FULL Graham Norton Show 7/6/2019 Andrew Scott, Stephen Fry, Paloma Faith, Lee Mack,  Bastille

FULL Graham Norton Show 7/6/2019 Andrew Scott, Stephen Fry, Paloma Faith, Lee Mack, Bastille

president Donald Trump he made his state
visit to Britain this week on his arrival at Buckingham Palace the King’s
Troop Royal Horse Artillery fired off 81 shots they all missed the try a worth
the chai it’s a moving target arrived in its famous armor-plated car the beast
down the American president no longer travels in an open-top car and for
obvious reasons you know case Melania tries to escape Trump Trump very excited
to meet majesty here they are but is that a fist bump
I mean she’s 93 royal banquet was given at Trump’s honor a lot of preparation
went into it oh so many things on the table menu
cards floral centerpiece the NHS Trump sitting down to dinner
oh look someone’s brought him the lame duck but first he’s the faster winning star
off company shows not going out and would like to you now making his film
debut in Horrible Histories the movie please welcome back
Lee celery’s now turning our homes to acting
in the batman prequel pennyworth it’s Paloma Faith this actor starred as Moriarty in
Sherlock a baddie involved and most recently the hot priest in the smash hit
feedbag now he’s appearing in the dystopian black mirror please welcome
with the first time Andrew Scott he’s our nation’s favorite actor writer
and all-round breadbox it’s always a pleasure to welcome the great Stephen
Fry good I’ve never seen you run before you
look so clean to me welcome everybody lovely to see you welcome back welcome
back but first time yes and what a time to be Andrew Scott hot priests you also
you’ve all seen Jack yes now Lee I know you’re a big lovely bag and I have not
confessed this to my wife and you really not I’ve generally not confessed if she
would kill me but I feel like I should say because it’s easier and it’s
appropriate I did the ultimate sin okay I got ahead without telling my wife off
the box set I was pretending then when I was watching it but I hadn’t seen it
because we absolutely loved that second series but I was texting she but why are
you watching this even said old it’s not as good to say that’s why I was texting
but that shadow what he seen it because that Paloma know you’ve met Andrew
before yes and as you know I am not shy of an awkward situation
no you direct and yes so I had to confess to Andrew that I had a bit of
alone time with episode 5 the thing that really upsets me is like
today is everyone else but me he’s got more of a chance without really but
you’ve had a good time anybody who’s got kids been in a long-term relationship
thank you from the without my wife that was just to get ahead of the Philomath
said that to you how what was your face doing and really that suits you told me
on the red carpet of the BAFTAs yes and she was like wow that’s an achievement
yes that you thought you do I don’t think I’m the only person and there’s a
lot of people in the room looking at me like oh my god
but don’t lie I just wanted known that the fact that I had my sofa steam-clean
three weeks am I the only one that’s not
masturbating go see little fry you could have been the hot priest because is this
true you seriously went to have a meeting about becoming a priest yes yes
when I was a teenager I you know I loved so much about the church I loved the
music and of the liturgy not a Catholic priest an Anglican priest of course
lived in the country beautiful architecture wonderful music everything
about I just fancied the clothes I knew I could deliver fantastic sermons yeah
so I was sent to see a bishop the bishop of linen the Suffolk ambition within who
decided that I would make a wonderful priest if there weren’t one small
problem and that is that I didn’t believe in God so failed at the last
moment look I’ve got that far meeting with a bishop god no one had asked you
about the Jesus thing yeah but I do and I still do I mean I know I
don’t I love church music and and and I love the buildings I love everything
about it I just can’t quite take the whole story
seriously seriously but I just don’t finally yeah quite a lot of vicars
watching going yeah this is exciting news effort Stephen Fry you’re on tour
and it’s nearly 40 years since he did a trilogy God’s heroes men so is this
three separate show it is three different evenings yeah some people come
to all three because they’re in order there it’s telling the stories with the
Greek myths from the very beginning to the very end because they do have a kind
of timeline and it’s really I I discovered when I read a book called
mythos which I think I fit on this yes yeah and and when doing the an event at
the Apollo in the Hannah Smith to sell the next one heroes it was a huge place
and and I thought this is a bit odd because usually people come here to see
rock and roll and I went there see Kate Bush for example or they go to seed
lemak or some great comic before me what you mean awesome great coming but this is telling stories it is it I
feel there is this extraordinary thing that happens with a group of people when
you feel as if you’re sitting around a fire and someone says I’ll tell this
story and because these stories are so wonderful it’s a it’s a mixture of drama
and comedy and everything else but it’s it’s what our ancestors did they set
round fires and they said where does how do we get here
but when what why does that volcano happen what’s the fire coming out of it
who is it who makes the seasons happen and and all cultures have done this but
the Greeks did it around the time happily for us when writing was invented
and the alphabet came over so it became the work of of poets and writers to tell
these stories and they’ve come down to a small and it starts in August in
Edinburgh and in terms of being on stage leaves you’ve done lots of stand-up and
you’ve done those tours but you have just got one play I’m gonna play griff
with Chris Jones called the miser in the West End which oh there I am looking yes
I have to ask you a question be honest would would you freeze frame a diamond
do maybe if you wanted it to last longer now well you did that yourself match
ready you decided you see it yeah because you it’s hard in it being a
player I didn’t realize this and it’s two shows that day on some days and I
thought I’m gonna look after myself so I stopped eating sugar for about three
weeks four weeks before and I was really strict about it and then on the first
couple of shows I was really craving it and I went to a health shop and they had
a bag of sweets that had no sugar in them I thought this is my dream come
true I know what’s good you know what’s
coming now yeah I didn’t know what was coming so I have one or two if you
haven’t eaten sweets six weeks and unlike me you’re obsessed with them I at
the lot I yet 4250 of these little sweets
some of you know what’s happening today so I I go on stage and I don’t commit
nipping off stage and I’m on an awful lot no so rumbling feeling a real rumble
you know I won’t get too graphic well let’s just say I went to the toilet and
it went out a lot quicker than it came but it started coming back again so I so
I look at the packet Dean it must be this and on the back it says do not eat
more than one or two of these at a time because they are a laxative
I’ve eaten 40 of these a lot right so he’s bad enough the situation but it’s
made worse by the fact that in the middle of the show I had to turn round
and show my backside to the audience it’s a gag I turn round the audience
laughs and there it is right and I’m thinking I’m terrified I’m terrified
anyway but at least we get costume on if an accident happens you’re off all right
imagine that front row I mean but I am terrified of the and I’m
literally going every few minutes soon as I go off I’m in the toilet and this
scene is about five ten minutes long and I said to the costume woman I said I’m
tired to tell her so I’m really nervous about this because I’ve been going to
the toilet all day I said don’t really if worse comes to worse I’ll put a
tampon up there and I said no if worse comes to worse I’ll be I’m sure that would come out there and
Raviv done lots of plays and you’re very you know of ward winning actor itself a
hamlet cetera I know it yes yeah brilliant and if you want to see you on
stage they can very soon yeah you’re at the old they might be overcome doing a
no coward play called present laughter yeah do you know it dude yeah it’s great
great I’ll play oh god no yeah yeah and that starts I think major this month
yeah it’s we preview on Monday week yeah okay so soon over in student very good
but I read an interview we say that no matter what you do you do try to find
kind of the humor in it oh yeah but now where were usually Guildford yes
was that a were you doing a comedy but what play were you doing
we were doing a an Irish play and it was a funny play and it’s it’s just weird
the way some people in the audience just get things in their head and we were how
it was one of those evenings you know when you’re doing a play where the
audience were just quite jolly they were just having a really good time
and we worked the Yvonne are no Theatre in Guildford and this man stood up and
said this it’s not a comedy like selectively standing up here
this is a study in melancholia about rora line and then it is not funny imagine god and it was supposed to be
funny what a gag immediately after that and everybody was just terrified and so
we just continue it was like just tumbleweed for the rest of the
performance we were totally fascinated but who this man was and then the next
day we were on tour there for about a week we’ve got a letter the whole gang
of us in the theatre and from this man who was a doctor to say to further
apologize for the people of Guildford for laughing this man isn’t undoubtly
insane Lauren said during Hamlet there was a guy who lifted up his laptop not
his phone he’s a laptop so doing the emails you think you know that story
about John Gielgud who he was at rehearsing with someone than and and
they put a pause in he said oh no he was never Paul’s in the West End never
puzzles and they said why not he’s they’re all I paused once I mean I
thought it would be a wonderful silence and it was filled my voice in the
background saying oh you beast you’ve come all over my umbrella moving on along faithful uma uma
hello Nevada Dyke is not here as a pop star no as an actress you’re in the new
Batman prequel pennyworth I was telling about said you’re so good in this really
you’re terrific and it’s a big kind of watery office production and it’s the
back story of it’s a very nice bug it’s Alfred the butler yeah because he in the
latest he has skills so the ideas this kind of explains so explains his
backstory and it’s before Batman was born so Alfred Pennyworth was ex-sas
there’s a bit of stuff about his post-traumatic you know experiences and
and it’s also introduces Bruce Wayne’s parents Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane and
because it’s kind of a character that not many people have explored there’s a
lot of room to invent things and it’s made by the same people that vote Gotham
so Bruno Heller who wrote Gotham and he also at Rome and lots of other brilliant
and you’re the baddie in this I’m one of them you think yeah I mean I don’t know
it’s hard to tell because well you’ll know you’re more experienced in this but
I’ve spent six months being her and I feel a great sense of empathy for her I
don’t feel like she’s bad anymore and I kind of love her a bit and I can’t tell
the difference between me and her very clear in her own mind and I’ve played it
that way and so she can’t understand why everyone’s looking each other all the
time like and I sometimes feel like that in my everyday life well in my little weird world like you
know when people meet my mum they go it makes sense like in my world I am normal
and everyone always tells me like and that’s what she’s kind of like she’s
she’s a bit misunderstood and I very much love her although everyone else on
set including all the crew we’re just terrified of me everyone was like you’re
too good at this it’s scary where is it coming from I’ll tell you what we’ll
watch a clip we’ll watch good in this scene you have taken Alfred’s girlfriend
hostage what have you hidden who stunts did you
I did I did all my own stunts on this we did 10 episodes each once an hour and I
did all of the stunts apart from that falling down the stairs you’re on that a
bit Matt yes I think the lazy you did it I can’t believe she exists like and the
thing is you’re not new to acting you have done in your in your early career
you did quite a lot of acting yeah I was in a film with Steven oh yes we were
second the Centurions film yeah that’s right and again you look so different
that’s it yeah you were the gulfs I remember yeah Palomas point about that
the character you play making a big difference is I was filming with
Nicholas Lyndhurst you know the who played Rodney in Only Fools and Horses
and we were in Harrogate and we’ve done a couple of nights you know really
exhausted the hotel’s menu and so we went out in search of an Indian or a
Italian meal or something and and this group of Harrogate Ian’s approached us
and they went up to to Nick and they punched him on the forearm hey Rodney
you plonker girl give us your own graphy of foot wait go on serious and shine
very sweet guy Nick and he sign them and then they turned to me so excuse me mr.
fry can we have your autograph as well we what’s on Nick said what was that
about well what do I get possible and you get mr. fry I said well is
because you play everybody’s favorite younger brother they treat you a younger
brother and I play bishops and generals and and thing and politicians in there
so they treat me with the respect that I only gonna play from now on I’m gonna
play generals you don’t know what you’re gonna get and even when it’s people you
know very well like relatives if they could be surprising like Paloma your
your granny she was Spanish irani yes she spent she is Spanish she is but all
to always see ya okay so she’s Spanish and you thought she was quite prudish
yeah well I thought because she’s religious she’s Catholic that she’s
quite prudish and when I was about 17 I went to UM meet up with her and she
started to give me a talk about the birds and the bees and she was like
darling I need to talk to you about a few things and I was okay she goes when
a man is lesser woman they do something they get physical the kiss
and sometimes it leads together to make a babies but you don’t do that until you
are married and one day you will be married
have you found anybody yet is there anybody in mind I was like no this went
on for a long time and she’s like he’s only when you are an
RD I’m 17 after about 20 minutes I was really nervous but I said grandma got to
tell you I’m not a virgin and she was like and we’re here tonight because you are
in part in another huge TV show black mirror black mirror the latest three
episodes are streaming on Netflix now so your one is called smithereens
yeah so now you can’t tell us much about I mean I’ve got a son it’s such a
tyranny I’m actually quite relieved that it’s out because you know the whole
thing is shrouded in a huge amount of mystery they don’t tell you anything
because there’s three episodes and even on set you know you’re their individual
if same two individual episodes and there’s like entirely different stories
and completely different crews and so you ass alright ask the producer so you
know I hear Miley Cyrus’s might be in one of these which she is I’ve
discovered and they just like and so and then after it’s over they said do not
tell anybody like what can I tell my mom and I did tell my mom and then and then
yeah then last week actually I had to you know talk to people on journalists
on the phone I was totally this guy from The Guardian
when he was like so um what can you tell me but I didn’t see it I just think that
after Sherlock I thought because we’re so plot driven are you dared is sherlock
dare does anybody a little bit of dead and i just thought the best thing to do
is just not see it and then you can’t give the game yeah so i didn’t watch it
and so this journalist was reading me up he was like so what can you tell me
about the show and i was like I was like it’s quite merry because have you seen
this like no and I said have you seen it these are no
that’s an awkward interview I was like you know what’s love island so could you
say with any degree of confidence that you’re even in this I can tell you he is
I saw it last night you’re terrific in it you’re so good so essentially you are
I’ll tell you you’re not an uber driver or something like never yeah yeah and
technology has kind of driven you to the edge yeah it’s exactly it’s a sort of a
thing about he’s just he’s got this sort of personal history about why he hates
you know people just being on their screens old can ask your question King
kids watch it because they watched they watched my kids watch Bandersnatch
another one where you use your own journey yes that’s the first one that’s
in brilliant six six and loved it I said oh I’m gonna watch the others so
immediately went to the first one with the prime minister in the pinger yeah
yeah yeah Social Services came right so proud of your part of you’re losing
your patience with dodgy is you we won’t explain why but you take
someone hostage yes I do okay so the clip we have or is as you in your cab
being pursued by the police okay yes my question to you I just got was
that you driving it’s so humid you drive I do I don’t drive looking for a friend
so it’s one of the most stimulating things because when you don’t drive
there they get quite worried because it’s all insurance and when you’re
playing in a driver you’re very good in it he can drive and they sort of try to
help you and then they have to they sort of have to assume that you’re just
completely ignorant well I do you know a steering wheel that’s a radio grab over
and then they put you on what can only be described as sort of like a massive
skateboard the car the whole car and then they sort of drive drag you along you know room room you know act see it’s
a canary sort of you know looked yeah give me you love technology so you must
love black mirror and all the things I do but I think it’s brilliant yeah he’s
a genius jobrooker and and actually the solution is not far around the corner
because in when I’m in America I I have a Tesla and it drives itself so it has
an autonomous mode so it’s wonderful you have friends you can scare the living
daylights out by being on the freeway and then you know they didn’t see you
you just pull the stalk back three times to go into Auto Drive and then you just
think make a book keep your eyes on right now I can’t be bothered another one you can do as well good
trick is is if someone if your passenger falls asleep which I hate because you’ve
got to do the driving there’s no one to talk to
I’d to the start waking up again and I close my left eye but they absolutely how was I going actually I heard you talking to Charlie
Brooker our and you were saying how you don’t like to comment I’m the opposite
of my well I’m not good at it everything goes wrong with me I even the simple
stuff like the millions of remotes you have to have we had a babysitter ones
who came around and I’m always paranoid that you know I want to look after them
I want to make sure they can watch everything and it’s not as simple as the
old days when you out click you’ve got to press this button then you’ve got to
take this and you gotta go to that menu then you got to put that one down and
press there and imma suspend about 15 minutes explaining to this baby sister
hell that’s what the telly on so I wanted her to enjoy the night yeah we
went off and she rang me 15 minutes later in the car and she said I said
I’ll bet the telly no no the telly is absolutely fine but you didn’t tell me
the name of your children this must have been before smartphones where you found
a way of trolling someone do you know I’m talking about I yeah yeah it’s kind
of trolling so I like it so I had a really horrible ex-boyfriend
he was so nasty and I got my first record deal and I you like at the
beginning you never know like Andrew you’ve expressed this stuff you never
know how long it’s gonna last the day yes because you might you know like you
eat as much you can when they take you for dinner etc yes so I got my record
deal and they said so we’ve we’ve got three billboards for your album and you
can choose one of the locations so I had this bill will put up at the end of this
ex’s street every day for months he had to like go there and be like Oh we saw definitely and if you didn’t see
it friends pointed it out just talking about smart phones and and the age there
just to go back to the hot briefs for a second Twitter obviously went mad for
the hot priests and it was one scene better than Neil scene but it was a gas
over there about that see the trophy was so crazy I don’t really know I don’t
realize yeah I think it’s quite strange because the the it was just on Phoebe
that scene yeah you know the camera was just on her do you actually never see
the priest in that scene so I did think that there’s a touch of the old you know
transgressive everything yes so yeah I think just the priest thing does it for
people I don’t know I don’t get it yeah a bit of concession yeah you got it
licked that’s all like just a couple of tweets these are mild these tweets
between 7 hours and 15 days and I’m still thinking about hot for Eastern
fleabag like this fun I was at a Catholic Church for a wedding today and
honestly it was too soon this this woman went to a lot of trouble
for this one look at this should be so happy with herself so real life are
priests today they do exist and it does actually look a bit like it’s like a
vegan sub salad I see I know during a leather jacket right in
front of a video this last woman she really went for it if you wall abridge
appreciate you he produced you shitting hell without preset near my vagina
exploded never quite being able to achieve obviously writing things you have to
mine your own life so with not gunning out because how many episodes I’m not
getting out of you done now we’ve done 79 wow that’s amazing
so have you run out of life or I hope not because we’ve not she told it on
this but I thought how tell Graham Norton Show we just been commissioned
for three more serious might have been a dream maybe so now I’ve got to think
we’ve got to mind more from our real lives and we haven’t ruled me in the guy
right with Danny and we say the problem is if you mind from your life and you’re
watching it with your wife and she says you did you set that story that we that
personal thing about what we do in bed you know and so we have a rule now that
it’s we just blame you the person so if I said you won’t believe this they also
do that in bed and then there was one weird one where I came up with an idea
which has nothing to do with reality it was just a bit of a spin the story well
I don’t trust the dentist because I think she’s she’s flirting with the
dentist so I’d go and see the dentist even though I’ve never met him it ends
up at each at this because all I know what he looks like
am i right and partner went so what I said what I’ve done that life is gonna
think it’s based on what I did what that’s that still stayed in 79 episodes
you’re desperate now that’s Helle but you’re here tonight for your film debut
yes a the moon no this is harmless trees the movie rotten Romans that one on the
26th of July I don’t see this is the the film version of the the kids TV show
yeah so who do you play I play Decimus they Centurion of course and there I am
as my ghost story not going out Sally Bretton said finally a part that’s right
for the nose Harmony’s she’s one of those like kids
love this show it’s massive yeah it really is I didn’t realize how big it
was until I got offered it and I mentioned it to my kids and they said
you’ve got to do this we actually went last week to watch the live stage show
of Horrible Histories Hampton Court Palace sounds nice doesn’t it it turns
out it was at the Tower of London and my wife had got the wrong venue because they’re not close so so ya know
it’s AIT’s a it’s a bit any he said great I mean listen the weird thing is
I’ve never been in a film and I have not seen this film I’ve been in it are you
showing a clip we aren’t a minute I’m so excited this would be the first time
I’ve seen it I’ve seen myself and let’s be honest possibly the last time no no
go on you’ll have the DVD you’ll get is it wrong to say can we forget the chat
and watch the whole film we’ve got the clip we’ve got the dip so this is very
exciting now nobody talk so this is you as
Thespis leading his troops into Britain music this grammy-nominated band burst
onto the music scene with their charts dominating track pompeii now they’re
back with a new album here performing their new single joy it’s Bastille before I’d never be waking on the
kitchen floor but here I lie not the first time now my morning has broken and
it brings the fear my mind’s falling falling then I feel my pulse quickening
but regrets can’t change anything yeah I feel my pulse we can live when
your name and heights are the screen Oh you set my mind
let’s give it up Oh how’d you call how’d you hold it snowing take a walk through the wreckage
clearing out my hand your eyes hold right down
I’m your walking disaster keep on dragging me from self-pity
for me and I feel my pulse quickening but I wouldn’t change a thing me – give me how’d you always the nine days old to this final frame
water sweet really you save you from my brain to my brain
right when you Oh house you always know I feel joy howdy boys you’re always No there you go some people are sitting in
business some are in economy lovely it’s a room for everybody no don’t get
rolling rolling I can’t because I’m in a film still time man
now here’s the thing that is off the new album the doom days which that only 14th
of June yeah between the 14th of July it should be yeah because that’s the
storming of the Bastille Day it’s friendship Bastille Day all right I know
yeah so it’s all time for quarter past 12 chord West midnight is that track it
goes right through till the song you played joy cuz you do you do like a
night out you know it’s been known who got stuck in a room who was that that’s
you yes properly started the room barricaded um wait a minute you
barricaded yourself in it’s a confusing time barricaded himself in and then an
hour later when Lobby cool happens and he had to be awake I wasn’t and and so
basically I kind of woke up and our tour manager was scrambling about the bottom
the better we doing get up get up so I got up and I and the door was off the
hinges and it was on the floor and he had there to get security to because
apparently I’ve gone in he said just don’t lock the door whatever you do is
don’t lock it just go in and close it and I’ll come and get you because we
know it’s not happened and I was like okay
walked up all of the lots so they couldn’t get in and we were going to
miss our flight so they had to get security to take the door off the hinges
of the hotel but that door had it comment what what why did the so much
security you watch you flee back episode 5 now you are doing festivals
this summer you doing running ELISA playing Glastonbury in a few weeks
what’s so excited about fantastic the area we’re playing on the permanent
stage which is pre Bazaar and a good Bazaar that’s got with guys it’s let’s
just go with this so we’re so excited and we’ve gonna have that the Gospel
Choir with us as well and a brass section and we just want to put on you
know if the album’s about this night out we want to try and bring a night out to
for fuckin the afternoon in the Sun that’ll be a bit of a challenge but yeah
I’m so excited I never I guess none of us ever imagined we get to learn the
various stages that far up the couch TV show hey listen good luck with all your
gigs over the summer and the album and thank you so much for a performing joy
let’s see you everybody we built on for visiting big red chair
hello who are you hello I’m weeds just another emotional strength we will
try again hello hi hi hey what’s your name so have piri-piri
yep blood the chicken every phone goal he made
like the chicken where you from period New Zealand that I live in London now oh
right what do you do in London I work for a media organizers wheels
it’s a lovely care peri-peri Harry’s okay it’s so bite dead zombie
sir from New Zealand he works in the film industry
Oh at the end of each day that they film they watch what are called rushes so
essentially what you film that day anyway so one day when I was a teenager
I was working on a big film and he went to watch rushes as he usually does and
then he was having trouble putting Jetix work on slap talk so he gets one of the
producers to come over and help him anyway they fill away with laptop and
then all this gay porn comes up what on earth is going on this is not my him but
he looks at his colleague then looks a laptop it’s like there’s no way they’re
gonna believe me if I deny it so he just grinned and bared it and um anyway it
was mine became my coming-out story and to this day they think it’s his I’m with you but no you’re Brenner
you’re walking you’re walking all right if you’d like to have a go in
the red chair yourself and tell your story you can calm down his fire weapon
just very address please say you thank you to all my guys tonight Bastille Oh join me a treat with Rockstar Sheryl
Crow actor to mesh Patel and Lily James director Danny Boyle acting great tree
in McKellen and the one and only Madonna I’ll see you then

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    , Michael Gambon, Elizabeth Hurley, Lena Headey, Joseph Fiennes, Rufus Sewell, Jane Leeves, Joely Richardson, Natascha McElhone, Julia Ormond, Derek Jacobi, Charlotte Rampling…….WHY GRAHAM, WHY?

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