Founders Brewing Co. Nitro Beer

Founders Brewing Co. Nitro Beer

Smooth like LL Cool J and soft like a
baby’s butt It’s smooth it’s really smooth it’s so creamy delicious and
smooth Hi everybody Marklyn here from the
Education Department education coordinator next to me John. Hi I’m John Gautraud I’m a lead education ambassador. Today we are talking about nitro beer so you
may be wondering what the difference between most carbonated beers and nitro
beers are and it’s the gas that we choose to use. Instead of using
traditional co2 or carbonation to carbonate the beer we use nitrogen to nitrogenate the beer instead now nitrogen does not like to hang out in a liquid
solution for long periods of time so as soon as you open that cap handle you’re
allowing a release for that nitrogen so as soon as it hits the glass that
nitrogen actually is allowed to escape and have that kind of layering effect
and you know provide and build that large head on the top of the glass that
cascading effect you know that beautiful layering that they have when they’re
pouring it’s really that nitrogen that’s basically like escaping the liquid and
kind of layers up on the top there so all this beautiful dark Oatmeal Stout in
here is gonna be really creamy and smooth on your palate because most of
those little nitrogen bubbles are now on top forming this head on the beer. I think it’s like raspberry and ice cream had a baby super creamy it’s like falling asleep on clean sheets it feels like there’s just a cloud dancing upon
my tongue in the most gentle way nitrogen bubbles are much smaller than
bubbles found in carbon dioxide so it’s actually a smaller bubble which actually
creates a smoother texture and there’s actually more beer that’s hitting your
tongue at a time versus a carbonated beer so if you’re
wondering if a Nitro Rubaeus or carbonated Rubaeus would pair differently
with food I would say yes the carbonation those big bright bubbles can
kind of cut into spicy food or even a real fatty dish if your eating dark meats. It can help strip away some of the fats from your tongue and I think that
the sweet and tartness on the nitro version of our Rubaeus is a little bit
more subtle so maybe especially now that it’s kind
of warm outside some of those real subtle
you know like fruit-forward like salads or dishes might actually do better with
a nitrogenated version it’s a nice palate cleanser for me to kind of
refreshes my tastebuds prepares me for whatever’s next. It’s like a nice crisp toasty breakfast in the morning just liquefied under this glass of deliciousness Sweet and breezy tastes like a perfect summer’s eve Nitro Rubaeus feels like if a beer and a smoothie went on a nice romantic date and then the beer gets a little frisky and invites the smoothie back to his place and then
stuff happens and that’s what you get the flavor profile is it’s kind of like
10,000 tiny angels dancing on your tongue and then leaving the party all at
the same time it’s like a beautiful roadtrip that never ends and the gas is paid for by your friends.

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  1. Sounds great!! I live 100 miles south of you guys,now but still drink Founders in my local hotspot… Coppertop

  2. Just wanted to make sure you know, that since you decided to leave the GR Chamber, I've decided my dollars will not longer be going into your pockets. You made a choice, I made mine, and when the political winds blow the other way, and they will because they always do, I'll be sure to stop your customers at the door then, to remind them what your company values are.

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