Foundations of Salad – with Hilah Cooking

Foundations of Salad – with Hilah Cooking

– What’s up everyone. Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and I’m on the road. I’m here in Los Angeles, and I’m in the second most
magical place on earth. Not Disneyland, but I’m in the
kitchen of my friend, Hilah. Tck-tck-tck-tckhhhh! So magical. ♫ Ahhhhh ♫
– I just appeared like that. (lively, bouncy strumming music) – So Hilah’s invited me into her kitchen. I’m super excited because we’re gonna do our second collaboration. The last time I was in Hilah’s kitchen, it was a different lookin’ kitchen. – Yep. – And here we are. Look how far we’ve come. – All the way to California. (laughing) – So thanks for having me, and today we’re going to learn how to make a couple different
kinds of salad dressing, and every time I’m at
Hilah’s for like a brunch or anything in the past, her salads are always the best. So this is actually real. This isn’t just like, me, yoga, trying to be healthy. I was like, “How do you
make your dressing?” So we’re like, “That’s what we should do.” So, it’s comin’ from a real place here. Alright. – OK, so. – Let’s get started. – The first thing I
thought I would show you is how to do like a
classic French vinaigrette where you toss the salad with the dressing while you make the dressing so it’s like super fast. So if you like a little
bit of a garlic touch. Touch of garlic. We’ve got our salad bowl here, and I’ve got just a
garlic clove that I’m just gonna sort of rub it on
the inside of the bowl. And this makes it mild. You know, it’s not gonna be
like garlic breath galore. Like, haaaaah. – Wow. – But it’s nice, and then you
don’t have to mince anything. But of course, you can
totally save these garlics and throw them in a pot of
soup or a stir fry or whatever. – Yeah. – So, but see. – Wow, yeah didn’t even peel it. You just broke it. Wow. – Aroma. – You’re already impressing me. I mean, I’m always impressed, but I’m like, “OK.” OK, cool. – So then classic French ratio is three parts oil to one part vinegar. – OK. – Three to one so, three O’s to one V. – Cool. – That’s slightly sexual if you get it, but if you don’t, just
forget I said anything. – I’m tryin’ to get it now. Oh, got it. (laughing) – So we’re gonna do, we’ll try that so you
can see what you think, but I think you can always make more. A lot of times I’ll do like
three parts oil to two parts vinegar to make it a little
bit more tangy, but– – OK. Three O’s to one V, yeah got it. – We’ll do like a tablespoon of oil, and then a teaspoon of vinegar. And that can be lemon juice. Anything acid. I like to use apple
cider vinegar unfiltered, ’cause then you get all the
good probiotics and stuff. – Yeah. – But like balsamic or
whatever will work too. – [Adriene] Super good for you. OK, so we have options here. – Yeah, yeah. Anything like lemon juice, any kind of vinegar. The only thing I would say
is like a lot of the fruit vinegars, like peach
vinegar and fig balsamic, a lot of times they have sugar in ’em. So if you’re tryin’ to
stay away from sugar, just check the label and make sure they didn’t add sugar. – What about like a red wine vinegar? – Totally. Or a champagne vinegar. – OK, cool. – Like honestly, I think
any kind of vinegar. – Cool. – Maybe not plain white vinegar. That might be a little strong. Anything else I think is good. And then I like to do a little pepper, kind of a coarse ground pepper. – And already, the fact
that you’re putting this in the bottom of the bowl. I’m like, pcckooowww! Like mind blown, ’cause
that’s always a tricky thing. And I don’t want to get ahead here, but like when you’re putting it on top, and then you gotta unnhhh, so– – Yeah. I’m gonna save
the salt for afterwards. And then, this, you know
a few handfuls of greens. I mean you could
definitely do enough salad for two people with just
that little amount of oil and vinegar that we put in here. So when you throw your greens on top and anything you want,
and then just use this or some tongs or whatever. And you’re just tossing it
to get everything coated until every leaf is
kind of shiny and glossy and covered in your oil and vinegar. And I’ve got some little herbs here. I really love to add fresh
herbs to a salad like this– – Mhmm. Yeah, it’s so beautiful. – So like, let’s throw in some dill. And tarragon is another
one that I really like. Parsley. I’ve got some parsley there. Basil. Rosemary would probably
be a little too strong. But any of the sort of light– – The one herb I have a
plethora of at my house– – I know. – You’re saying is too strong. – No, it’s totally true. Rosemary is just like,
“I’ll grow everywhere.” – It’s like a good intro. – Yeah. – Like I remember being
in college and being like, “Oh, brilliant.” I was so grateful. – I can grow something. – Yeah. I can put something in, you know, I still use it. So, it’s good. – And then we’ll do just
some salt at the end, and I guess the reason
I do the salt at the end is kind of get the leaves all
coated in the oil and vinegar and then if you put
the salt on after that, the salt’s not directly
touching the leaves. So, I think that maybe
it stays fresh longer ’cause you’re not having
the salt draw the moisture out of the leaves quite as directly. – Yeah. – So, there we go. There is one super simple salad. Should I get a fork? – Yeah. – [Hilah] Two forks. – I love it. So the garlic on the bottom, and then just building from the bottom up. It’s like our yoga. (gasping) Building from the bottom up– – Foundations. – Seriously. – OK, so then you taste it, and you see if you want to add more salt or pepper or whatever. – Get the most. (laughing) The hardest to eat. Cheers. – Cheers. – Mmm. – You see. – Mmm. – And that’s normally
what I do for dinner. And then it’s really fast. – And like, if you’re workin’ on dinner, and you’re in the zone, and you know what to do, I’m sure that takes no time. – Yeah, if I’m not like
talking the entire time, it’s really fast. – If you’re not talking the whole time and I’m not interrupting you. That’s good. I love that. I’m gonna do that. I don’t know why I don’t do that. It’s like I have all these things too. – And it’s like four ingredients. – At home. – Yeah. OK, so I’m gonna put this
aside and then we’ll make one that you can keep in a jar
if that’s more your style. That you could just like mix it up and keep it in the fridge
for a couple weeks. So I’ve got a little bit of orange juice. I’m gonna add a couple teaspoons of oil. This one has a lot less oil. So if you’re watching
your oil then that’s good. And I’m using extra virgin olive oil, but you can totally use anything you like. Salad dressing is a really good time to use like super fancy walnut oil, stuff like that that has a nice flavor. So you don’t want to cook with
really nice oils like that because it kind of messes
up the nuance flavor. But if you eat them raw on a salad. – I don’t think I’ve ever
done anything with walnut oil. But I noticed once I
think in your old kitchen that you had avocado oil. – Mhmm. That one’s really mild, but it’s good too. I’m gonna add a little
bit of minced garlic. So I just did, so that
was orange juice, oil, a little bit of vinegar. And I’ve got this recipe on my website. – This one’s in your book too, right? – And it’s in my book, yeah. – Mine as well say that. This one’s in her book. – Cookbook that is. – Your cookbook. (giggling) – That I wrote. That I dun wrote. – Learn to Cook, it’s awesome actually. This is gonna inspire me
to go back in there too. – It’s a funny book. – So, we’ll put the link down below ’cause yeah, that’s the thing, is I think people don’t
realize about your book. You know everyone tries to
do their own spin and stuff but like your writing and your
sense of humor is so good. It’s worth it. It makes it like, “Oh,
you’re gonna cook something “and do something nice for someone.” Or that’s usually when
I’m looking in a cookbook when I’m tryin’ to impress someone or do something special. ‘Cause I kind of grew up cooking. But, it’s always a fun joy
when you get entertained. It’s like a little treat. – Yeah, it’s like, “Hey, it doesn’t have
to be boring as shit.” – Yeah, it should be fun. – Ooh, I said the S-H word. – It should feel good. No, I’ll be safe. – OK. Alright, shit’s OK. – Yeah. – I’m gonna add a little bit of mustard. Some grainy mustard. You could use any kind of yellow mustard, and this is a little thing too. A little salt and pepper. Whenever you’re doing a
little made ahead vinaigrette like this, adding a little
bit of mustard or honey, those are both emulsifiers
so they help to hold the acid and the oil together so your dressing doesn’t separate as much. – Mmmmm. – But you will have to shake it. You definitely will have to shake it, you know every time you use it, but it won’t separate quite as much. And it’ll come together
a little bit easier. So then, want to shake it? – Yeah, I was hoping you would ask. (laughing) Right. Cool. – There. – Man, and I love mustard. – A little orange juice. And what’s really cool
about using citrus juice in salad dressing is if you
put it over like spinach or cooked beans or something, then that Vitamin C
helps you absorb the iron that’s in the beans. – Yeah, I’m getting into that. – Here. And I think if you wanted
to add some dried herbs or something to this, like
I think oregano or basil would be really nice with the orange and then we just pour a little over. – How long could I keep it in the fridge? – This could easily stay
for a week or longer. Maybe ten days even. – Awesome. – I mean it’s not gonna go bad ’cause the acid kind of preserves it. – Mhmm. – But it just probably would
lose some of its fresh flavor if you’re like, “Here’s some
fermented salad dressing”– – Here’s some homemade
dressing I made last year. (laughing) Mmmmm. – So I’ll just mix it up with my germy fork. Here you go. (laughing) – Alright, shall we? OK. – Two leaves. – Cheers. – Cheers. Mmm. – Mmmmmm. – I love that one. – Shut up. – Like we just made that. – We just made that with our bare hands. Well I, not really. – You shook it. – I shook it with my bare hands. Dude. – It’s good, right? It’s like light. – It’s good. And I feel like people
are gonna make fun of me and might even make fun of
this like, “Oh, I know that.” But, I mean if I cook regularly and I’ve never made my own dressing, there are so many people out there who would probably be like, “Oh yeah, I can do this.” – Yeah. – And again, I have all
these things, you know. – Yeah, all the time. – In my kitchen. – Yay. – Well awesome. That was so good. – I’m glad to help you teach you things. – Thank you so much. This came from, I really wanted to learn, and it’s so easy and so simple, but so rewarding. Alright guys, that’s it. Thanks again Hilah. If you’re interested in the recipes, they’re down below. If you want to check out Hilah’s book, check out the link below. Tell us your experience
with making your own salads or if you have a favorite salad recipe, or even another dressing
recipe, share it with us in the comments down below. Send questions in too
for myself or for Hilah. Keep it clean ’cause we’re clean eating. Just kidding. And we’ll see ya next time. Take good care. – Bye. – Bye. Namaste with the salad. The light in me bows to the light in you. I’m gonna regret that. (laughing) (lively strumming, drumming)

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