72 thoughts on “Former Governor Jan Brewer pranked by Sacha Baron Cohen”

  1. defending your Racist State of Arizona is not an attack. Arizona Sucks. Defend it all you want, it sucks living there any ways.

  2. So is Arpaio in the habit of agreeing to statements that he doesn't understand?
    That's a great quality in a public figure.

  3. Sigh.. this new network is almost as bad as fox news.. y'all shouldn't try to defend them by saying it's edited or they were uncomfortable, they said that they said, not under distress ota forcing of..

  4. About time somebody pointed out how stupid az politicians are, you can tell these people are nothing but puppets with their own agenda.. Funny how the news says its edited to try and save face, the damage is already done. Sacha the GOAT

  5. When politicians are filtered for greed and obedience to the wealthy you get raw honesty, corruption and insanity at some point. We are there now.

  6. arizona has so much to offer…like a Big Hole in the ground…called " Grand Canyon " and that pretty much sum it up.

  7. SBC a Charlie Chaplin (The Dictator) Troubadour . . Minstrel .. (commedia Delll' Arte Shakespeare eg; The porter (drunk) etc . Essential .

  8. I find it deliciously funny that Cohen can illicit more honest answers from who he interviews than professional interviewers!

  9. It's wrong to edit the videos produced by Sacha Cohen and mute some of its words, and so changing the meaning of the dialog.
    The original video from Sacha Cohen:
    Unboxing w/ Joe Arpaio' Ep. 4 Official Clip | Who Is America? | SHOWTIME

  10. that mayor is seriously twisted. its not cohen's fault or an "attack" that her constituents don't understand / accept the concept of the religious freedoms we have in this country. get it together arizona!!

  11. An attack on your community? Well your community is full of raging inbred racists so the "attack" was probably intentional and definitely deserved.

  12. Don't worry Kingman, grand wizard trump is building a space force to thwart such attacks on your community. Space force space force! Force space with a tic-tac in your face!

  13. Gotta love Sacha Baron Cohen! He is the ultimate king of pranks! I love the victims he chooses. I would love to see him prank Pauly D. That would be a lasting prank war!

  14. This is Amerikkka is a song by Childish Gambino. Who is Amerikkka? Is Sashas movie. Get the facts straight ya bunch of lame Motherfuckers.

  15. "This wasn't a spoof, this was an attack on our community." Your community is filled with racist terrorists and if they exist, then it's your fault and the rest of the "community's" fault for not checking them.

  16. If you're stupid or have atrocious ideas Baron Cohen exposes that. He goes after everyone, some people come out unscathed and some destroyed.

  17. You edited the “blow” job part out of the clip at 2:00, your news crew is a shame and a bunch of frauds.

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