Fresh Meals Available at George Brown’s Student Food Bank

Fresh Meals Available at George Brown’s Student Food Bank

waste were a country it would be the third largest in the world. Our job is feeding people but
also utilization fully from the soil to the plate. [music] NICHOLAS PERSAUD-DANIELS: Last
fall Chef Inniss approached me with an issue we were
having with left-over meals in classrooms. We of course want to be
responsible and not waste any food so we came up with
an idea that the students would come to me for
packaging for the food; they would package the left-over
meals in class and then I would store it here for when the
food bank is ready to come and pick it up. CHEF SUSIE READING: When I
introduced it in my lab, there was very little convincing
on my part to the students. They embraced it immediately. Students are on a limited
budget when they’re attending school so any little bit helps. And then the model that we’re
doing here that all food has value and let’s reduce waste
as much as possible. That they can carry the model
we’re doing into wherever they end up. SARAH ROBINSON: Mostly we donate
if it’s not going to be food that we’re not going to
consume once we take it home. So I’m fortunate enough to have
a family who has food all the time so I just– I think it goes
to a better place if we are able to donate it to the college. KATHERINE VARGHESE: Well most
of the time I do donate my food simply ’cause I don’t get home
till evening and I don’t want the food to spoil so if somebody
else can access the food while it’s its freshest, why not? GREG PHILIP: For most people
coming to school is not an affordable experience. Also the cost of living
in Toronto as you know is skyrocketing high. Some might be cutting meals to
make it through so we exist for those reasons. So what comes from culinary
school is always top notch. The level of this will far
surpass expectations of what someone’s daily
intake should be. It could certainly
help an awful lot. Most people who are coming by,
they’re coming by ‘cause they need to. The thing– the battle is
to just try to have honest conversations about food
banks or anything else. People are afraid of stigma
and food bank is certainly no exception. So if somebody comes by, all
they’re really going to need is their current timetable,
their student ID. So I would just encourage them
if they really honestly feel they need it to come by. [music]

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  1. iwas not aware of this part when I was going to school there, it is not public enough made know, needs to be announced in the class rooms.

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