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  1. She is educated and well to do. Definately doing the youtube video took off but luck and marketing plays a big portion of it. Her husband definately has marketing abilities. There are many channels on youtube with food how many of those people landed a cooking channel gig? She is also a pretty face. I wish her all the best. They deserve it.

  2. hard work and dedication always pays off… and I just love your introduction at the beginning of your video Hi! guys

  3. I love laura i try to make it and cook like she do but fail 😉 but is ok i like to try again and again love u 😁

  4. Sure u r the first I search when I want to make something. Even my 5 year and 10 year girls always watching ur channel. Love all what u do there. :*

  5. just feeling jealous right now.. depression sucks, I feel I'll never be successful as they have become. It's great she has a partner to share all this with. Grr.

  6. hi there I'm interested … I Hope I also CA see if I am there.Ya'll have a Beautiful Baby Girl and I love it…

  7. I've watched this before but I love watching it again! These two work incredibly well together. They complement each other so well. The love is there and that's most important. Love you guys!!!

  8. wish you both all the best at what you are doing. A huge fan from Canada. Started following you a few weeks back and a huge fan already.

    watched almost 200 videos already. wanting to watch rest of them soon. Havent had the chance to make any yet. But will do so in the near future. Wish you both All the Very best for your cooking show. And look forward to seeing new videos/recipes as your channel grows. 😉

  9. hi i love watching you cooking vlogs and your right when i want to find a good recipe i look you up first cause your so amazing to watch and i love and enjoy watching everything you do on your chanel keep up the amazing recipes 100%

  10. Laura, I just want to congratulate you on all your success, you are Awesome, I have not seen a lot of your shows yet but I have seen some of them , I had to turn off cable, do not miss it at all but internet is great, I am a single mom with a teenager, I love to cook, love watching cooking videos when I can, I enjoy cooking so much, I play music, have fun while cooking, love to see my son enjoying my food. I am so thankful for people like you who also loves to cook, I love getting ideas, I think about food constantly, I love the textures, the smells, I love to see the finished product! I will be watching more of your videos for sure, thank-you so much! P.S Congratulations on your baby, she is so beautiful!

  11. it is easy receipes and she down to earth.feels like ur in kitchen with her.love apples and cheesecake.

  12. thankyou mum wasnt patient with me when teaching me cook.so i lack cooking skills.ur like a sister teaching me cook.

  13. I always use Laura’s recipes for ANYTHING. Every time I have a potluck or I’m attending hospitality, I can trust that my dish will be the most discussed because it’s Laura’s. Thank you 🙂

  14. Hi Laura and family, I'm new to your channel. I was looking for some different kinds of meals to cook that is more healthy than I was making. I love you and the foods I have learned from you. You are Great! Keep it going and I will be here ready to learn.

  15. I bought three of your cookbooks, one for me and one for each of my children…I am Italian and I love food…watching you reminds me of when I was growing up with your stories. I am passionate about my cooking and love of food and it seems it is similar to the way I feel..My children asked me to make a cookbook of my recipes, but for the meantime, I gave them your cookbook! thank you !

  16. Every time I cook something I view Lauras video for it. I then take a picture of it and post on to my Facebook page with a THANK YOU TO LAURA VITALE. Also everyone at the dinner table thanks Laura too! Im so grateful for Laura……I now love cooking for anyone that will eat!!
    Paul Mendrinas wife…Margaret

  17. Such a beautiful couple and I can't believe I've been following Laura since she started her channel I didn't know that I came past her channel while randomly searching you the and her channel popped up I remember her intro drew me in from the music to the pics of food she made and then her intro always is hey guys I'm Laura vitale and so bubbly and I thought one day I'm going to be like Laura and her recipes are easy to follow and they work all the time I can't fault her recipes I'm a sucker for her donuts lol soooo fluffly and light a must try

  18. I love the fact that your thumb nails are what you cook/bake. Because I hate when you see a recipe in a magazine and you make it & it does not look the same in. I am a newer view for you & have made at lest 5 of your recipes & they have all worked out perfect! Thank you

  19. Love these two to death! Hi Joe, so nice to see you again. I watch every single episode, share some and have made a few dishes. Laura you are the Best!! #laurainthekitchen #lauravitale

  20. Your cooking show is one of the best on You Tube. You explain your recipes very well, and visually, you make each and every one accessible. Keep up the great work!

  21. Been a fan for a long time but kind of a new recipe maker/baker. Started a couple years ago looking for recipes and found your channel. I like that I can see what you need FIRST to make the dish, and you explain everything really well. I am making the breakfast casserole as we speak. Keep up the great work, great seeing both of you, seeing your support, and how this started for you, had no idea. I appreciate your channel, and THANK YOU so much for making cooking and baking fun for me. HUGE MINNESOTA HUGS, Janine <3

  22. laura u r so sweet. i really like u m ur food idea. u r outstanding. eveyrtime i watch ur videos i wamna try the food but sometimes i dont have the recipes so i get lazy to get them. but keep going hun. u r a model of a professional Chef.

  23. Oh my goodness, Laura I love you girl. A HUGE fan. Your story is very inspiring. I love your drive and that your husband supports you. Can you help with buffalo wings and potatoes wedge . Thanks so much.

  24. Your channel is "ON POINT"! It's my go to channel when I am looking for a recipe because its so easy to follow your instruction….Love It!!!

  25. You guys are great, one of my three absolutely beloved cooking channels. Other two are Akis Kitchen and AlmazanKitchen (cooking channel without commentary, just sound of cooking any kind of meal in the forest). Check them out if you don't know them.

  26. I have a question you said you were homemade vanilla extract I would like to make my own how do I do it do you have a segment on it let me know I want to make some myself please help me thank you

  27. I love your channel. I'm surprized you and your husband don't each weigh a ton. You couldn't possibly eat all that food you make if your doing a receipe a day. I am 62 years old and am learning more all the time watching you. Thank you.

  28. I just want to let the two of you know that every dish I look for that Laura makes I follow her method and recipe.
    Thank you for being a great and easy to follow teacher.

  29. I am not your normal demographic: I am a 66 year old grandma with a lot of cooking experience. But it is always nice to add something new to the recipe book. I like that you don't use exotic ingredients that I might not have handy or know where to purchase. I have made many of Laura's recipes and have not been disappointed yet.

  30. You always have such great recipes. My question is. What did you do with all that food when you were doing three & four episodes a day?

  31. I like that you are simple and real. The way you explain is to the point and non intimidating. I change channel if a cook is not dressed appropriately. Like one cook on food network.
    Thank you sharing your recipes.

  32. I love you all. My daughter and nieces all love you. I am so refreshed and touched by your honesty and openness towards Laura in the Kitchen. I’m so happy that you decided that this was more than a happy accident. The planning and determination—the heartfelt desire and follow through—it all honestly brings tears to my eyes because this is now so much bigger than you. It’s the drive. It’s making your dream work in unconventional ways and thriving. I could fish more, but I really need to compose myself. You have no idea how much my family has learned from you. You’re the “touchable game” that everyone can relate to and aspire to. Okay, I’d better post this and just keep watching, but I am so glad that this video came up because in all the years that I’ve watched you, I never saw this one.

  33. I am following your show….Laura's vegetable broth recipe was great…I found it better than Martha's…..now, I logg in into Laura's videos regularly when I need to cook….it is great: I get to log in into Laura's kitchen and pick up the know-how….besides I found Laura very pleasant looking and likable….her spontanaety and personalized style of presentation is making me always to log in back when I need to cook something….it is like visiting your frien or neigbor in her kitchen and asking for advice….

  34. 13-17 years audience … 3:) that mean boys in puberty waching Laura … you see how she liking down in shame when he is theling taht part. shame on you

  35. More mac and cheese recipes are a must and pasta with cream and cheese sauces and more tortellini and creamy soups

  36. "Hi Guys" It's great to finally meet you Joe.I havn't been watching for long but I'm loving the videos and the recipes.I'm retired but my wife is still teaching so she is getting a little variety in her diet now.I wish you guys much success!

  37. Is anybody really asking questions for interview regarding ur food or u people are just making questions and answers rounds??????? 😂😂😂😂😂

  38. I love your channel Laura so a huge THANK YOU for you and Mr. Laura explaining how your channel became to be.

  39. It's great to see you with ur hubby, does he cook also?? If so ..great, if not ..that's cool also. Do more episodes together, beautiful couple.. Gbu

  40. Nice video and thanks for posting. What a handsome man and intelligent and soft-spoken as well. Your daughter is a beautiful byproduct!

  41. Laura your gorgeous and talented keep going love watching and re creating your dishes all the best 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🙏🙏🙏🙏😻

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