Four City Brewing – Episode 1: “Community and Beer: Opening a Brewery”

♪♪♪ We decided to name it “Four City Brewing” mainly because it encompasses the four cities: Orange, East Orange, South Orange, West Orange. The four cities. So, we want it to be Essex county. Each town has strengths and differences and diversity so the hope is on the creative side – we want to create beers and identities for each of the four, but they all work together. There are lots of opportunities to collaborate because that’s really what it is at the end of the day. The whole idea is the beer is a backdrop for the community. Building the community we’re hoping will change the narrative. I want it to be positive news: Having a brewery; Having people come in; Locally sourced beer; Local people; We’re going to work with local ingredients. We just feel that it’s an industry that’s ready to go. Beer is just as complex as wine is. And the new styles and pushing the limits of it is just fantastic. All this stuff you can do with beer – it’s not just your typical Budweisers and Coors and Millers anymore – there’s more malts and hops and adjuncts that you can add to the beer that really make these flavors pop in the beer and fun to drink. Why beer? Beer is the new wine. Beer pairings with food. Beer is exciting right now. As I said at one time, “Flavored beer. It’s going to be the new thing.” And here we are drinking IPAs that have citrus character, but it’s all from the hops. We’re going to be brewing some pretty cool, fun beers, not a lot of – we will do some traditional stuff I’m sure throughout the year – but we’re going to do a lot of fun stuff and we need a place for you guys to come and drink it that’s fun and cool and laid back and chill and a really nice place to go and hang out and do that. So please join us on our journey as we open our brewery, create a vibrant taproom and build community through craft beer. And we’ll see you at the taproom. Cheers!

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