have you guys seen the
flamethrower though? Have you guys seen these yet? In case you guys haven’t seen ’em. Ooh-hoo-hoo, baby! Should we give ’em a little taste test? (hiss) (pop)
– Whoa, whoa, whoa. Mine is not behaving. (chortle) ♪Somebody call 911. ♪ Alright, let’s get cookin’. Do you wanna go first
and pick your first item? – May I? – Yes. – Alright, I’d like to pick salmon. – I love grilled cheese so I’m gonna take the grilled cheese. – I like to make some
baked potatoes hookahs. – So I’m gonna take this burger. (easy going jazzy music) – So now we have our items. Now it’s time to light them on fire. (laughs) I really have no idea
how this is gonna happen. We have so much propane. – Yeah. – We’re gonna be able to save the world. So in the course of this video, the sun is probably gonna go down, but it is what it is. The flames will only look brighter. So, I think the first thing I need to do, is I need to burn the
tags off of these items. This tank is probably gonna
be empty very shortly. – Yeah. (hiss) (pop)
(pop) (deep hiss) – That’s melting. That’s definitely melting. What’s the first item do
you think we should cook? – Hmm.
– Hmmmmm. I should probably keep my
eye on this burning tag. – Hot Dogs.
(gasps) Everybody loves hot dogs. – Everybody does love hot dogs. – What’s the secret for
a delicious hot dog? – You know I’m not sure, we’re gonna find out. But I think I’ve got an idea. What if we jam the hot dogs onto here? This was the best, oh my gosh! – Yeah. – There is cheese inside
of these hot dogs. There is cheddar cheese inside of here. I’ve never tried to
juggle hot dogs before, let’s see if it’s a thing. Oh wow, I can juggle hot dogs. This is incredible. The more you know. (in a British accent)
Let’s do it! (hiss) (deep hiss) (Faruk chuckles) Oh yeah, all that cheese, oh, these are cookin’ up
real quick, real nice. The cheese is starting to just like blow out of it. Like a volcano. Do you like yours well done? – Yes, please. – Cool. Oh no! There’s a wiener down. Okay, well I guess we’ll
put it on a hot dog bun. – Yeah, we have to. – Yeah. Here’s one for you. – Thank you. – Guess we just kind of– – Hmm they’re already pre-cut? – Yeah, this is lovely. – Mmm, it’s hot. Don’t eat it, do not– – I know, I’m not.
– Okay, I was like do not do that
– No. – ’cause I will throw up on right now. It smells cooked. – It’s delicious. – I feel like we should be going to like a baseball game or something now. Hot dogs. You can flamethrow them. You can throw flames on them. I’m not sure. – So I pretend ate it and I’m giving you a pretend 10 out of 10. Because how delicious,
that was really delicious. – Thank you. Let’s try to make an egg. (laughs) – Mmhm. – Right now, we’re gonna make eggs. I gotta preheat the pan to get it nice and ready (hissing) for cooking. Do you wanna get an egg ready? – Yeah. – Alright, get us an egg. Do you wanna crack the egg in there? Careful don’t get burned because that’s probably very hot. (eggshell cracks) Whoa! Okay look out, look out! (flame stutters) – Come on! – No! – Don’t you just hate it
when your flamethrower gives up right in the middle of cooking? (hiss) – I’m just gonna do this
until this tank runs out. This looks like the surface of a planet. That’s something.
– Cool. – That’s definitely cooked. – When you have friends coming over that you don’t want them– – To ever come back? – For too long in the house
(laughs) – Hey guys, brunch is here. You know, you know what we should do? Let’s throw that burger on there too since we’re down here. – This? – Yeah. Oop! Right on top of the egg. Look’s it’s cookin’.
– It’s already cooking – It’s sizzlin’. Listen to that. (sizzling) (hiss) How do ya like your burger? – Medium-well. – Me too. – It’s amazing. – That egg is still cookin’. I think the egg is
startin’ to catch on fire. So I’m basically running this tank out and you can also see that the
tank is starting to freeze up. – Yeah. – Do you think that, is that bad? This tank is definitely frozen. – It smells awesome by the way. And by that I mean terrible.
(laughs) – It smells so bad. – Let’s see. – This is actually almost well done. Cook that burger! (pop) (hiss) – Whoa! (hissing continues) – Here let me flip it. (easy going jazzy music) (hissing intensifies) Here’s our burger. Look at this. Ew, like this pan is so hot. Ick! Alright, let’s cook something else. – Oh, I think it’s time to pop corn. – I feel like we’re supposed to put oil or something in the pan but there’s enough oil
in there from that burger that this will do whatever it needs to do. (popcorn kernels ting against pan) Popcorn in! I’ll tell you what, these
things are not safe. (hiss)
See you’ve gotta be facing up. The problem. (hissing continues) Is it popping? – Not yet. – Do you think we should both do it? – Side by side. (hiss) How is this not popping yet? – Popping!
– Yes! – Popping! – There it goes! There it is. We’re making popcorn! Like, we’re gonna use a whole tank trying to pop popcorn. But it’s happening. It’s definitely I mean, there’s popcorn all over the place and it’s getting caught on fire. (popcorn popping) (hissing and popping continue) (easy going jazzy music continues) (laughs)
Oh my god. – That is amazing. – There is popcorn, it smells so good. (hissing, popping, and music continue) Ah, it’s hitting me in the head. Can you believe this right
now, what’s happening? This is not how I thought my Thursday, Saturday, Fri, what’s today? Okay. I think we can officially
say the popcorn worked. – It did work. (music continues) – Uh. (blows on flamethrower) Off. (popping and music continue) (nervous laugh) It’s not turning off. (hissing intensifies)
Oh god! Guys I can’t turn mine,
mine won’t turn off. – [Producer] Is it on fire? (easy going jazzy music) – I may have burned my fake grass but that’s okay. It’s all for the sake of art. There is popcorn everywhere. (popcorn popping) I guess we’ll just throw
these Pop Tarts in there. – Yeah, why not? – Oh my god, I love Pop Tarts. Do you wanna bite, Faruk? – No I’m good, thank you. – Oh my god this is a great Pop Tart. These are S’more’s Pop Tarts by the way. I’m tryin’ to put the fire out. I definitely ruined my grass. (egg smacks pan) Have you ever put a fire out with eggs? (laughs) (egg shells crack) ♪ We don’t need no water
let the popcorn– ♪ – Burn
♪ Burn my grass. ♪ The best part of about all of
this, is we have flamethrowers and we have a fake fire hydrant. It’s not real. My dog pees on this. – Which is totally fine
because the grass is fake too. – Who would have them come and be like, can you replace a very
small piece of my grass? Oh yeah, I was making
popcorn in my backyard and it caught on fire. Time to open my young
chicken with my machete. (plastic crinkles) For being this massive
it’s very ineffective. Oh gosh now there’s
chicken juice everywhere. (plastic crinkles) – One slice of cheese
or two slices of cheese? So two. The secret to great
chilled sandwich is butter. – Oh yeah. – Yeah, this is my family secret actually. – Do you think your family’s ever used a flamethrower to make a grilled cheese? – No, we didn’t have
flamethowers back then. – How are we even gonna do this? Should we just like take turns burning it? – Yes, we should take turns. – This may be empty after
our popcorn excursion. (hiss)
Oh yep, that’s promising. (humming The Chicken Dance) You guys can’t see it but he is crispy. He’s got a crispy bottom. I’m gonna get to the front – Yeah. – So you might wanna move over here. (easy going jazzy music) Who would have thought? Fake grass and flames don’t mix. How is that bread not caught
on fire yet is surprising. – Nicely toasted.
(laughs) – Are you joking? Is it actually toasted?
– No, no, I wasn’t joking I mean, I see that this
part go burned but. – Yeah, a little bit crisp. (music continues) (hiss)
Yes! That’s what we’re talkin’ about! (steady hissing) I mean, I think that’s good enough. – [Faruk] Yeah. – It’s not like we’re gonna eat it. You ready to see perfection? – See I told you. – You’re right! It actually looks really good. – Yeah, the corner is burnt but– – It’s a little crisp but yeah, look at that. And he probably needs to be
cooked a little bit more. This little leg didn’t get very tan. This one’s nice and crispy. (Faruk laughs) This is somethin’ that happened today. – Yep.
– A lot of things have happened. We burned my grass, but there’s still more fun to
be had over on your channel. – Yes. Now we will use different food and see how they behave
against our flamethrowers. – Well guys thank you
so much for watching. Hope you enjoyed this video. Make sure you go check out his channel. There is more cooking
fun to be had over there. This was amazing, we had so much fun. Thank you so much for joining me for this. – Thank you so much for having me. – Yes. – This is probably once in a
lifetime experience, right? – Well, I mean, we’ve
got two flamethowers now. – Yeah, like– – So this can happen anytime. – I meant the first one, yeah. – That’s true. Well guys, we’ll see you later. Thanks for watching. Bye! – Bye – Happy burning. (laughs) (easy going jazzy music)

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