Fried Chicken | फ्राइड चिकन | Chef Ranveer Brar

Fried Chicken | फ्राइड चिकन | Chef Ranveer Brar

This story of ‘Fried Chicken”… This story is actually connected to one person named as Colonel Sanders. So Colonel Sanders.. He got into army, he got into farming. He did a lot of odd jobs and odd businesses. And at the age of 40, he thought of making “Fried Chicken.” Now Fried Chicken in Kentucky is not a big deal because Fried Chicken is extremely popular in Louisville, Kentucky and Nashville. And every Fried Chicken had their own speciality and that speciality was either in the marination or crumb or both. Now Colonel Sanders decided that his Fried Chicken was the best. And he also fought for that Fried Chicken. People said “That’s ours” His life was full of struggles. And he took his recipe for 1009 times to get it patent He took his recipe for 1009 times to get franchised. And he got rejected for 1009 times. It was only the 1010 time that Colonel Sanders could create the Fried Chicken that is known as the “Fried Chicken” today. I mean.. Not just in life but we also have to struggle in Fried Chicken. And it is the 1010 time that mattered and look at where Fried Chicken is now. Rolling & Action! So one of the best Fried Chicken I had was in Louisiana. And there.. There was this old woman approximately 90 years old. And her restaurant was approximately 60 years old. So she made this amazing recipe of a Fried Chicken, which was super crispy. So first dismember the chicken. Drumsticks and thigh separated. You know for me the story of Fried Chicken or any marination it’s like Saucery. We say that the person who used to mix the masalas were known as magicians, because you know little bit here and little there would never taste the same. And the dish which is based on it would never taste the same. And Fried Chicken’s marination is quite like that. Because it’s not like it just has garlic powder, onion powder, ginger powder or chilli powder. It’s about how all of them comes together. And that is the real saucery of a Fried Chicken. And the most important part is the ability to give time for the spices to kinda work on. So how many pieces did we get from one chicken?
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. So eight pieces to a chicken. Now we have to do the first brining. In it will be salt and buttermilk. Salt! Just an little hot sauce. So this is the first brine. This is chicken’s first brine. We have to keep chicken in this brine. Three hours of minimum brining is very important. What happens is.. The lactic acid present in buttermilk and natural ferments will tender the chicken. and most importantly the hot sauce, that’s the trick. The vinegar in hot sauce, that also acts as a tenderiser. So, after tenderising it for three hours, that’s when you pull the chicken back and work with it. Now, we have to make the seasoned flour. For the seasoned flour, paprika powder or degi red chilli powder, white pepper powder, onion powder, garlic powder and most importantly salt. Let’s get the chicken. Done! Now we have to dip the brined chicken in the flour. Coat the seasoned flour properly. it has to be coated in flour from everywhere. Nice! Put the wire rack, if you have. Because you don’t want the flour at the bottom to stick on it again. So I’m gonna act really fast so that the flour doesn’t stick on it. But if you have a cooling rack, you should use a cooling rack, it works better. It’s time for the second coating now. For which I’ll break the eggs You can use the same bowl, little a flour is not a big deal. After breaking the eggs, we have to season them as well. Again the same seasoning. Same, exact same seasoning. Cayenne pepper or degi red chilli powder, garlic powder, onion powder, a little bit of white pepper and salt. And done! Normally you do this in a bag, but I didn’t got the bag so I took the box. In this I have just seasoned the flour. Coated the chicken in the egg. Seasoned egg! Bag or box in this case! And here we go! Actually the reason you roll it in a bag is that it coats the chicken evenly. We’ll do that! You can see the texture of a Fried Chicken. Not too hot not too cold! I’m talking about the oil! Do no touch! Until the basic crust is formed, do not touch. Just because the wok is light, that’s why I’m just moving it so that it doesn’t stick at the bottom. That’s it! Otherwise please don’t! You know whenever I’m frying, I remember my grandmother used to say, whenever you’re frying, it should feel like it’s drizzling outside. That’s the kind of sound you should get. That’s the kind of sound I’m getting. Nice! You see that crust! Stove switched off! And here we go! Crispy on the outside and soft & juicy on the inside! Recipe is written down there! If it didn’t beat your favourite “Fried Chicken”, so I’ll shave off my moustaches!

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  1. Ek single fried wo bi corn egg and maida k Dip me hmmm

    Wait wait wait boss Ander tak chicken properly cook hua bi Hoga ???

    And stupid viewers don't go on colour and presentation and the expression of some one even m also not enemy of Ranver but put some Sence yr I have already tried same recepy before your video bus dikhne me hi bus KFC ki trah Lagta hai chicken Ander se juicy and soft Nahi banta .

  2. Sound of a rainfall n guitar at the background and this "Perfect fried chicken" is definitely gonna make good times.

  3. Bhai mume paani ageya aur T-shirt bhi geela ho Gaya
    Aur aap jab bolte ho mai khane ki baat kar raha ho not cold not hot, what a joke sir

  4. I love the way you elaborate recipes sir.. And your punjabi tadka… Love that.. Keep rocking sir… And give us more delicious recipes 😍🥰

  5. Hi chef. Tried your receipy it's very good. I loved it and everybody who had it told me it was awesome. Now they are asking for the receipy. But one thing which I was unable to get was the outer crust like kfc chicken or your this receipy. Please help.

  6. This is the first video I am watching of yours and hats off to you, the amount of knowledge and experience you have is really mind blowing. Your presentation is really amazing. Thank you very much.

  7. @chefranveer Hi chef that was a beautiful recipe and video and also I live in Utah and here is where the first KFC was erected and not in Kentucky. Yes! I was shocked too! So thought I’d just pass on the information. Thank you chef! And also I’m a cook and striving to become a great chef like you one day. Thank you for your inspiration. True fan 🙏🏽

  8. Bro in a single fry Pura chicken Ander tak ache se cook Hoga ?? That's a question recepy I know as this is very old recepy and had tried already but chicken Ander tak ache se cook Nahi hota isme and Jada Der Tak fry karoge to oper SE Jada jal Jayega

    KFC recepy is top secret yr warna har koi Ghar per hi bna leta

  9. @ranveer- Sir, can we make butter milk at home with using milk and lemon juice or white vinegar at home ? or you have used something different butter milk into the fried chicken recipe. please explain?

  10. मतलब गजब भाई गजब तुम्हारा बोलने का स्टाइल छोड़ो यह सब कुछ एक्टिंग में उतर जाओ सही में भाई मजाक नहीं

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