Frying Chicken In Lard with no breading

Frying Chicken In Lard with no breading

Hello everyone, it’s old Butter Bob and tonight we’re going to make fried chicken cooked cooked in lard, with the skin still on like I talk about all the time my my
videos. I’ve already got a little bit of LARD melting. I’m going to put a little bit more in here and as you can see, come in a little tighter you can see it just melts down like
regular oil, you get this oil good and hot We’re gonna try to get it up to about
350 degrees before we put our chicken in there and we’re just gonna let it melt
down for a few minutes, when we get it up hot we’re going to start adding the chicken to it. Really nothing to it It’s easiest thing you’ll ever cook and its
really good, you’re not going to miss the breading at all, because LARD is the
secret to cooking really good fried food I mean it’s it really is. So I’ll join
you back in just a few minutes when the lard get good and hot, and we start adding our chicken all right for the purpose of this video
I bought one of these little temperature gauge things, to tell you, we need to get our oil up to about 350 degrees. we’re not there yet and I don’t know if you see come in come in with a camera, we’re up
to about 250 right now, I’m kind of old-fashioned I don’t usually use this, I usually just take a little bit of water and throw it down the pan with that
watch it sizzle, it sizzles then its done You want to get your grease at least 350 I’m about at 375 right now,an easier way to do it is just to take
a little bit of water off the faucet, and drip it in there, like that. in there like that listen to it sizzle, but we’re we’re
right at 350 degree thing we’re a little above it, 375 I’m going to cut the burner down a little bit.
We’re going to lay our chicken in there. we’re gonna lay it in there. skin down,
skin down. one piece at a time skin down, this grease is hot I’m going to cook that about seven minutes on one side You may want to do it with a tong, I got
that grease good and hot. We’re going to cover it up, here in a second We’re gonna cover that up we’re gonna give it about seven minutes,
so we’ll say it at the bottom of the hour we’re going to turn it we’re going keep it covered
for the first seven minutes and then we’re gonna let it cook uncovered for about
seven minutes and we’re going to turn it and do the same, both sides and it should
be done and uh we’re actually going to make sure it’s done inside, with this
little meat thermometer You want to get your chicken up to about a hundred sixty five degrees inside all right we’re just gonna wait on that
you can see it sizzling, see it, good and sizzling inside. it’s good, alright folks we’ve had about
seven minutes. we’ve been cooking with a lid on we’ll take the lid off and let it
cook for about another seven minutes We’ll zoom in and look at it. It’s just
doing it’s thing, in the lard Okay everyone, it’s been about
another seven minutes with the lid off it’s time to start turning the chicken
now and in the meantime I made myself a
little fatty coffee to drink, “in his favorite cup” in my favorite Cup yes all right i’m just going to use these
tongs to turn it we’re just going to turn it right over in the pan It’s gonna take me just a second to get it
done Come in just a little bit, C, let’s see how it’s starting to get brown. starting to get brown. starting to get nice and brown, and that
healthy, good for you and good tasting lard. Folks, if you’ve only cooked chicken
with crisco or some vegetable oil all your life and you never knew about Lard,
or you were afraid of Lard, let me tell you something, Lard is good it’s gonna make your chicken taste very
different, you’re gonna go, Wow!! We haven’t breaded this chicken, we
haven’t even seasoned it yet you’re going to be amazed at the taste Now, we’ve got it turned, we gonna stick this thing back on here for about 7-8 minutes and then we’re going to turn it again, I mean we’re going to take the lid off again and then we’ll check it seven minutes is not always exactly
right we’re going to just keep an eye on it but I’m trying to give you a 777 rule
and that gives you something to go by and they will then we’ll go from there,
will drop back and punt, if that doesn’t work Mmmm, good coffee Alright, it’s been about seven minutes with the lid on, we’re gonna take the lid off for about another seven minutes and let it cook, it we’ll be back Here, come here and get a look at them, before we go too far As you can see, it’s getting nice and crispy even smells better, see you in
about seven alright spent about seven minutes and as
you can see, it’s been cooking pretty good look at this other side, you can tell, it’s getting browner, let’s roll over a drumstick, getting browner, just want to turn it one more time we’re just going to brown it up now,
get our skin, good and brown I’m gonna flip her over again see this piece is good and brown in this
area but we need to get our skin a little bit browner. this is just kind of a waiting, a
waiting game I’m gonna put, I’ve got it turned over, you
can see it’s pretty brown I’m gonna put the lid back on and i’m just going to keep an eye on it, for a few minutes we’ll check the temperature of the meat in
just a few minutes and see what when it does we gonna brown it up a
little bit. We’re getting close!! and as you can tell, a little while ago
I melted some butter put some garlic in it. When it comes out and we’ll put I’m just gonna rub some of this garlic butter right on top of the chicken And, buddy, It’ll be ready to eat okay, guys, it’s been a few minutes and
the chicken is getting nice and brown you can hear it sizzling and if you look, the skin’s nice and brown I can tell because I’ve been
cooking chicken for a long time I can kind of tell when it’s done but if you’re new to cooking chicken it
wouldn’t hurt to get one of these little meat thermometers, get your chicken, in
the internal part right up to about a hundred sixty-five degrees and we’re
going to test it here and see if it’s done. and she’s climbing up real good and put
it right in the middle of the biggest piece of meat I’ve got on here it’s a back piece, she’s climbing up to about a hundred and forty, fifty she’s climbing on up there, hundred and sixty, right at hundred and sixty and, that one may need to cook, just a tad longer. these wings are ready so i
won’t lay them on the plate here nice little plate, you see they’re nice
and golden brown you can make up a big pot of this, a big
skillet full of this. Let it cool off and bag it up and you don’t have to cook
once a week on this stuff so you just a little drum sticks this
time I made is a lot cheaper when you buy the skin on chicken with the
drumsticks and wings and pretty cheap but five dollar chicken i think it was
like I don’t know six or seven dollars eight dollars i’m like that let them Brown just a little bit longer let the facts cook just a little bit
longer I’ll take this there are like butter this is pure butter guys with garlic
salt put it just going to brush it right on the same as you can see i’m not being
sparing with it here these little pieces here are ready to
eat pigs out all right in there that was done it’s the biggest piece i had in the pot
so it should be good I smell that garlic smell delicious
chicken that’s the headers all of trying
something you could get hurt a little garlic butter on these leave it on there
so i don’t get to any second or third or 12 degree burns here that is no brain no stuff is going to
hurt you lard cooked skin-on chicken and folks
it’s good i’m telling me it’s real good it’s just about to rock to eat but i’m
going to try to get a little peace out here maybe give me a little high dollar
flight here haha just open it up a little bit and
just face it talk folks it’s good for some tender inside
its got that good taste I put a little one drop it but Iran it’s good so well I’m getting another little
manchild but good folks this is part of the keep it simple plan you want to keep your food simple you
can add a little of some kind of green salad to it I like to have a turnip greens with mine
some people like a to make like pho mashed potatoes out of
cauliflower and i’m not a big fan of that but a lot of people are they love
it and that’s fine if you like it I mean we are all different we all like
different things you can make a little meal obvious you can let this cool off and put it in
your little love ziplock bags you got it for a couple days worth of meals you
don’t have to deal with and I don’t know if you can know about a lot but we spent
about 15 minutes making this you can do that on a sunday night and
you’ve got you’ve got two three meals for the week in fact you can cook several of these
pans for and you have enough to eat for a week or for however long you need to
eat hope you enjoyed it if you like this
video and all my other videos like it like this video and as as I’m always
going to hear from now on if you like this channel if its rocks and value to
your life if i’ve helped you in some way your help
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uh I think they’re giving me ideas to make new videos and they let me know
what you like and don’t like and that really helps me and we’ll build a
community that way thank you so much and I love the Lord
love the chicken goodbye thank you for watching

100 thoughts on “Frying Chicken In Lard with no breading”

  1. I have used Bob's method shown here. (I am a professional cook). Best way I have ever found. I use a big iron skillet.

  2. A big fat hen that been raised in the yard cooked in lard its hard to quit eating. its taste alot different that store bought.

  3. Hey Bob you inspired me I have lost 54 lbs and went from 245 to 189 I am feeling like a new man I can run a mile now and hike in the woods again this Keto life style has changed my life no more blood pressure medicine Thank you Bob

  4. Lard, along with coconut oil and olive oil, is one of the few fats that doesn't break down into trans fats at high temperatures. Our bodies don't know what to do with trans fats any more than they know how to digest plastic. Eat real food. Love the lard.

  5. Dear Bob:

    Im 14 days in and very greatful for you. Feeling a little down but I'll feel better when some weight comes off. Again, thank you.

  6. I tried this once just to see what it tasted like…let's just say it's the only fried chicken I will make! I've made it dozens of times now with the garlic butter and it doesn't get much better then this! YUM! It also tastes good the next day cold right out of the fridge!

  7. I haven’t started my Keto plan yet, I’m still in the research phase. I’ll tell ya…. I feel like we have been so brainwashed into thinking this stuff is bad for us but, knowing how the US government works🤐, I’m becoming more and more convinced that we are literally poisoning ourselves for the riches of others. You, Sir, are a true testament of strength and courage and I’m more excited than ever to enter into the unknown. Admittedly, I’m a bit scared but, anything is worth a try once. I look forward to watching lots more of your videos. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge….you are appreciated. 💞💞💞

  8. Do you re-use the lard or throw it out? Did you use fresh crushed garlic in the butter or the dried granulated one? Did you add salt & pepper to the butter as well?
    I was panicking when you put the lid on the pan & forgot to shut off the stove while you sampled the chicken.

  9. No idea who may see this comment, but here goes – I put the chicken drumsticks in a pan, garlic and onion powder (no salt yet!) and roast in the oven for 40-45 minutes, depending on the size of the pieces. Coarse salt on the chicken when it’s done. There’s juice on the pan when it comes out and I have found that it’s not fat, it’s collagen (because it gels). Really good for your bones, skin, hair, etc. I save the chicken juice and drizzle it on top before eating along with some butter. 😋 It’s less of a mess for me to clean up in the kitchen too!

  10. I miss, him too! I often wonder how he's doing. I hope he's staying well and is happy. Butter Bob videos were a life changing event for me two years ago. I am healthier than I've ever been thanks to him. I am making Butter Bob's Chicken right now in my kitchen! Thank you, Butter Bob, for great chicken, and the best morning coffee in the world. God bless and keep you.

  11. I love this guy! I hope he continues to make videos. I'm learning so much!!! I never would have tried lard before. So many people don't know how to cook with 'real' foods anymore. They're mother's got lost on the packaged/microwaving thing, so their kids did too. All those hidden carbs and chemicals. No wonder there's an epidemic of chronically ill and obese people in America. Thank you Bob! I'd be curious to know where Bob lives, city and state – because the country walk you took in your other video was very beautiful. When he said he liked turnip greens with his chicken, is it a southern recipe with vinegar, or just sauteed in evoo and salt? I think I'd make coleslaw with mine – can't wait to try this.

  12. I'm on Carnivore diet. Your chicken is amazing. Used pure beef lard took 27 minutes and the garlic butter finish is fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I have 60lbs to go. This recipe helps me to reach my goal and stay there. Everyone on low carb, no carb , high fat must must try this. 5 stars

  13. Hey, Butter Bob, this is my go-to recipe for fried chicken. It's fabulous; no chicken recipe is better. I use a big cast iron skillet with a cast iron lid. Truly it's the best.

  14. Can't wait to try your fried chicken recipe. Made your chili recipe tonight, very good. Thanks for sharing all your great information and recipes. Simple Easy and pleasy.

  15. to check temp without a thermometer [or getting fat splashed sprinkling water in it] use the old tried and tested method of smoke point! When you think it's hot enough just lean down and look across the top of the pan and it will have a slight haze [no it shouldn't look like a bush fire] just a blue haze above the fat and that is ready to cook – have used that as an indicator for over 60 years.

  16. Just fried myself some chicken drum sticks in Bacon grease or renderings. Was delicious. Spread some melted butter on it like Bob did.
    Hardly raised my blood sugar. Had creamed spinach with it.
    Isn’t lard somewhat the same as bacon grease?
    If Bob eats it & he’s as lean as he looks, it’s good enough for me.

  17. I like all my meat FRESH from the oven/stove, I would never cook ahead and refrigerate… it tastes different when you do.

  18. I go to chicken express and they prefer me to call ahead to order it deep fried w no batter…
    amazingly they say I'm the only one that does that….keto/ carnivore and delicious….

  19. Thank you sir for this I just started and I’m going to update my results next month I tried this and it was amazing and delicious

  20. That’s very interesting, and it’s keto. But I’m not a fan of pan frying because it’s a mess and hassle. Discarding grease and what not… So I’ll brush some melted lard on chicken and put it in the air fryer.

  21. My mom use to cook whit that paste you use n the food taste good n I was skinny at the time n my brothers too the whole family once we came to NY she was using oil n we got fat not all of us

  22. My grandma used to cook with Crisco Lard and her cooking was so delicious. Have you tried Tallow? And do you think it's the same as Lard? Thanks

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  24. I miss BBob I haven’t heard from him in a long time. This is the way my family cooked chicken at home nervous were heavy then. Now we started using all the newfangled we used to cook and I’m overweight go figure

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  26. Why are you putting the lid on??!! You are then steaming the chicken not frying it!! That's why it is not browning but boiling in the steam. GROSS!!

  27. Oh no! your not cooking with real lard. You're using a type of lard that is not healthy for you. It will plug up your arteries. USE REAL LARD. The container will not be green. I will try this but use real lard.

  28. What happened to Butter Bob ?…I keep seeing comments about him not making videos anymore …I dont want to lose this treasure…

  29. We grew up with Lard. My dads LOVED MY MOTHERS COOKING…He never got fat..niether did we. Lard is good for everything you cook especially rice. Thank you.

  30. My mother in law directed me your way…for this video for your fried chicken, they make it your way now and love it. So now I'm gunna try it!

  31. My mom owned a restaurant in the 50's n 60's . She always used lard. That's what everyone used. The best chicken is my favorite memory. You didn't flour your chicken ? This isn't the way my mom fried chicken but I'm sure it will be great. But she didbuseclard

  32. When I was little, Mama would buy the 5 gallon can of lard and used it to cook just about everything. I never had a weight problem until I started listening to the lies about how lard and butter was bad for you. I now cook with lard but don't buy it in the 5 gallon can. We were a family of 12, so it took a 5 gallon can when I was little. I had no idea that lard was so expensive though. It costs way more than the other oils and shortenings.

  33. You know what is funny? i d, that's a guy, ( YOU ) telling everyone watching how awesome it is to cook with lard, how it's better and all that. ALL THE WHILE cooking on a electric stove in an aluminum pan coated in teflon with a glass top. Nice salad tongs you have there also.

    seriously, your chicken looks terrible man, people are being too polite and not telling you the truth. This is ridiculously sad. I mean, let apologize if you are some special needs case or something. otherwise wtf.

    I can see if you are just making stuff at your house and you do not give two shits. but man, you are video taping this and putting it out to the world .

    Try Cast Iron – you wont regret it. and get off you tube till you have a clue. Teflons horrible for everyone when you over heat it ( frying with it in super heated oil for instance ) and using metal salad tongs makes it even worse. If You dont believe me, put a parakeet in that kitchen with you while you cook that just like you just did and watch it die. literally, it will die.

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