Four City Brewing – Episode 2: “Behind the Brewery”

♪♪♪ Hello. Hi. I’m Roger Apollon, Jr. I am, I like to say, the Creative Director of the brewery, but I’m also going to be lifting lots of bags and helping out with the brewing process. I’m a school teacher by day, but I also sing in a band – a few bands, but, Rude Boy George being the main one, and Heavensbee. I try to run a record label, with moderate success, but I think I’ll have a better job doing the brewery! Anthony Minervino, aka Juggwise, (illegible “chat”) (Roger: this is where the subtitles come in) Yeah, I’m a firefighter, in Bloomfield, New Jersey. I’m Captain now, and I’ve been home brewing for a bit. And we’ve been doing this Brew Council thing where we have a bunch of beer geeks getting together with some bottles and we had a couple of home brewers in there, and we got together and made it happen with this beer. We were like “hey, we should do a brewery” and that’s what we did. I also DJ. Lyrics – reggae is my thing, hip hop, and a couple bands, that’s what I do by night, daytime fire fighting and brewing some awesome beer and I joined up with these two guys and I’m about to make this happen. Hello, I’m Jeff Gattens. By day I work in IT support for a private bank. By night I like to brew beer and do water chemistry and malt chemistry. I’ve been doing this for about ten years with beer and I met these guys about a year ago, officially, and now we’re going to join forces and do this brewery thing. I’m also a musician, which is kind of cool that that the three of us do music (Anthony: “Brewsic”) I’m a drummer by trade, I’ve played in a couple of bands, and this thing is going to be fantastic. And fun. And crazy. Roger: And crazy. But mostly fun. Anthony: Beer!

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