French chef Jean Imbert and his grandma cook crème caramel | Vogue Paris

French chef Jean Imbert and his grandma cook crème caramel | Vogue Paris

Hey, Grandma! Yes? Beautiful. Classic, but very good. Hello Vogue, welcome to Granny’s. I’ll take you to the kitchen, let’s go. This is Vogue. Hello. Come on, let’s go, let’s do some cooking. So, what are we going to do… what are we going to do, Grandma? A crème caramel. I’ll make the caramel. You never weigh anything? Never. How do you know you’ve put enough in? I don’t know, I’ll see. Now we’ll heat it. And you do everything on the fly? Yes, always. So, it’s because you don’t want to give me the recipe. Yes, yes, I will give it to you. It’s not hard anyway. So I put four eggs in, I have to break them properly. There are always a few bits of eggshell in Mamie’s crème caramel. A few bits of eggshell, a hair or two, it’s the vibe You’re exaggerating. Yes, I’m sorry. Do you need any help? I’m not doing anything. No, you don’t have to do anything. It’s not that complicated. You’ll be here for another hour, just so you know. Now for the milk, I just put as much as I feel, that’s it, like that, that’s it. A little vanilla extract. Shall we mix? Yes. The book, in reality, even though
Grandma says she weighs nothing and it’s true, it’s… the book, we have… I got her to taste everything again to get precise recipes. And that’s it, it’s all about the life here, all my youth, all my childhood,
and it continues. The crème caramel is done. You’ve been making me think for so many years
that the recipes are super complicated and it’s done in two seconds. We’re waiting for the caramel to become caramel. That’s the inspiration, this kitchen, this tiling, this stove, these old dishes,
that’s all this life here. When he was very young,
he already loved cooking, you could feel that he was getting
to the maximum of what he could do. I actually liked the idea
of arriving at Grandma’s and that there was always something. It wasn’t a dessert, which means that
we could arrive at 7 a.m., at 4 p.m. we would finish soccer and visit in the evenings, there were always pies lying around, or a crème caramel that we would eat secretly. But Grandma loves it,
she pretends she can’t see, but she loves it when you steal a piece of pie. That’s for sure. Look, it’s starting to turn brown. Yes. You’re building the suspense, Mamie. It’s like a Spielberg movie. Let’s leave it. We’re letting it cool down a little. It’s very hard isn’t it? Just as it should be Is there enough water? Yes, it’ll be fine. Did you put a timer on? No. How do you know
it’s only 15 minutes, 20 minutes? I’ll be there in 10 minutes, 15 minutes,
I’ll see what it’s like. It’s really all at random. I think it’s ready. Come on, let’s take it through. Yes. Can you bring a knife? Yes. Mamie, what are you up to? Come on, Are we going to taste this crème caramel or not? We eat it hot, though. – I’d advise you to let it…
– Cool down a little bit. Yes. Actually, the caramel’s not melted enough yet. We have to wait a little while,
but it’s good. Very good. Yes. Yes. Hey, Grandma! Yes ? Beautiful. I like that rabbit terrine a lot. And you? I love it. Thank you, Vogue, for coming.

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  1. Oh I loved it so much. Having a sweet relationship with your grandparents is one of the special joys in life. He is very blessed. x

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