67 thoughts on “Frozen Vegetable Stir Fry you can Cook in 5 Minutes”

  1. While I love your videos this one is just kinda underwhelming. It's basically frozen veggie medley and oil (and basic seasoning). I understand the budget aspect of it but just offering my opinion.

  2. If you haven't mentioned it before on another video, the easiest way to peel fresh ginger is with the edge of a regular metal spoon. Scrapes the skin off incredibly fast.

  3. I know you don't have a ton of views yet, but I really love your channel. you have a lot of charsima and your personality translates to camera well. I can't wait for more episodes.

  4. forgot to ask- any good cauliflower recipes? I recently bought 9 heads since they were heavily discounted. I've made the classic cauliflower "chicken" wings but the rest are just sitting in my freezer. any ideas?

  5. hey Marlon, do you have any knowledge of some counterfeit/westernised ways to make some japanese ramen at home? you know, chicken, soy sauce, poached egg and some veggies? would love to see something like that.

  6. Nice video! I normally add Sichuan peppercorn in the beginning, let em brown and take em out before i add any vegies, it brings this boldness to the taste.

  7. I love how a lot of your recipes are focused on vegetables since I don't eat meat and your videos are pretty high quality! You got yourself a new sub!

  8. I tried this!!! Delicious. I made it twice for lunch. I am going to try it with other vegetables. I used it with broccoli normandy. Thank you.

  9. I wonder if putting the frozen vegetables in the pan without oil first wouldn't make things better. Let the water in the vegetables evaporate a bit, and then add the oil and the seasonings. Might end up with less mushy vegetables.

  10. Sooooo…. just a heads up coconut fat is not good for humans. It contains some good fats but is terrible overall for humans. Like the channel in general tho

  11. Awesome tips!!
    I’ve been wasting fresh, untouched veggies from being exhausted after work due to 12-14hr days in the construction industry…. but that will do that to anyone.
    I have discovered utilising frozen veg + you’re favourite Chinese food for example (Mongolian Pork) for 2-3 nights and just veg for the remainder of the working week gets me 5min meals….. for around $45!!!!
    ZERO wastage and some veg is better than no veg… right 😋

  12. No need to wash the vegetable? Coz sometimes its taste bad,and the smell.so i always wash before i put in my wok

  13. I know that frozen veggies can be more nutritious but they're so bland in a stir fry compared to fresh. I only use frozen when I'm in a pinch and don't want to go the store. Fresh, even slightly wilted, tastes far superior.

  14. Also much easier preparation. Normally I hate making stir-fries cause it takes me half a hour to prep all the vegis

  15. I just tried this and I never cook! It came out so good I invited my mom over to try it. Thanks!!

    Btw. Is this considered a healthy meal?

  16. It's amazing how you can eat super healthy for pennies a plate, but then go spend $10 on fast food and it be horrible for you. Simplicity is the key!

  17. If it's virgin coconut oil I believe it has a relatively low smoke point when compared to other oils. Refined coconut oil does have a higher smoke point but most people are into buying virgins because they taste better. 😉 https://www.thespruceeats.com/smoking-points-of-fats-and-oils-1328753

  18. for those who are lazy, you can get an oven proof dish poor in the frozen ingredients, put in pre heated oven at around 200-210 for 5 mins, take out then add all the rest with a table spoon of preffered oil stir about and then a few tablespoons of water or vinegar etc ! only 2 short trips to the kitchen and then one to plate it when its cooked, depeneding if you have meat too can vary etc 😉

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